How To Improve Your Content With A Content Audit Template

content auditHere’s a common situation: You’re creating lots of content. You pour your heart and soul into creating stuff you think your audience will find extremely useful.

So… how is that content working out for you?

Content audits are a perfect way to help you understand what’s working—and what you can improve—to get the results you need from your content.

Plus, it’ll only take a day or two to complete your content audit with this template.

If you’ve got a 50-page website, use this content audit template to complete the job in less than four hours. Have a 1,500-page site? Give yourself two days.

How To Plan A Marketing Calendar That Actually Works

marketing plan

We read dozens of other posts on marketing calendars, editorial calendars, content marketing calendars, social media calendars—you get the picture.

There are tons of folks who have really good ideas of what to include in your calendar, and starting with a template to get your brainstorming underway is a solid way to begin.

In this post, we’ll share what we learned and show you how to plan a marketing calendar that really works—with a few tips from us at CoSchedule, and a lot more from the other rock stars out there.

What is Content Marketing?

content marketing guide

In 2016, few businesses doubt the power of content marketing, but sadly, only a few companies are executing it with the skill and expertise truly needed to make an impact.

This guide will show you how to successfully promote your brand, attract more qualified leads, and nurture customer relationships through content marketing.

Click here to find out what exactly content marketing is.

Creating a Blog Content Plan for 2017

Blogging Tips

You may get away without having a content plan for you blogging, but it makes life exponentially easier if you have one – here’s how.

Creating a blog content plan is one of the best things you can do to ensure your blog has quality content that is created efficiently with the time you have available. In this post planning expert – Nicole Avery – shares some tips on how to get your content plan right for the new year.

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60+ Content Marketing Predictions for a Successful 2017

content marketing

What are some of the changes content marketers are likely to encounter over the next 12 months and beyond? Find out what dozens of experts see on the horizon in Content Marketing Institute’s ninth annual e-book of content marketing predictions.

In this year’s edition, 60+ Predictions on Content Marketing in 2017, you’ll see predictions on which formats and channels will dominate the landscape, how increasing content volume might impact amplification techniques, which technologies are poised to revolutionize how your content engines function, and more.

How to Create Consistently Valuable Content for Your Blog

content writing

Most bloggers start out blogging with an incredible burst of passion, excitement and energy with their blogging, but usually at some point within the first year or two, many bloggers come up against their first bout of blogger burnout. In this episode (and transcript) I share how to make sure you stay fresh and inspired and avoid burn out.

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11 Experts’ Tips on Growing Your Content Shares

expert tips to increase your content social shareEver looked at a popular blog, seen how many hundreds of people have shared it, and thought to yourself: “Man, why isn’t that happening with my content?”

These 11 experts share their secrets for getting unbeatable exposure through increased social sharing.

8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content

How to Get More People to Read Your ContentStyling your text properly so it’s easy to read could be all you need to do to attract and hold attention. Pamela Wilson shows you how.

6 Questions to Ask Before Drafting Your 2017 Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing PlanDon’t dread the content marketing planning process—enjoy it! Make sure to address these six questions as you plan for the coming year. Here are a couple questions to ask yourself as you dive in.

Developing a Successful Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing

Developing the right content marketing plan can play a significant role in the success of your marketing and business.

Let’s back up for a minute and define content marketing, and talk about why you need it in your business. Read here