8 Easy Instagram Growth Hacks

how to grow your business with instagramAre you using Instagram as a traction channel for your business?

Whether most businesses realize it or not, Instagram is proving to be a great platform for such organizations to brand themselves. However, tapping into a large (and growing) number of Instagrammers can take time and tremendous effort. But, once you do manage to achieve a robust following on this platform, you will realize that all of you hard work was worth it.

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18 Things You Need to Know about Marketing Your Local Business on Instagram

promote local business using instagram

In just six years, Instagram has gone from being nothing more than a novelty photo-sharing app to a legitimate social media marketing powerhouse.

Some of the world’s major brands, such as National Geographic, Saturday Night Live, and Coca-Cola, use this platform as a means of building buzz and strengthening relationships with consumers.

Here are 18 things you need to know about marketing your local business on Instagram for maximum effectiveness.

How To Get Way More Instagram Followers With 20 Easy Tactics

more instagram followers


Struggling to know how to get more Instagram followers? Stop forgetting to post to Instagram already, and instead do it with just a couple clicks. Go from spontaneous to strategic.

There’s no reason with hard work and these tools, why you can’t stand out amidst the 500 million active users on Instagram. Yes, that’s quite the challenge, but we believe in you and have 20 easy ways to get there.

Follow these 20 easy tactics to grow your following and build your business.

4 Easy Ways to Generate eCommerce Sales From Instagram

how to generate sales from InstagramInstagram recently announced that they had grown to 500 million monthly active users. Out of these, 300 million users log onto the platform every day.

That puts the social platform at the forefront of social media marketing…

If you’re an eCommerce store looking to generate sales from Instagram, then here are 4 ways to do so.

How to Sell on Instagram

instagram marketing

Is your business on Instagram?

Do you want to use Instagram as a revenue stream?

To find out how to use Instagram for sales, I interview Jasmine Star.  In this episode Jasmine Star explores how to sell your products and services via Instagram.

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