Weekly Round Up For 6 August 2017

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internet marketing weekly roundup

1) The Small Business Guide to Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a customisable suite of tools that can be quite intimidating when you first open the site. In this post you’ll learn how can you take this data and turn it into insights that can have a real impact on your business and increase your revenue.

2) Learn how to build a sustainable business from these 5 blogs
If you’re among those women who want to start their own business and prove yourself to the world, a few tips from these five blogs would never hurt.

3) 5 Unbelieveable Ecommerce Success Stories That Will Blow Your Mind
If you’re looking to start your own ecommerce business but you’re hesitant to jump the bandwagon due to whatever limitations you find yourself in, then allow me to share with you five unbelievable ecommerce success stories that will inspire you to pull the trigger.

4) 5 Proven Growth Hacks you can Implement Today
If you’re looking for growth hacks you can implement today to help grow your business exponentially, we’ve compiled 5 great tactics for you.

5) 4 secrets to high-performing signup forms
What we’ve learned from our friends at Privy about improving site conversion and growing an email list.

6) 3 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks
One of the most glaring issues I see on a daily basis is that every businessman or woman who I speak to emphasizes the importance of their company blog. Yet most of the time, their blog sucks! It doesn’t generate any revenue or traffic for their business, and there is no game plan or organization behind the blog. Here are three reasons why your blog sucks:

7) 10 Free Video Tools for Social Media Marketers in 2017
Videos are becoming common as the social media users feel more comfortable in watching them rather than reading through long paragraphs. Use these 10 video tools for your social media marketing.

8) 25 Ways to Promote Your Next Blog Post
Here is a 25-step checklist to generate your first 1,000 visitors to EVERY blog post.

9) SEO: 8 Free Sources of Content Inspiration
When you’re ready to find your own slime-sized content trend, here are eight inspiration sources to investigate.

10) How to Create a Facebook Group
Creating a Facebook group might be your best solution against falling organic reach. Here’s how to create yours and how to build an engaged community in it.

11) Social Media Campaigns in 2017 – 5 Examples to Learn From
Social media engagement can bring more attention to your brand. It can build loyalty and trust. Here are some great social media campaigns to learn from.

12) 5 Most Unintentionally Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns Ever
Here are some of the best such online events in a nice list and see what can we learn about internet culture. Without further adieu, here are the most unintentionally successful social media marketing campaigns in recent years.

13) Free & Simple Social Media Tools To Boost Your Presence!
Everybody pretty much knows that social media is a really important strategy to gain and retain online audiences. Below are some of my favorite free and simple social media tools you can use to boost your online presence today!

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