Use Content templates to produce a high volume of engaging content

Scaling Up Your Website Traffic With Content Templates


In the realm of content marketing, the pursuit of high website traffic is a common goal. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, the challenge of consistently producing quality content that attracts visitors can be daunting. In this article, we'll delve into a strategy that's often overlooked but incredibly effective: content templates. We'll explore how these templates can significantly boost your website traffic by streamlining content creation, reducing research time, and improving overall quality.

The Lesson Learned: Exploding Topics' Success Story

Leveraging Templates for Explosive Growth

Imagine taking a website from zero to over 400,000 visitors per month. That's precisely what Exploding Topics achieved, and the key to their success? Content templates. Exploding Topics' founder recognized the power of focusing on specific content formats that consistently performed well. These templates acted as blueprints, allowing their team to produce a high volume of engaging content without reinventing the wheel.

A Revelation from Backlinko

The template strategy wasn't new to Exploding Topics‘ founder. In a previous venture, Backlinko, they observed that the best-performing content followed a handful of formats, such as definitive guides, expanded list posts, and case studies. Sticking to these templates not only expedited the content creation process but also ensured that the produced content was of superior quality.

Unpacking the Template Advantage

Simplifying Topic Generation

The traditional approach to keyword research can be time-consuming and often involves sifting through numerous keywords to find suitable topics. However, with content templates, this process becomes significantly easier. Templates allow you to generate a plethora of topics by simply varying a few key elements. For instance, instead of meticulously selecting individual keywords, you can create a template like “Top X Startups in [Industry],” where [Industry] can be easily swapped for various sectors.

Accelerating Content Creation

Creating content using keyword research alone can be a lengthy process. You need to evaluate search intent, competition, and content length before even starting to draft an outline. Content templates flip this script. With a well-defined template, writers can focus on delivering content faster. For instance, if your template revolves around comparing tools or products, the structure remains consistent, enabling writers to streamline their approach and produce content more rapidly.

Implementing the Template Strategy

Learning from Successful Templates

To implement the template strategy, start by studying successful websites in your niche. Often, you'll notice that these sites stick to a few proven content formats. For instance, Zapier's success is partly attributed to their “versus posts,” where they pit different tools against each other. By identifying such templates, you can adapt them to your niche and audience, ensuring that you're creating content that resonates.

Crafting Strategic Templates

Creating templates isn't about random topics—it's about aligning with your audience's interests and intent. One example is the “X Alternatives to” template. This involves listing alternatives to a well-known tool or service. By framing the content this way, you not only address user queries directly but also tap into their decision-making process, making the content highly valuable.

Scaling to Greater Heights

Templates prove their worth in scalability. As your website gains momentum, you might exhaust certain topics within a template. However, by exploring and adopting new templates, you can maintain the momentum. The key is to stick to the core principle of the template while adapting it to different topics. This approach allows you to consistently churn out content that attracts visitors and drives engagement.


In the dynamic landscape of content marketing, the strategy of leveraging content templates often remains unsung. However, the success story of Exploding Topics showcases the immense potential of this approach. By embracing content templates, you can simplify topic generation, expedite content creation, and ultimately achieve greater scalability. The lesson here is clear: if you're looking to elevate your website traffic and establish a content-rich presence, content templates might just be the secret weapon you've been searching for. So, rather than reinventing the wheel every time you embark on a new piece of content, consider embracing the power of templates to supercharge your digital success.

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