Marketing Weekly Roundup for 11 November 2022

Happy Friday. Welcome to the Weekly Roundup, full of actionable marketing insights, email marketing tips, social media marketing, SEO tips, news, and ideas from around the world.

Let's check out this week's roundup of the top things to know in the digital marketing world this week:

1. 5 Effective Growth Strategies to Boost Your B2B SaaS Sales
The demand for SaaS products and services is enormous, but you need to know how to supercharge your sales in this highly competitive B2B SaaS market. Here are 5 ways to drive sales to your B2B SaaS platform. 
1. Create content for pull marketing 
2. Adopt the plg strategy
3. Sell customer-centric solutions rather than features
4. Make personalized sales call 
5. Make onboarding hassle-free

2. Video Schema Markup: Improve Your Video Visibility
According to Wyzowl's latest State of Video Marketing research, 92% of companies say video marketing is an essential part of their marketing strategy. However, posting videos only get you so far – once you've created your content, you want the maximum number of people to see it. Discover how to use video schema markup to increase your traffic and rankings on Google.  

3. Link Building for Local SEO: 9 Simple Strategies
Link building refers to the process of acquiring links from other websites back to your own. The goal of local link building is to boost visibility in organic local search results and draw more traffic. Link building for local SEO is a great way to build your brand's visibility organically. Here are 9 link-building strategies for local business: 
1. Get Links From Travel and Local Review Websites
2. Hold Special Events and Promotions to Get PR Links
3. Get Listed in Local Business Directories
4. Create a Blog Covering Local Topics
5. Use an SEO Tool Like Ubersuggest to Find and Target Competitor Backlinks
6. Find Unlinked Mentions of Your Brand and Ask for Links
7. Work To Get Mentioned By Local Publications and Bloggers
8. Purchase Domains In Your Industry
9. Don’t Forget About Internal Links 

4. How to Maximize Your Content
Let's take a look at the different stages of the content life cycle, and how you can use them to improve your chances of reaching your audience. Discover how to ensure that your content marketing strategy is maximized for ROI, results, and impact.  

5. The 10 Best Ways To Get Traffic For A Dropshipping Store
Dropshipping is a popular business model for entrepreneurs. One of the main challenges is using dropshipping ads to get traffic to your store. Here are 10 ways that you can generate traffic for your dropped-shipping store. 
1.   Paid Advertising
2.   Search Engine Optimization
3.   Google Ads
4.   Social Media Marketing
5.   Content Marketing
6.   Forum Marketing
7.   Email Marketing
8.   Influencer Marketing
9.   Referral Marketing
10.  Partnership Marketing

6. Importance Of Writing An Evergreen Sales Funnel
Sales funnels are an important part of any business, but often overlooked or misunderstood. An “evergreen” sales funnel is one that can be used over and over again, year after year. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating an evergreen sales funnel.  

7. 5 Ways To Win At Holiday Marketing With Influencers
Holiday influencer marketing can help brands position themselves as a top-of-mind solution. Here are 5 best practices to keep in mind when using influencers for your marketing this season. via @forbes 
1. Start now
2. Prepare for premium pricing
3. Let freedom ring
4. Set realistic objectives
5. Retarget and remarket 

8. Using Data To Optimise Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is a great way to improve your reach and engagement on social media platforms. However, before you throw money at any influencer, you need to ensure that you use data to optimize your partnership. Discover how to use data and analysis to optimize your influencer marketing strategy. 

9. Three Steps to Develop a Personal Brand
You need to build a strong personal brand that gets you noticed by the right audience. This will always be a work in progress and here are three essential steps to do it: 
1. Positioning – Define your personal brand and its place in the market
2. Build something to demonstrate your brand – Set up your online presence and create content that expresses your personal brand
3. Promote your brand – Choose the social media platforms that will help you grow and monetize most effectively

10. What's a Competitive Analysis & How Do You Conduct One?
Competitive analysis can help you learn the ins and outs of how your competition works, and identify potential opportunities where you can outperform them. Read on to learn more about how to conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis for your brand. 

11. 3 Practical Digital Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses
Many small businesses need help incorporating digital marketing into their overall marketing plan. Here are three practical digital marketing tactics that are easily understood by small businesses and how they can be used to successfully market products and services. 
1. Email marketing
2. Traditional social media marketing
3. Video content 

12. A Small Business Guide to Starting a Newsletter
A newsletter is a great way for small businesses to connect with customers. This infographic provides an overview of how to build an effective email marketing strategy. 

13. How To Market In An Economic Downturn
As marketing budgets shrink, marketers are expected to do the same, if not more, with less. Rising interest rates and increases in the cost of living could mean that both consumers and business customers are more selective. Here are some cost-effective strategies to help you make the most of your marketing. 
1. Listen To Customers
2. Reaffirm Your Brand Strategy
3. Embrace Content Marketing
4. Run Virtual Events
5. Take Weight Off Your Shoulders 

14. Brand Positioning vs Unique Value Propositioning: How Do They Differ?
Brand positioning and value propositioning are two parts of the same plan. But it's important to differentiate between these two processes when devising your strategies. These processes play a unique and essential part in the sales funnel. Check out this infographic to know how they differ. 

15. What are the Essential Components of a Marketing Plan?
A business marketing plan is a strategically designed strategy created to outline and guide marketing activities. It is the base on which the marketing decisions are made, aligned with the company goals. Well-made marketing strategies and plans consist of both internal and external factors. Here are the top 10 key elements of a marketing plan and how are they beneficial for your business.  
1.  Market research 
2.  Target audience
3.  Brand positioning 
4.  Competitor analysis 
5.  Business goals 
6.  Marketing goals 
7.  Budget 
8.  Metrics 
9.  Content planning and scheduling
10. Roles  

16. How to Leverage the Modern Digital Marketing Funnel To Get More Sales
The digital marketing funnel helps you map out what your audience needs to know at the different stages of the buyer's journey. It will allow you to leverage the most effective channels to distribute the right content and generate more sales. Discover how to use it to generate more sales. 

17. 6 Ways to Build Customer Trust
People are less likely to trust brands they're not familiar with due to many reasons. This calls for creative tactics and strategies that help you earn the trust of your target audience. Here are 6 ways you can build customer trust and grow your business. 
1. Know Your Customer
2. Generate Awareness
3. Ensure Transparency
4. Ask Your Customers
5. Leverage Social Proof
6. Be Approachable

18. Influencer Marketing – first, catch your influencer…
A successful influencer marketing strategy is all about the right influencer (creator), the right channels, and the right content. Here are some tips and strategies for finding and working with creators on different social channels. 

19. 5 Ways to Help Your Black Friday Emails Land in the Inbox
Hitting the inbox is the prerequisite to any success with email marketing. So let's explore the five best ways to get your Black Friday emails to land in the inbox.  
1. Have a great email list
2. Keep your email list healthy and fresh
3. Warm up your IP and domain to reach the inbox
4. Ensure you’re not on any blacklists
5. Use an inbox tester and remove the guesswork

20. How to Write Social Media Bios For Brands
A social media bio is your brand's most basic elevator pitch. There's an art and science to crafting a perfect, brief statement that is descriptive and compelling. Discover the best practices and examples from each of the most popular networks to help you nail it. 

That’s it for this week's marketing roundup. If you’d like to suggest your favorite digital marketing content to be considered for the upcoming Weekly Roundup, please let me know.


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