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One way you can spread the word about your product or service or make some easy affiliate money is by using Google Adwords marketing. Google will allow you to bid on certain keywords. When someone puts those keywords into Google the ads show up in the right hand side of the page.

Your ad position will depend upon how much money you’re willing to pay when someone clicks on the keyword you’re bidding on and how much your daily ad budget is. When you use Google Adwords marketing, they will also calculate something called a quality score.

Generally speaking, the more you are willing to pay Google when someone clicks on the keyword and the more you’re willing to spend on a daily budget for your Adwords campaigns, the higher up your ad will appear. Someone with a higher quality score can actually get a better ad position and pay less per click than other people.

What is the Google Adwords quality score?

It is a score based upon a number of the following factors. One of the factors of Google Adwords marketing is the click through rate. The click through rate is a percentage based on how many clicks your ad gets in relation to how many times the ad has been displayed. The more compelling and interesting you make your ad, the more likely it is you will enjoy a higher click through rate.

Another factor you must consider when using Google Adwords marketing is your total account click through rate. In other words, the better all your click through rates for all of your campaigns, the higher your overall quality score will be.

A third factor that Google bases their quality score on is the quality of your landing page. A landing page is the page the person gets to after they click on your ad. The more relevant the page is to the topic of the keyword you bid on, the better. If your landing page has almost nothing to do with the keyword you bid on, you will get a low score for this factor towards your quality score.

A fourth factor that Google will count towards your quality score while using Google Adwords marketing is how well the ad is suited to the search. If your ad is very relevant to the search terms used then this part of the formula will be scored highly and will help to improve your quality score. If your ad isn’t very relevant to the search terms being used, it can drag down this part of the formula and your quality score.

There are other factors that Google takes into consideration, but they don’t tell you what they are. Google Adwords marketing can be kind of tricky at first. It’s highly recommended that you don’t actually run any type of Adwords campaign until you become very comfortable and familiar with expert tips and tactics. You may even want to consider getting yourself some software that will help you to find the right low-cost, profitable keywords.