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Making A YouTube Video

Create A YouTube Video

YouTube is a great service, because, as a media hosting site, the cost is free to upload content. The first thing you will be required to do, is to acquire a YouTube account. Then, all you do is upload it. We will also go into how to optimize the video very easily, before and after it is uploaded.

That you’ve made it this far is good progress. The simplicity of making videos for use on YouTube, does however, include a few caveats.

I’ll begin by breaking it up into simple, easy-to-follow steps on How to Create a YouTube Video.

1) Sign up for a Google account here, and then add your account.
2) Create a channel, and customize it’s appearance.
3) Decide which keywords and topics you would like to rank for, and use them strategically within your video.
4) Record and upload your video.
5) Edit your video.

Creating a YouTube Account

You may create a YouTube account with other email address accounts, although with a Google account, it will be easier to integrate your channel to Google+, and other Google products. Even if you have never created an email account before, this step is very self-explanatory.
You may also customize your account for aesthetic value. Although this is beyond the context of this article, there are simple, step-by-step tutorials available when you create your channel.

Designing Your Video

Have you ever heard the terms Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, or keyword? Essentially, these are components which are used to determine whether your video will be presented near the top of the results, when someone types in a search.

As YouTube is a social media site, it is more likely that your videos will become popular if other people share, comment on, and like your videos. There are other factors as well, such as embedding your video into web pages, and how many people have included your video in a playlist.

For the purposes of this article, we will primarily focus on what you can easily do, right now, to get your video ranking high independently.

To do this, please write down which words you would like your video to be presented to, when someone types them into their search bar.

A convenient tool for finding the most popular keywords (and other keywords related to it), is the Google Keyword Planner at https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner. You can search the topics your video will be about. Please select one to five keywords between 3 and 6 words in length. Write them down.

Recording Your Video

Using the keyword that is most likely to rank your video higher (lower competition, higher searches), verbally say that keyword within the first 15 seconds of your video. YouTube will analyze your speech to recognize any of the keywords you have selected, and use it to increase your video’s popularity. Also, use it (or a variant of it) halfway through, and at the end of your video.

How To Make Your Video Stand Out and Engage People

This is a major sidebar. An important ranking factor is for what duration viewers watch your videos. Do they watch 70%, 50%, 10%, or even 100% of your video? You can find these statistics for each of your videos uploaded to YouTube.

In order to simplify how to increase viewer retention, I’ve broken into simple steps:

1) Use visual representations of what you are trying to say. If your video is about a hole-in-one golf shot, viewers are more likely to be interested in your video, if it actually contains a clip of the shot that you are referring to. To make it even easier, simply remember to convey yourself as a human being. Some people will simply not watch a video where a person talking is standing still. Conversely though, they will be much more interested in what they are saying, if they use confident, expressive body language.

2) Use confident, clear, and strong tone of voice. Fluctuate your sentences a little bit, and use tonality and emphasis as much as possible. Just don’t go overboard, and your predominantly-auditory receptive audience will truly appreciate it.

3) Use numbers to convey information. Adding a little, “It’s estimated that at least 90% of stock investors lose 100% of their money” is much better than saying, “A lot of people have tried and failed.” Not that either of them are better. It’s just best to include a wider audience, and speak to a whole person, rather than just the auditory or visual part.

4) Use emotion and stick to the interests of your viewers. Get to know your audience a little bit. If your video is about a topic that really enthuses you, then it would be much easier to demonstrate your knowledge than to boringly point out facts.

5) Use a Call-To-Action (CTA). This will cause your viewers to be much more likely to comment on, like, and share your video. It does not require much effort, just a simple, three-step, polite request or command to do so, placed at the end of your video.

Uploading and Editing Your Video

Uploading is as simple as clicking the little ‘Upload’ icon in your YouTube account page. Editing it, however is a necessary part, which I plan to make from complicated to easy.

Once your video is uploaded, and you’ve included tags, keywords, a shining description, you are almost ready to share it. Remember, keyword use is best done wisely. Now, take your most important keyword and edit it in as text, near the beginning of your video. This may be done through an outstanding title screen, or simply text at the bottom of the screen, prompting viewers to check out one of your latest videos.

Again, you can do a text CTA anywhere in your video, as well as interesting hints and updates to keep your audience actively interested.

Making a YouTube video is relatively simple, and always has new and interesting ways of improving both quality and audience perception. By making use of the guide enclosed herein, you have put yourself on the right step toward creating, compelling, informative, killer content.

Last, but certainly not least, remember that nobody is unconsciously competent at anything in the beginning. Consistently upload your videos, and do not stress to much over your hair, or the tone of your voice. The important thing is consistently upload videos, and your influence and video skills will improve dramatically with practice.

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