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Heard about Google’s Hottest Trends? Want to know how you can use this to get easy money from your blog site or online business? Visit the Google Hot Trends page (www.google.com/trends/hottrends), and a set of popular keywords can be found. These keywords are the most popular searches and are usually updated every hour. 

If you get to know what people want by searching the latest Hot Trends, then you can easily get the keywords which you can use to earn money by selling your very own product. From the hot list of items people are desperately looking for choose items that can be found in each and every state rather than being region specific. Keywords can also have negative comments to it, especially when the product has proved itself to be harmful to people, so keep an eye out for such comments. 

Clicking on the keyword gets you a rating which will give you the popularity factor. The most popular will be hottest and the least would be mild. Once you’ve chosen which product you want to use to make money for the success of your online business, make sure it’s the hottest on the list of keywords or you could also choose items that have risen in status in the past five hours, beyond which products decline in status. 

Once you’re done choosing the product you found to be the most popular, look through Google and try and get hold of a website which can help you sell the same product. The sites paying the greatest commissions are always the best! Once you’re done choosing that, get the links down and put them up on your blogsite, website or any of the other advertising pages like Squidoo Lens, Hub Pages or US FreeAds, and hope to sell your product! 

These hot trendy products can also be checked for popularity on Google Search, by just browsing through the number of Adwords adverts displayed. Saturated keywords aren’t worth campaigning for since they’re clichéd, so looking for unsaturated, new and trendy items that can sell on Google Hot Trends is worth it! Click here for the step by step video tutorials how to make money with Google Hot Trends