Weekly Roundup For 29 April 2018

Internet Marketing Weekly Round Up for 29 April 2018

1. 10 Social Media Usage Statistics You Should Know (and What They Mean for Your Marketing Strategy)

We sifted through mountains of data on social media trends to bring you the social media usage statistics that mean the most for your marketing strategy.


2. Five Proven Hacks to Create Winning Marketing Campaigns Every Time

Doing these things, and avoiding these mistakes, will save you tons of time and money.


3. 18 Social Media Influencers to Follow in 2018

In the digital age, social media influencers are winning the web with their presence and outstanding work. The opinion of these experts has a major impact on social media audience, that’s why so many people are following social media influencers.

In this story, we share the details of the top social media influencers who are renowned for their outstanding work. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 18 social media influencers to follow in 2018.


Best Keyword Research Tools Review

4. 7 Best Keyword Research Tools to Boost Your SEO

Keyword research is a fundamental part of SEO. Here are the 7 best keyword research tools you can rely on to boost your SEO efforts.


5. How An Optimized Press Release Can Help Your SEO

It is an undeniable fact that having an optimized press release can help your SEO in many ways than one. Want to have a bigger reach? Optimize your press release today.


6. 4 ways to create an engaging and marketable blog in 2018

From dull, keyword-heavy texts to meaningless blog posts only written in the interest of garnering “likes,” content marketing has gone through various


7. How to Twitter Hashtag for Your Small or Medium-Sized Business

Examples of Twitter hashtags, what’s trending and how every small or medium-sized business owner can utilize it to their advantage.


8.SEMrush vs Moz: Which SEO Tool is Better? [Refreshed for 2018]

SEMrush vs Moz Comparison Review – In this article, we compare these two SEO heavyweights on features, ease of use, and pricing.


how to rank youtube video with these tools

9. 4 Tools to Help Rank Your YouTube Videos

Discover a four-step process to reveal high-performing keywords for your YouTube content.


10. The Future of E-Commerce: What It Means for Your Business (Infographic)

Here’s an infographic showing existing and upcoming trends in e-commerce, consumers buying behaviour online, and how things will pan out for your business.


11. How to Get High Quality Backlinks with Infographics (and Boost Your SEO)

In this article, you’ll learn how to design an infographic, promote that infographic effectively, and generate tons of high-quality backlinks.


12. 7 Email Marketing Funnel Ideas for Turning More Subscribers into Customers

If you’re trying to nudge your prospects to turn them into customers, these seven ideas can help.


13. 40 Infographic Submission Sites to Promote Your Infographic

Here are the top 40 infographic submission sites you can leverage to promote your infographic and get high-quality contextual backlinks.


 A 6-Step-Guide for Creating Killer YouTube Videos

14. Video Marketing Basics: A 6-Step-Guide for Creating Killer YouTube Videos

Learn how to create high-quality YouTube videos that help you appear higher in the search rankings, while also earning more conversions and sales.


15. How to Create Viral Content

Understand what makes people more likely to share something, then ensure your content has those elements, and you’ll be on your way to create viral content.


16. Social Media Content Marketing: Guide To Engagement

Learn how a well-run social media content marketing campaign helps your audience connect with your brand and your brand’s message.


17. 5 Ways to Increase Sales at Checkout for a WooCommerce Store

Increasing sales from shoppers that are in the process of buying is easier than recruiting new customers. In-process shoppers have jumped the trust barrier. In this post, I’ll address five ways to increase sales from consumers who have added items to a WooCommerce shopping cart…


18. Promoting Your Business on a Budget

Do you need to increase your marketing without increasing costs? These 11 tips will help you get started.


19. New Marketing Storyteller’s Guide: How to Sell Anything and Cash In Affiliate Commissions

You’re a smart cookie, you know why we’re here – to sell stuff and make money. So, you and I both know that we need something more than good stories, we need effective marketing stories.

If we’d be in the book or TV business, entertaining folks would be enough, but we’re in the affiliate marketing business and we only get paid if we manage to sell stuff.

Fortunately, there are two affiliate marketing specific stories we can tell again and again, no matter what sort of product we want to sell:


Social Media Traffic For eCom/Amazon Stores

20. Social Media Traffic For eCom/Amazon Stores

In this article, you’ll learn 8 social media tactics you should be using if you have your own online shop. They’ll show you that it’s still easy to use social media to drive traffic to your shop and get those products in your visitors’ carts.

So, let’s start!






Weekly Roundup For 22 April 2018

Internet marketing roundup for April 20181.10 Tips for Stepping Up Your Content Marketing Game

The small business community is chiming in this week with helpful advice on giving your content marketing a boost.


2. How to identify the perfect social influencer for your business

The key to successful influencer marketing is finding the right social influencer that will promote your brand efficiently. Follow these tips to find the best-suited influencer for you:


  Facebook Ad Dayparting to Optimize Your Results

3.How to Use Facebook Ad Dayparting to Optimize Your Results

Discover how to use dayparting to schedule Facebook and Instagram ads to pause and run specific days and times.https://toonchooi.com/t/read/use-facebook-ad-dayparting-optimize-results/

4. Top 5 Things E-commerce Entrepreneurs Find Most Challenging

In this write-up, we highlight some of the prominent obstacles that e-commerce entrepreneurs find the most challenging. If they successfully overcome these, the road ahead is relatively easier.


5. Getting Reacquainted with LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a social network with over 500 million worldwide users. It’s geared towards professionals. It has thankfully become more informal over the years — from business professional to business casual. And because it’s for professionals, you can bet that it’s possible to target all things business.

In this post, I’ll address what LinkedIn ads can do.


6. Search Ranking Tools: Traffic Rank, Page Authority and MozRank Explained

Search Ranking ToolsSearch ranking tools have evolved quite a bit over the last handful of years, as Google’s ultra popular PageRank tool went away in 2014 and has since been replaced by MozRank, and many SEO software companies have released their own variations of ranking tools.

So which search ranking tools are most reliable? With this in mind, we’ll cover the Rankings and Ranking Distribution tools from SEMrush, and Moz’s Page Authority and mozRank. These three helpful tools can be used in conjunction to give you an overview of where pages are ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and most importantly, how to improve their positioning.


 social media marketing strategy

7. This Is How to Blow Up Your Business on Social Media

Going viral on social media is what every business wants to do. All the attention and all the respect can take your business to the next level. The problem is doing it. I’m a regular follower of social media and I’ve experimented with different strategies to garner more interactions. But I’ve boiled it down to two simple tips.

Here are the two secrets you need to know about to make your brand blow up on social media.


8. 6 Effective Elements to Add to Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is always changing, and so your social media strategy should be updated regularly too. Here are some newer options to consider.


9. 36-Point Checklist for Writing Fully Optimized Content

Never miss a chance to optimize your blog posts for readers, search crawlers, and your marketing goals. Use this 36-point checklist before you publish any new content.


10. 19 Types of Marketing Emails (With Examples!) To Send Your Customers

Keep your customers engaged and encourage leads to buy with these 19 different email marketing examples.


how to improve instagram engagement rate

11. 10 Instagram Hacks That’ll Boost Your Engagement Rates

Fighting hard for better Instagram engagement rates? These 10 tips, tricks, and hacks will help you find more success, build your audience, and get higher engagement on Instagram.


12. 55 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Are you looking for ways to get more people visiting your business website? Want to generate more website traffic and increase enquiries and sales?

Rachel Rofe shares 55 ways to get more website visitors in this post


13. How To Use Snapchat For Marketing

Can a mobile app skyrocket your website traffic, boost sales, engage your audience and transform your business success?

Well, if you’re talking about Snapchat, the answer is “Yes, very likely!”


14. 21 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads With Better Targeting

What if I told you that the main reason your ads aren’t performing as well as you want is due to targeting.

Sure, copy, images and videos make a difference on Facebook, but if you start things off with poor targeting, your campaigns won’t work well.

I know targeting may seem simple and easy on Facebook, but there are 21 ways you can fine tune it.

That’s right… 21 ways. Which means targeting can get much more complex than the Facebook ad wizard makes it out to be.

So, whether you are currently running ads or plan to, make sure you follow these 21 steps.


content marketing tips for ecommerce

15. Ecommerce Content Marketing: How To Create Content That Converts

Can content marketing bring in sales for an ecommerce business?

In this post, guest contributor Si Quan gives a complete answer as well as a step-by-step strategy guide.


16. 13 Ways to Kill Organic Search Traffic

Skill and effort influence organic search success. But any number of actions can harm search engine optimization efforts. In this post, I’ll describe 13 SEO blunders that I’ve seen over the years. Avoid these to ensure steady improvements in organic search traffic.


17. 3 Keyword Research Trends to Reshape Your Content Optimization

Follow these three keyword research trends to reshape how you brainstorm, create, and optimize content – Content Marketing Institute


18. 5 Legit Ways to Earn a Passive Income That Still Work in 2018

Wish you could somehow automate your online income? These five real-life examples demonstrate that it’s not such a far-fetched dream after all.https://toonchooi.com/t/read/5-legit-ways-earn-passive-income-still-work-2018/

 Email Marketing resource

19. The Ultimate List of Email Marketing Resources

This list of email marketing resources will teach you how to lay a good foundation for your strategy, pick the right tools, and segment your way to sales.


20. Meet The Highest-Paid Social Media Influencers

There’s a disconnect between what a social media influencer charges and what marketers expect to pay. In fact, the 2017 State of the Creator Economy study revealed that marketers expect to pay as much as 13 times what influencers charge. While the majority of influencers might be affordable or less expensive than you think, there is an entire tier of expensive social media influencers who make well into the six figures (if not seven figures) from their social media presence. Get to know a few of the highest-paid social media influencers and what they typically bring in per post or per year.


Weekly Roundup For 15 April 2018

Internet Marketing Tips Roundup 1. 4 Beginner Tips For Launching Your Start-Up

There is a reason why every company has three things that define them; we are talking about the vision, mission and core values of a company. These three things are essential for giving direction to your startup, determining these early on is fundamental to how you will choose to develop and grow as a small business. The New York Post quotes Stephen R. Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, by posting “Begin with the end in mind.” Their article Creating a New Mission Statement can help give you ideas on how and why to define a mission statement.


2. Success With Email Metrics: 13 Essential Factors To Measure And Improve

Tracking your email metrics is the most important part in improving your marketing email performance.


3. 4 Tips for Engaging Instagram Content [Examples]

Instagram-referred visitors spend a lot more time on e-commerce sites than those from other social media. Read on for tips


4. Abandoned Email Templates: Definitive Guide (Updated for 2018)

This is the ultimate guide to creating abandoned cart email templates. See how top retailers are recovering carts, and how you can do the same.


5.GIF Marketing: How to Use GIFs to Drive Business Growth

Learn how brands have been using GIF marketing in clever ways to present their message, engage customers and push conversions.https://toonchooi.com/t/read/gif-marketing-use-gifs-drive-business-growth/

Content marketing planning

6. How to Research and Plan Your Blog Content for a Year

Discover how to use your blog’s editorial calendar to plan and publish strategic content on a consistent schedule.


7.5 Simple Steps to 2X Revenue from Any Sales Funnel

more money in the process. Here are some tips that will help you 2X the revenue from every customer that goes through your sales funnel WITHOUT having to get any extra traffic to your site.https://toonchooi.com/t/read/5-simple-steps-2x-revenue-sales-funnel/

8. How To Start An Online Store Or Boutique & The Best Shopping Cart For Your Money

This article will give you an overview of the different shopping cart options out there and provide you with recommendations depending on your specific needs and skill set. None of these require any technical experience.


9. The Best Digital Marketing Tools for Every Business Budget

Get a comprehensive guide to the best digital marketing tools for every budget and in every category, from SEO to email and everything in between.


 The Ultimate Guide to Social Media For E-commerce

10. The Ultimate Guide to Social Media For E-commerce

n this guide, I’ll help you understand why social media is so important to your success. Then, I’ll walk you through how to use it to drive traffic and to increase sales.

Let’s start by looking at why social media is so important for e-commerce stores.


11. Top 20 Social Media Strategies To Check Out In 2018

If a company wishes to float in this well-packed competition of social media giants then the change in social media strategies should be tailor-made for the audience.


12. 3 Quick Tips to Optimize Your Site for Local Search on Mobile

Mobile and local search are a powerful SEO couple. When optimizing your website for mobile search, you should optimize it for local search too.


13.How to Use LinkedIn Publisher for Branding

LinkedIn Publisher can be a great way to boost your brand if you know what steps to take. LinkedIn has a lot to offer your brand that shouldn’t be overlooked.https://toonchooi.com/t/read/use-linkedin-publisher-branding/

14. 4 Email Marketing Hacks for eCommerce Marketing Managers

As an eCommerce marketer, you’re probably already using different email marketing campaigns to achieve various goals

A versatile email marketing plan can drive your email marketing ROI upwards, more so in eCommerce. Here’s 4 ways to amp up your ecommerce marketing with email


 ecommerce holiday calendar

15. The 2018 Ecommerce Holiday & Event Calendar – Infographic

Are you looking for ways to generate more sales for your Ecommerce website? Want to ensure you’re targeting the right dates throughout the year?

Here is the Ecommerce holidays and events you need to know in this infographic.


17. 11 Pro Email Marketing Tips

Find email marketing tips from the best in the business. Campaign Monitor shares wisdom from top marketers on automation, segmentation and personalization.


18. How to Simplify Social Media with Automated Marketing

Social media marketing campaigns are easy to manage at first. You have few accounts, few followers, and just enough content to keep your page active.

As your campaign matures, it gets harder to keep under control. At some point, you’ll realize that you don’t have enough time to interact with followers, create content, and monitor brand mentions all on your own.

Using social CRM and automated marketing is the best way to make your campaign scalable and your efforts sustainable. Here’s how you can simplify your strategy:


 Ecommerce Email Templates

19. 10 Ecommerce Email Templates that Turn Subscribers into Sales

Mastering email marketing is absolutely paramount when it comes to finding success in ecommerce. Your email list – which you should always be looking to build – is made up of potential customers who you know are already interested in your brand and products.

But it isn’t always easy to write and create emails for your ecommerce business.

In this article, we break down 10 amazing ecommerce email templates built to turn subscribers into sales, and go over takeaways you can apply to your own emails.


20. 5 Common Digital Branding Mistakes

Whether you’re just starting out in your digital branding journey, or you’re an old pro at it, these common digital branding mistakes will probably apply to you at some point. Nipping these in the bud as they occur will give your digital brand the best chance at success.


21. Storytelling: The Building Blocks of a Great Digital Brand

Storytelling is essential to any great digital brand. Adding storytelling to your content infuses a piece of you into your articles, which provides your brand with a unique voice. Follow these steps to become a better storyteller.


 22.Instagram Stories: How to Get the Most Out of It

Storytelling is essential to any great digital brand. Adding storytelling to your content infuses a piece of you into your articles, which provides your brand with a unique voice. Follow these steps to become a better storyteller


23. 7 Ways to Boost Your Small-Business Marketing

These marketing strategies can help small businesses gain new customers and increase repeat business.


 how to increase Linkedin Post View

24. How to 24X Your LinkedIn Post Views in a Single Day

If you’re not getting views on your LinkedIn posts, you’re losing business. How do I know that? 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. That means if your audience isn’t engaging on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on thousands of potential leads. And missing out on leads is never good for the bottom line. LinkedIn can …


25. 7 Creative Ways to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Develop a multichannel social media strategy that clearly articulates your brand voice, uses a mix of paid and organic means, and brings delight to followers.


26.Technical SEO for Content Marketers

Technical SEO for content marketers is little understood. This post walks content creators through best practices for improving site architecture and removing old content.https://toonchooi.com/t/read/technical-seo-content-marketers/

how to grow and scale up your ecommerce business

27. Growing and Scaling a Successful eCommerce Business: The Ultimate Guide

A comprehensive blueprint on how to start, build, and grow a multi-million dollars eCommerce business.


28. Ecommerce Glossary: 50+ Terms You Need to Know

Are you in the process of setting up an online shop? Need help understanding the common terminology used in the Ecommerce industry?

We share 50+ terms and definitions in this infographic.


29. How to Use Facebook Canvas Ads: Complete Guide For Ecommerce

What Is Facebook Canvas Ads In February 2016, Facebook introduced Facebook Canvas ads – a full-screen ad experience that brings ecommerce to life on mobile devices. At first glance, a Canvas ad could be mistaken for a regular newsfeed ad. However, when clicked, it opens up to cover the entire mobile screen. Combining videos, photos, …


 marketing tools for 2018

30. 48 Marketing Tools to Consider for 2018

This is a list of marketing tools we use on a regular basis, and as you plan for 2018, it’s definitely worth your consideration!


Weekly Roundup for 26 April 2018

weekly roundup for online marketing tips

1. Loads of New Facebook Retargeting Features Are Coming Soon

In Q4 2018, Facebook will unleash loads of new ways to create custom audiences for retargeting / lookalikes through importing Facebook Analytics segments into Facebook Ads as custom audiences. How do I know this? Here’s how:


2. Boost eCommerce Website Results with these Optimization Tips

Most ecommerce websites are struggling to drive customers to their sites. It is a must-do to evaluate and understand how to boost ecommerce website performance. Here’s three tips to get you started.


3. 3 Ways to Drive More Social Traffic to Your Blog

Lizzie Kardon, Head of Content and Engagement for Pagely, shares her insights on how social media marketers can bring more traffic to their blog


4. Learn To Make Proper SEO Keyword Selection

Your SEO keyword selection will make a big impact on the success of your digital content. It is your SEO keyword selection that determines whether or not your readers can find your content.

Researching this process may take extra time, but it is sure to benefit you in the long run.


5. Subject Line Formulas You Can Steal to Boost Your Open Rates

Not getting the open rates you’d like? Check out these 6 proven strategies for crafting subject lines that grab your audience’s attention.


email campaign success secrets

6. Quick Marketing Wins 101: How to Optimize Email Campaigns

Quick and easy tips for optimizing your email marketing strategy, including improving preview text, A/B testing, segmenting, assessing frequency and more.


7. 5 Marketing Experts Share Their Top Email Writing Tips

You know those emails you can’t wait to open? Here’s how to write them, according to some of the best marketing pros.


8. Accelerate Content Creation: Create Content Faster

It is possible to accelerate content creation without giving up quality and without having to mortgage your soul. Here’s what to do.


9. The Ultimate Guide to Messenger Marketing and Facebook Chatbots

“Facebook Messenger,” “Chatbots,” OMG, not another shiny object, please! Discover more about Messenger Marketing and Facebook Chatbots, and how you can use the “biggest thing since emails” for your business.



10. 7 Tips to Design Beautiful Instagram Stories

Learn how to design Instagram Stories like a pro! Create rainbow text, use multiple fonts, get creative with emojis, + more with these design tips.


11. 7 Steps in Creating a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2018

This seven step social media marketing strategy will help you prepare for 2018 and beyond. Use our in-depth guide and free checklist to track your progress.


12. Winning at e-commerce

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow at double-digit rates, do you have plan in place to share in that growth? Matt Dingee of OnPoint 2020 provides a playbook for pursuing a successful e-commerce strategy.


13. 80+ Awesome Tools for Startups & Entrepreneurs to Grow their Business

Are you in the process of starting a new business? Need help putting your ideas into place and getting your startup off the ground?

Reviews XP share a big long list of tools you should try in this infographic.


  LinkedIn networks


14. 9 Best Ways to Grow Your Network on LinkedIn

Gain more LinkedIn connections with these 9 important audience growth tactics.


15. 46 Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks (Infographic)

Conversion is the ultimate goal of a business’s online efforts. This infographic provides simple but effective hacks for increasing your conversion rates.


16. 9 Steps To Grow Your Email List From Scratch

New to email marketing? You need this comprehensive guide on best ways to build an email list and how to grow your email list from scratch in 9 simple steps.


 social media marketing tips


17. How to Get More Social Media Followers (Without Creating Content)

Who says you have to create content on the social web to do well. Sure, you want more followers and fans, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow conventional marketing wisdom.

If you want more social media followers and traffic follow this (make sure you do number #5 and #6).


18. Most Effective Outreach Strategies for Link Building: SEMrush Study

SEMrush surveyed over 500 SEO and digital marketing professionals (the full list of choices given to the respondents can be found in the Glossary section at the bottom of the article).

Let’s look at the data that real SEOs, PRs, marketing leads, CEOs, and SMB owners shared with us. We hope it will help save you time and effort by allowing you to choose the most effective approaches based on your job role and experience.

19. 7-Step Cheat Sheet For Running a Flawless Influencer Content Campaign

With these seven steps, Neil Patel want to give you some insights on how you can bring word-of-mouth marketing to a whole new level and generate unprecedented growth rates for your brand.

And by unprecedented, he mean an average return of $23 per dollar you spend.

To help you reach this average, let’s get started.


 social media tools for your business


20. 20 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Small and Medium Businesses

Easily find and join relevant conversations about your brand with these 20 best social media monitoring tools for small and medium businesses.


21. 11 Foolproof Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2018

Increasing traffic on your blog starts with a solid content strategy. With millions of blogs on the internet, you will need to strategically target your niche audience to create a following and increase your blog traffic.


22. A Simple Guide to Using Ads to Promote Your Content on Facebook

How do your organic and paid Facebook strategies overlap and enable each other? Read this step-by-step guide to setting up ads that give your organic content a boost.


23. The 10 Best Sites for Market Research

To understand and win over more customers, you should not rely on guesses, estimates, or feelings. You need facts. Finding answers based on facts and giving you insights about your customers and industry is what market research companies do. Check Alexa’s list of the Top 10 Sites for Market Research!


 growth hacking tips for ecommerce


24. Growth Hacking for Ecommerce: 17 Tactics You Can Try Now

Traditionally, growth hacking describes how online services and tech startups gain new users. A growth hacking mindset, though, is just as helpful in ecommerce. With a relentless focus on growth, you can develop and run tests, campaigns, and programs that drive more online sales.

To get started, here are 20 simple growth tactics you can use next month to fuel growth at your ecommerce business. Follow these easy tips, and you’ll quickly find the best strategies and channels for scaling your online business.


25.Top 10 Content Curation Tools to Get You Started + [Infographic]

Creating all that epic content is hard. Maybe you should give yourself a break every once in a while and use other people’s content. Take a look at these content curation tools that help you create valuable material for your readers



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Videngagr Demo – How Videngagr Work

VidEngagr ReviewVidengagr is a brand new innovative marketing tool that is a mashup that harnesses the power of video with walk-through guides, that help explain the video you are watching in more depth

… This leads to more sales!

It takes the guess work out of marketing and allows you to strategically place optimized content and links in front of people, when you want them to see it.

Here is how Videngagr works…. in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Create a Campaign, Find A Video

Step 2: Add In Your Descriptions, Links and Select Any Player Settings

Step 3: Save Your Campaign, Grab The Code and Paste On Your Site.

Done! Well that was easy.

This software tool is a necessary add-on to any serious Affiliate Marketers Tool Box.

Click here to get it now or watch this Videngagr Demo video below which I created using Videngagr to find out How Videngagr Work and how it can help you to increase your conversion and generate more sales and leads for you.

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