Super Jacker Review

Super Jacker Review

Review of Super Jacker

The main problem faced by the most marketers, especially newbies; is getting targeted traffic to their website.

In order to get mass traffic, they need Good Quality Content and Authority for their blog. Both all these need time to build, this is why most people give up before they see their success in making money online.

But now you can get INSTANT Content, Traffic and Authority In Any Niche easily, even you’re newbie with Super Jacker.

SuperJacker is a new cloud based software allows you to hijack other peoples sites and use their content and authority to get you optins and make you sales!

Here is what you’ll get with Super Jacker:

  • Fully cloud based, so no website or hosting needed!
  • Hijack almost any site with multiple ‘jack’ types!
  • Add your own optin form, bonus offer, or call to action on other peoples content!
  • Fully drag and drop!
  • Hijack website links and make them redirect where you want!
  • Get instant content, traffic and authority!

Check out this demo here which I share an yoga article from using SuperJacker.

As you can see, there is a Clickbank product banner, Yoga Healing banner with my affiliate link appear in the middle top of the site, plus a black button that promote SuperJacker (which I hope you will click 🙂 ).

Once you created the link, you just need to promote the link by sharing the article with all the Social Media platform you join like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. You will start to see traffic coming and then, and affiliate commission will appear in your affiliate account.

Check out Super Jacker here and watch the video how easy it can be done.

Super Jacker make it more easy for people in any niche, affiliate marketing and CPA marketing to get both traffic and clicks plus money. Get SuperJacker here before the price increase





Top 10 Ways To Get More Traffic From YouTube

Get More Traffic From YouTube
For those looking to mint the YouTube traffic, here are Top 10 Ways To Get More Traffic From YouTube

Sharing videos online is best accomplished via YouTube. Billions of users and a huge number of daily uploads, this is the place for viral marketing feats. Without any doubt, this is a gold mine for web marketers looking for excellent and fast paced promotion. The moment people start liking the videos and commenting on them, the foundation of a new online community begins. Here are some great tips for those looking to mint the YouTube traffic.

  1. The Fundamental aspect – video quality

Any viewer would like to watch something full of clarity and quality. Check out the basic hardware that you use for making the film. The software, camera, lights everything has to be of top notch quality. Watch the whole thing and review that as a critic. For those relying on video recording software, there are some great editing features in various programs. These are to be utilized for quality enhancement. Also the sound quality has to be at par with industry standards.

  1. The Magic of controversy

Wonder why controversial things are the first to go into the viral zone? Well, that is the nature of the human mind. When something is simple and cute it hardly finds the attention of a large number of users. It is not that you need to go for something really drastic. Research shows that funny stuff works great for all age groups. Look out for trending topics and then planning the upcoming videos.

  1. Connect with the organization or brand name

Add relevant links in video pages to ensure that interested users are able to visit the brand page or the main website. This brings traffic from YouTube to the intended web portal.

  1. Tutorials are money makers

Did you know that people are making millions via tutorial videos? If you are going to solve any kind of problem for the users they are going to flock into the site in huge numbers. And what is important is the fact that there are unanswered questions in every segment.

  1. Do not forget the SEO part

There is immense amount of SEO involved. The words that come in your title and description part determine the rankings in search engine listings. Formulate the latest list of keywords that match with your niche and use them lavishly.

  1. Market in social media

Every video on YouTube has its own unique url. Make tweets, Facebook posts, Google plus posts etc using the same urls. It is important the people know about the video release as soon as possible.

  1. Video tags

Tags ensure that your video falls in the correct category within the directory. Make sure that they are relevant as per the segment you are dealing with. You need at least 5 tags in each upload.

  1. Regular uploads

It does no good when you are uploading once and then something after 3 months. Users always want more of the quality stuff. It is best if you can plan a weekly series so that the necessary curiosity levels are generated.

  1. Comments and responses

Connecting with the viewers can bring in a fair share of the traffic. You can start the conversation on your own to bring in more responses.

  1. Check analytics

Keep investigating the actions taken by users against all the videos using Google analytics. Once you have a sufficient number of uploads, the results will be clearly visible.

Video Marketing Strategies That Kick Butt

 killer video marketing strategies
Stick to the fundamental rules of video marketing strategies will give you the best result

If you are in the realm of online business getting targeted traffic remains one of the biggest challenges. And yes, it is the bread and butter of e-commerce. Video has emerged as one among the best ways to get people directly onto sales pages and blogs. However, to ensure that videos actually do their job there is a need to understand the killer video marketing strategies. Contrary to popular beliefs, there is nothing outright difficult about marketing via videos. Sticking on the fundamental rules is what you do to get the best results.

Youtube marketing strategies
A high rank Youtube video will help your website search engine rankings

YouTube is the platform to target if you are marketing using moving pictures. With the biggest market share YouTube is something that you just cannot live without. In fact, simply focusing more on this medium is more than enough to get targeted results. Promotional success here will also bring a corresponding increase in search engine rankings. This is because Google owns YouTube and when a video hits the bull’s eye, rest assured about search engine rankings.

The all important thing is to identify the subjects that your customers love. You need to find out that big picture with reference to the promotional niche. This will be a big help when you are making the videos as the layout would more often than not, be crystal clear. From a practical point of view, you need exhaustive keyword research. Those keywords will form future headings for your videos and will be crucial in writing descriptions. This comes first and it is really important for marketers to invest some time and money in this process. You could hire professionals for the research or get into some kind of contract regarding market research. Efforts here would definitely reduce the hurdles during making and promoting.

The next thing is about creating videos that have great viewership value. The cost in making is really not that important when you are looking into the kind of value that visitors could get from it. Make sure that you are answering the questions that most people have regarding that subject and do that absolutely free of cost. The more you engage with the free stuff the better it gets in terms of traffic. And then you will find that a majority of the traffic share is getting diverted to the main site. Consistency is the real factor that moves your brand. It is important that you keeping dishing out something meaningful on a regular basis. Do not release a lot of videos at once. Even if you have produced a large stock chalk out a schedule for release. This gets momentum in your favor.

You need to monitor the happenings closely after every release. In addition to that, the link for your videos also need promotion in other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. This is necessary to get quick recognition and also for building online communities. The main goal is to build an audience that eagerly waits for new uploads from your side. This community comes with trust and reputation which is a direct result of committed online engagement.

There’s a new groundbreaking software coming to the market, which eliminates all the known issues that you would face when trying to build and rank a profitable video. It’s called Video Wave. Video Wave is a 3 in 1 software suite that lets anyone find hundreds of easy to rank for keywords, build out breath-taking 2D & 3D animated videos around them… and then rank them page 1 on Google and YouTube with just a few clicks!

The best part? It does everything for you in under 2 minutes flat…

There’s nothing to install or download, you simply login to the software, select the instant profitable
keywords you want to rank for…

Beginner Guide to Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking
Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business

An innovative term springs up in business every now and then. Since Internet marketing is the trend of the time, it is here that everything new gets experimented. Growth-hacking is a usage that falls in this category. But, the interesting thing is that giants in the industry still grope in darkness in the matter. This is the result of a misconception. Even experts still feel that it is some sort of an old scheme in a new coating. But, the truth is that it is a great innovation destined to be with us for long.

understand growth hacking

Understanding the term
Growth hacking is a usage coined by Sean Ellis, an Internet marketing guru. According to him, a growth hacker is a person who always has growth as the first objective. The expert will explore social networking platforms and the entire Internet with a view to gather ideas on how to grow fast.

Growth hacking vs. marketing
These insights may create an impression that this belongs to the field of marketing. However, it is entirely different. While growth hackers focus only on growth, a marketer tries to consider all aspects of a business. Product, price, leads and capital are some of the factors a marketer will take into account when working for a company. The person exploits all channels to promote a business. Even the content a marketer uses is customized in such a way as to create more leads. The focus of a growth hacker is quite narrow. A professional here utilizes the resources marketers have created and use them to engage with potential customers at large.

growth hacking
Sean Ellis coined the term “growth hacker” in 2010

A brief history
Growth hacking, as mentioned above is a term Sean Ellis, a renowned author in the field coined. He did this because of the frustration he experienced when trying to find a substitute for himself. Sean had helped numerous businesses to grow at an incredible pace. Most of them even had IPOs. Gradually, he became a one-man growth machine. He had to set up systems, train people and create processes. At a certain point, he would hand over the keys of the machine to someone else and get away.

This started creating problems because all the applications Sean could find when advertised the requirement were only traditional marketers. And, they didn’t fit in well with his concept. The situation prompted him to write a blog coining the new term; thus came growth hacking into existence.

Growth hacker job profile
A growth hacker is someone with an obsession to growth. As a professional, you will need an eye for details and an analytic mind. You work tirelessly until you are able to find a strategy that works for a company; to take it to the next level. This enables you to build upon the small successes you attain and transform them in such a way as to help a business grow. You will also be analytical and a right-brained person at the same time. You will have an intense desire to learn and do research until you find that perfect strategy. Creativity will remain your hallmark. If you are someone with a growth-oriented outlook, you can apply for this job. Explore the Internet with the keyword “growth hacker 101” and you will get everything you would want to learn in this field.

Growth hacking
Some growth hacking marketing ideas to help you to kick start your campaign

Growth hacking ideas
This is the best way to go if you are a start-up. All you need here instead of an expensive marketing team is just a professional in the field. Quite naturally, it reduces the cost of getting traffic. Your website gets content that is worth sharing. Increase in leads will follow suit. Here are some growth hacking marketing ideas that are proven to do miracles for a small start-up company.

1. Go simple
Explore any number of reputed websites; you will understand one thing. Their homepages are quite simple. Surveys show that basic homepages attract more leads when compared to their complicated variants. Try this and you will see results within a few days.

2. Harness the power of surveys

User feedback is the strongest tool you can have at your disposal as a growth hacker. It lets you design your website or customize your products or services with a view to attract more traffic. It also allows you to maintain existing sources of revenue.

3. Start slow

The desire to go grand is quite natural. But, your growth hacking expert will advise you to divide your goals into feasible small ones. It will help you maintain the upward climb; every step you take will take you to a large one.

4. Check the bounce rate

If a website has just one landing page, it is quite natural that its bouncing rates really high. Install the tools required and understand how long a customer stays on your site. If the person spends more than 30 seconds on the site, you can consider the visitor to be your prospective client. Google Analytics and event viewers are the tools worth considering in this regard.

5. Try to understand your customers

understand your customers
This in fact is the first thing you should do to increase your revenue. Research on what they want and customize your products or services accordingly. Surveys show that client-focused enterprises earn 10 times better than the ones who don’t concentrate in this aspect.

6. Collaborate with others

Working with successful people in the field is the key to success in popularizing your content. There are numerous places where influencers in the industry hang around. Interact with them, comment on their blogs and give a link at the end to your website. Make sure that the posts you publish are informational, relevant and unique.

7. Publish a FAQ

Answer the questions customers may have about the products or services you sell. Update it regular intervals. Experts say that you should do it at least twice a month.

You should also state the purpose of introducing valuable content or free offers. Just tell them that you will come up with paid accounts in future.

Growth hacking is the trend of the time; ignoring it is paramount to helping your competition. This guide is sure to help you take wise decisions and move forward.

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A Comprehensive Guide To Facebook Marketing

Among all social networks Facebook commands the biggest clout. With more than 1.3 billion users this is a platform that has the potential to change fortunes for companies and marketers. No way can marketers ignore this user base. If you are having strategic plans for Facebook marketing, a big chunk of profit and success is being lost. Marketing on Facebook allows companies to zero in on a specific and highly targeted customer base. Let us get some more insights regarding promotional activities on the world’s largest social network.

Guide To Facebook Marketing

There was a time when Facebook was supposed to be place where young people share their ideas and had relationships. That phase is history now as almost everyone from all age-groups is out there. Marketing on this platform starts with groups, ads and of course, specific pages.

You can regard the group section on Facebook similar to modern day online forums but there are many other features such as profiles and pages that make it easy to promote good content. There is always a high level of engagement and most importantly, the usage is free of cost. However, results coming in via this method may take some time.

Pages act as info section for products and brands. They can also be used for creating awareness about something particular such as a social movement. Most businesses and public figures have prominent pages where new and updated information is released. There is also a provision where interested people can easily “like” the page and show their support. Using the friend based option has restrictions since there cannot be more than 5000 friends for a particular person. Pages are free and require less effort for setting up but getting popularity via this way is more often than not difficult and time consuming.

If you are looking for quick publicity and immediate advantage from Facebook traffic, paid ads are the way to proceed. They are fantastic for marketers since there is so much segregation on the kind of visitors that you would like to target. For example, you can go for only US based audience or some other country depending on campaign requirements. More importantly, the budgets are easily flexible implying that promotion begins with very little investments. Since you are focusing on the likely customers, the overall return on investments is really high. It is this selective targeting that attracts people and hence results come in quick and fast.Facebook Advertising

Before you start using Facebook as a means for attaining traffic and publicity, it is really imperative to think on the kind of site being put into limelight. Your efforts might get wasted if the target content is not appealing or lacks the charm that users are looking for. Remember that social media public is always curious for interesting and spicy content, or something that has immense knowledge value. Your content should fit in either dimension. Therefore, marketing people should first get into a fact finding mode so as to assess the trending topics and ideas that attract massive user attention. This research will exponentially increase the effectiveness of Facebook advertising.

Niche Genetics In Action

Watch the demo video below that shows how Niche genetics in action

With Niche Genetics, you can do:
  • In-depth Google Analyse (Get X-ray Vision into the worlds largest search engine’s Algorithm)
  • In-depth Keyword & Niche Research (Find High Traffic – Low-competition Money Making Keywords)
  • In-depth Competitor Analyses (Know your competitors, what their up to & what makes them rank)
  • 100% web based (There’s Nothing To Install)

Niche Genetics is a premium application that uses all the knowledge and experience Abbas Ravji and his team have compacted into 1 easy to use browser based software.

You will get Niche Genetics training videos done by Abbas and constant training looking forwards.

Click here to pick it up during launch and you pay only once, and you will also receive all the exclusive bonuses for Niche Genetics as here.  After launch this changes to a monthly subscription.


How to Solve Your Traffic Problems With Slideshare

how to generate blog traffic

Most bloggers fail to comprehend the untapped potential residing in Slideshare. It is no doubt the sleeping giant when you are talking about content marketing efforts. Social media, article directories and even YouTube seems to be saturated in the current scenario. But, by using some simple slides may get you tons of traffic to your blog easily. This is what I call “Smart Marketing”.

All you need here are slides that showcase information and other details about a website, blog, post, products or services. And what is even surprising that there are many people eagerly waiting for the latest slides. In case you are not getting the point, the concept here is basically the same as on YouTube. There you work on videos and here there are PowerPoint presentations. The thing that works here is the overall concept.

Users like information being presented in a crisp and precise manner and therefore are quick to act on various suggestions. Slideshare content can be easily embedded and hence immediately gains on an ample number of views. And yes, the efforts that you put here are far less compared to making videos. And of course, you mange everything on a smaller budget.

The concept being used here is not entirely new as there are other platforms utilizing this strategy. But the place does not offer stiff competition as on other platforms. Therefore it is easier to gain on great levels of traffic without really sweating it out. If you are someone possessing great design skills, it is her that you must show your talent.

 LinkedIn SlideShare
Share and Discover Knowledge on LinkedIn SlideShare

There is another unseen effect that Slideshare provides to several sites. You will find the many first page results for dominant keywords are occupied by Slideshare presentations. This is because Google and other search engines view them as high quality content and therefore such presentations easily feature in search results. Thus you are tapping in traffic directly from search engines.

It is important the presentations are able to arouse some user interest and provide genuine information about the latest products and services. The thing is not time taking in the real sense but you got to be willing to invest some time in contemplating about catchy titles and accurate descriptions. After all, it is a presentation and the crowd is watching.

If you have been used to writing posts after posts, think about all the effort that can be saved. You actually save a lot of time and energy while working on Slideshare. Thousands of bloggers have discovered this and have altered their work patterns so as to include the presentations in their schedules. Traffic comes from multiple sources and you need to explore new avenue on a consistent basis. Presentations are still hot things. The only thing is that you got to present them well!

How To Increase Traffic With Reddit

By: Beth Kanter

Reddit deals with a popular topic; social sharing. The platform was founded in the year 2005 and has witness huge escalation in both popularity and users. The name itself is unique and really interesting. The meaning implies that you have already “read it”. The best part about the system is that it is basically a user driven community. The content receives a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. As a result, the only piece of content that can survive here is something that the public votes for. There is of course no need to mention the fact that you need to invest some time in developing good content before using Reddit as a sharing tool. Reddit is careful about protecting the medium from spammers and if you have such intentions in mind, the efforts will not last for a long time. The biggest mistake that people commit when using this platform is regarding the traffic mindset. Reddit is not just a source of traffic. It is a place where people are looking for something called as content enlightenment. Of course, if you have something that people would love, the traffic is always going to come.

traffic from reddit
As of 2016, Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors (234 million unique users)

There are many categories in each section which implies that you have to select the one that best fits within your interests. It is then you will be able to easily connect with the users that are interested in the content that you are offering. This called “Knowing the audience” and hold great relevance for those looking to continuously succeed here. You will find the once you have taken the trouble to knowing the right section of users, yes votes come rather easily.

reddit traffic

The thing that work on Reddit is a helping attitude. You need to connect with the users directly. Spend some time commenting on the posts that are shared and offer tips and useful suggestions. Let the community know that you have the best intentions as far as providing knowledge is concerned. This attitude creates a general awareness about the things that you share here. You may find the progress slow but this is the basis for letting in a stream of viral campaigns. The reputation that you create comes back to you in the form of increased traffic.

When you are submitting the links in Reddit having an eye catching title is really important. Check out any of the previous viral campaigns and you will understand why it makes real sense to invest a great deal of time for figuring out a great title. Make it as fascinating and irresistible as possible. You are doing all this to get those all-important “thumbs up” votes. Interesting links get comments on an immediate basis. Monitoring the comments section makes you connect with the audience faster. You need to interact in the comment section quite often. This brings in even more visitors. Once you have learned the art of submissions on Reddit the thing becomes really easy. There are many online portals that have managed to turn fortunes using the social traffic provided here. Persistent with high quality content and you will find results coming fast.

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