How to Solve Your Traffic Problems With Slideshare

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Most bloggers fail to comprehend the untapped potential residing in Slideshare. It is no doubt the sleeping giant when you are talking about content marketing efforts. Social media, article directories and even YouTube seems to be saturated in the current scenario. But, by using some simple slides may get you tons of traffic to your blog easily. This is what I call “Smart Marketing”.

All you need here are slides that showcase information and other details about a website, blog, post, products or services. And what is even surprising that there are many people eagerly waiting for the latest slides. In case you are not getting the point, the concept here is basically the same as on YouTube. There you work on videos and here there are PowerPoint presentations. The thing that works here is the overall concept.

Users like information being presented in a crisp and precise manner and therefore are quick to act on various suggestions. Slideshare content can be easily embedded and hence immediately gains on an ample number of views. And yes, the efforts that you put here are far less compared to making videos. And of course, you mange everything on a smaller budget.

The concept being used here is not entirely new as there are other platforms utilizing this strategy. But the place does not offer stiff competition as on other platforms. Therefore it is easier to gain on great levels of traffic without really sweating it out. If you are someone possessing great design skills, it is her that you must show your talent.

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There is another unseen effect that Slideshare provides to several sites. You will find the many first page results for dominant keywords are occupied by Slideshare presentations. This is because Google and other search engines view them as high quality content and therefore such presentations easily feature in search results. Thus you are tapping in traffic directly from search engines.

It is important the presentations are able to arouse some user interest and provide genuine information about the latest products and services. The thing is not time taking in the real sense but you got to be willing to invest some time in contemplating about catchy titles and accurate descriptions. After all, it is a presentation and the crowd is watching.

If you have been used to writing posts after posts, think about all the effort that can be saved. You actually save a lot of time and energy while working on Slideshare. Thousands of bloggers have discovered this and have altered their work patterns so as to include the presentations in their schedules. Traffic comes from multiple sources and you need to explore new avenue on a consistent basis. Presentations are still hot things. The only thing is that you got to present them well!

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