3 Website Marketing Strategies Proven to Increase Conversions

To turn a website into a profitable marketing channel, you need to implement effective and sustainable marketing tactics. Here are 3 ecommerce techniques that are sustainable, cost-effective and easy to implement to help you increase conversions.

  1. Retargeting
    Most users need to see your brand five to seven times to remember it, let alone engage with or buy from it. Retargeting has at least ten times higher clickthrough rates than display ads. It’s easy to implement and affordable; you only pay for clicks, and the CPC rates run between one and two dollars.
  1. Email marketing
    Email marketing can generate no less than $36 for each dollar invested, making it one of the most effective channels for leveraging return visitors and conversions. Such marketing can turn window shoppers into first-time buyers and increase repeat sales among existing customers. Depending on audience size and automation requirements, email marketing can also be affordable.

3. Content Marketing
Content marketing generates three-times more leads than outbound marketing, and does so for a 60% lower spend. It involves the strategic use of various types of content to reach specific marketing goals. One of its advantages is that it’s cost effective and easy to understand.

SEO content
SEO helps your website rank for relevant keywords and attract qualified audiences through search engines. You want to create search-optimized landing pages and blogs optimized for informational keywords. More than 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search, and SEO can bring traffic and leads continuously.

Product or service guides
High-level product or service overviews educate prospects on your offering and help move them from interest to consideration. How-to guides detail the benefits and "how-to"s specific to your offering. They can help improve the user experience for top- to mid-funnel website visitors.

Gated content
Gated content is another term for downloadable content like whitepapers, ebooks, templates, case studies and so on. It usually appears in the form of pop-ups or prominent calls to action (CTAs) strategically placed on relevant landing pages. To download, the user provides their email address, among other data.

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