Ultimate Guide to Email Sequences

email marketing tipsEmail marketing is one of the most powerful tactics in your digital marketing toolkit.


Because once you pay to acquire an email address (whether it’s an opt-in or a customer) you can email that person as much as you like without spending a cent more on advertising (so long as they don’t unsubscribe).

You need email marketing to generate maximum ROI from your digital marketing spend…

Without email marketing, you’re leaving a lot of revenue on the table.

Automating email marketing with email sequences takes it to another level because you’re putting email marketing on autopilot.

Email sequences are one of the most powerful but underutilized digital marketing tactics. They’re automated, easy to test, and offer high ROI… In fact, at my agency, we have relied on them for our last 3 product launches that have generated over $200k in sales. Learn how we’ve been able to leverage them so effectively, and how you can do the same with your own campaigns, in our ultimate guide to email sequences.

Read The Ultimate Guide to Email Sequences here

Blogging For Your Business

Years back, the focus of many SEOs was to concentrate on manually building links to generate some more authority to their websites or that of their client’s sites.

Over time the game online has changed, and the way people use the internet has changed as well.

This is where content marketing makes its mark as one of the leading ways of generating attention and traffic to a website.

Subsequently, with enough quality content being produced backlinks are naturally accrued from other bloggers and websites that want to link to that useful content.

How To Use Your Blog To Scale Your Business

How To Rank Higher For Your Keywords on Google

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important if you are new in the market and you have a new website. Hence, startups are required to do a lot of analysis before practically doing SEO. The basic facts of SEO remain the same for every industry and slightly differ if you are an E-commerce or a social media website where a bit more attention is required since, on the websites like E-commerce, you need to optimize more of product pages rather than the main landing page because people always search for products on Google and in case of a social media website, you need to have a bit different approach on reaching to your target market through your strong and main keywords.

Build an outstanding website: You need to have a website with initial feedbacks and reviews from your target focus group on the UI/UX part and rest is taken care by doing SEO.

Here are some steps you need to take in order to rank your keyword high in Google..

Unusual Ecommerce Growth Hacks to Kick Start 2017

Growth hacking is a fancy term which exploded in last five years among marketers, SAAS companies, and Tech Entrepreneurs. While the word Growth Hacking may seem fancy, it is a simple concept. It is the notion that every strategy, actions, ideas that you develop and implement for your business revolve around growth. While every business is focused on growth, growth hacking is giving growth ‘wings’.

The whole point of growth hacking is to get enormous growth on a shoe-string budget. Growth hacking mainly revolves around developing and running tests, campaigns to find out which channels, segment, ads work the best and to focus on them to achieve rapid growth.

As growth hacking focuses on developing low cost strategies, any business can use it. It is not limited to SAAS companies and tech-savvy marketers. Even a small eCommerce business can use it to fuel its growth.

Here are 4 Unusual Ecommerce Growth Hacks to Kick Start 2017

Improve Customer Experience at Your Ecommerce Business

To build a successful, profitable, and sustainable ecommerce business, you have to invest in your customers before they enter the buying cycle, while they are in it, and long after they’ve made a purchase from your store.

You can call it marketing, you can call it CRO, but at the end of the day, what you’re really talking about is customer experience (CX). Put plainly, customer experience relates to interactions between you and your customers. It’s how your customers feel about you based on the interactions they ultimately have with you.

Why does it matter?

Because bad experiences felt by customers or would-be customers can wreak havoc on an ecommerce business. Good experiences, on the other hand, can lead to boosts in brand awareness, website traffic, social mentions, and sales.

If you want to drive more positive interactions with customers and boost sales this year, you have to work to intentionally improve customer experience at your ecommerce business.

Here are 8 Simple Ways to Improve Customer Experience at Your Ecommerce Business:

Email Marketing Checklist

Sending a bulk email is an irreversible process. You cannot undo it, edit it, or pull it back from the subscriber’s inbox.

It’s done, and you can do nothing even if you immediately realize that you have committed a blunder just like the New York Times employee who sent an email to its list of 8 million+ people, which was supposed to be sent to just 300 people.

However, making mistakes is like a fart. Despite your resistance, you can’t stop it from coming wherever and whenever. So, in this post, we have identified some of the common, yet not so obvious mistakes, which email marketers make while setting up an email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Hacks: Read This Checklist Before Hitting Send

The 21 Growth Strategies

Whether your team consists of two co-founders or a skyscraper full of employees, your growth hacking strategies will only be effective if you’re able to affix them to your organization, apply a workflow, and use the results of experiments to make intelligent decisions.

Here are 21 stories of 21 teams that have deployed growth hacking strategies to achieve massive growth. This post features examples from fast-growing startups, like Airbnb and Postmates, as well as established companies, like IBM and Yahoo.

Every strategy is tied to the company’s context, but there’s something we can learn from each one and apply to our own audiences.

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