How to use Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to Rank Better on Mobile

How to use Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to Rank Better on Mobile

Optimizing a page for mobile speed? Not easy. Mobile search has come a very long way, especially since the Google Mobile Friendly Update, back in 2014. Mobile optimization keeps evolving, and it happens fast. At first, we had separate mobile versions, then responsive designs, now we have Google AMP pushing strong. It’s difficult to implement Google AMP and you’re not sure if it’s worthwhile spending that time. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at exactly what Google AMP is. We’ll find out if we need it or not, how to easily implement it the right way and if it’s really good, or just another Google attempt to monopolize itself over the web:

Here’s how (and why) marketers need to do webinars


If you’ve never run a webinar, could now be the time to start?

After all, data shows people love ’em. According to a 2016 study that analyzed 12,780 webinars:

  • Webinars attract an average of 233 attendees.
  • Webinar viewers watch an average of 50 minutes.
  • Watchtime has increased by 31.5 percent since 2010.
  • “Question and answer” time is the most popular—and expected—form of interactivity.
  • Of global attendees, 20 percent downloaded content, 7 percent submitted questions, and 31 percent responded to polls.

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Those numbers are a virtual all-you-can-eat buffet for marketers.

In this post, you’re going to:

  • Learn how to host a webinar like a seasoned pro.
  • Choose the best webinar software and tools for you.
  • Learn how to record a webinar and promote the replay.
  • Obliterate the technical barriers with step-by-step instructions + visuals.

Plus, you’ll get free Webinar Planner + Webinar Talking-Points Template + Email Follow-Up Template so you can work this proven process for hosting efficient, effective, and engaging webinars.

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49 Social Media Statistics to Shape Your Marketing Strategy

Social media is still changing the landscape of digital marketing.

With better data, more detailed advertising parameters, and a growing user base, social media is one avenue that deserves some attention from your marketing budget.

However, despite a vast variety of online marketing resources, social media is still the one that raises the most questions from marketers.

Many businesses still aren’t sure which social media strategies work best or how to measure ROI but believe social media marketing is important and are ready to spend money to improve their efforts.

Take a look at these 49 social media statistics to gather insights on the current state of social media marketing, and keep them in mind as you create your social media plan this year!

The Complete Guide to Creating Effective Snap Ads with Snapchat Ad Manager

In the past, if you wanted to run Snap Ads (Snapchat’s full-screen video ads), you would need to go through one of their ads partners. Now, though, you can create Snap Ads yourself through Snapchat’s new self-serve ads tool, Snapchat Ad Manager.

Snapchat has even included a video creation tool in the Snapchat Ad Manager to make creating engaging, awesome-looking vertical videos a breeze.

We’re thrilled by the possibilities that Snapchat Ad Manager has brought about for marketers. And we would love to help you get started with creating your very own Snap Ads and measuring their performance.

Here’s everything you need to know about using Snapchat Ad Manager to create effective Snap Ads.

Why Startups Fail at SEO

Discover all the reasons why startups fail at SEO. Learn from the others’ experience. Find out the best examples of startups SEO failures and find out how you can get better from today’s article. In addition, learn what makes a startup successful.

It’s filled with peppery examples, appealing explanations, and strong SEO solutions.

  1. Selling to the Wrong Customers Profile Will Kill Your Startup

  2. Believe SEO Is Just a One Time Thing Will Make You Lose 92% of Your Audience

  3. Not Scaling Your Results Gets You Only 50% of Your Goals

  4. Ungrounded Overconfidence Will Leave You Stuck in the Pivot Phase

  5. Not Knowing Your Target Will Bring Higher Costs and Fewer Users

  6. Choosing an SEO Company That Will Rank You First in One Week Will Tank Your Ranks Definitively

  7. Having a Slow Loading Website with Bad User Experience Can Decrease Conversions by 100%

  8. Targeting Misleading Keywords Will Bring Zero Traffic to Your Website

  9. Not Using Marketing Tools Won’t Bring You SEO Opportunities

  10. Using Old School SEO Techniques Will Get You a Google Penalty

  11. Building Low-Quality Links Gets You 25% Search Visibility Fall

  12. Over-Optimizing Anchor Texts Sends an Alarm Signal to Google

  13. Not Adapting Your SEO Strategy to the Evolving Industry Will Crash You

  14. Having Unrealistic Timeframe and Budget Means Game Over

  15. Poor Content Investment Makes You Lose More Than 67% Leads

  16. Writing Low-Quality Content for Another Purpose Won’t Bring You Any Leads

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