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How to build a responsive subscribers list

Build your subscriber list the right way

If you want to make the saying ‘the money is in the list’ a reality for you, you need to quickly figure out how to build your up newsletter subscriber list the right way. The sad truth is that the vast majority of people who set out to make money online by building a mailing list flat out fail. They spend money on monthly autoresponder fees but they can’t seem to make any money off their list. What gives? They built their list wrong. Believe it or not, you actually determine whether your list will succeed or fail at the point you build your list. Seriously. Too many would-be mailing list millionaires sabotage themselves by building their lists the wrong way. Here are the steps to building your mailing list the right way.


Build your list around your target audience

If you ask most online marketers on how to build a list, they would tell you to find a niche first, build a list, and find traffic to get subscribers. If you listen to this advice, you can say good-bye to your hard-earned money and your dreams of mailing list riches. No joke. Talk about bad advice. The sad truth is that this is the way the vast majority of list marketers operate and most of them have little to show for all their efforts and investment. Instead, you should build your list around your target audience. This means building your list’s content focus, identity, positioning, layout, and all other features based on the actual, tested, verifiable, and provable preferences of your target audience.


Figure out what your target audience needs

You need to build your list based on your target audience’s needs because this method ensures a tight fit between how your target audience actually behaves and what you’re offering. Most other mailing list marketers build their lists on unproven and unverifiable assumptions of how their target audiences behave. Talk about taking shots in the dark. Build your list on rock solid facts and information. Study your target audience’s preference and build your site around that.


Identify your target audience’s specific needs regarding the following: the kind of content they respond most favorably to, the best way to approach them, what type of content do they find important and significant, the places they currently hang out online, and other crucial information. You need to build a solid profile of your audience and their needs in terms of products they would want to buy and information they would want to consume. Build your landing page and your marketing content and messages based on this information. You should also use this information to guide your ad buys.


Offer relevant incentives

Many marketers say that you have to offer a free ebook or free software to get people to sign up to your list. This could be a recipe for disaster if you don’t know your audience‚Äôs preference. The sad reality behind free ebook-driven newsletter lists is that many people sign up for the freebie and don’t have any intention of ever reading your updates. Instead of automatically assuming a free ebook is what your target audience needs to sign up to your list, study your target audience and figure out what they truly need. Talk to them. Get a marketing psychology profile going. Once you get this info, offer the right incentives on your landing page and marketing materials. If you don’t take this part seriously, you might find out the hard way that your list is populated mostly by unresponsive ‘list squatters.’ These will probably never click on any other update much less buy anything you have to offer. The worst part is that you pay every month to have them on your list. Don’t waste your time by offering the wrong incentives.


Build trust to boost subscriber volume

Too many mailing list marketers get into the business thinking that they only need to blast their list members with ads to make money. This can only lead to disappointment. If you want your list members to buy from you, you have to earn their trust. The primary way you can earn their trust is to provide high quality, relevant, insightful, value-added content. When reading your updates, they’ll quickly figure out if you know what you’re talking about. Once you get them to trust you by giving them information they need, the more they’ll trust your affiliate referral links. The more likely they’ll click those links and buy.


You can make a lot of money through mailing list marketing. However, you have to set up your program correctly from the beginning. If you simply buy a ‘turnkey’ or ‘set it and forget it’ system, you are just buying a money losing headache. Do yourself a favor and study the tips above closely and set up your mailing list to succeed.

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