Marketing Weekly Roundup for 27 May 2022

Welcome to the weekly roundup of noteworthy digital marketing insights, tips, and trends.

Here’s a roundup of the top things to know in the digital marketing world this week:

1. Key Ecommerce Trends That Can Take Your Business to the Next Level
The eCommerce industry keeps on changing, and this year is no different. Merchants have to keep up with the trends as merchants continuously improve their businesses. Here are the fifteen trends that eCommerce businesses should stay up with to help them deliver the best online experience in 2022.
    1.  Chatbots
    2.  Voice Search
    3.  Augmented Reality
    4.  Voice Search
    5.  Different Payment Options
    6.  Artificial Intelligence
    7.  Video Marketing
    8.  Loyalty Programs and Subscriptions
    9.  Omnichannel Strategy
    10. Mobile Commerce
    11.  Optimizing Conversion Rate
    12. Sustainability
    13. Marketing Across Different Marketplaces
    14. Strengthening B2B Sales
    15. Personalized Products and Services   

2. A Beginner’s Guide to the Conversion Funnel
If your business sells products or services online, you’ve got a conversion funnel. Your marketing efforts serve to drive people to and through this funnel. Each stage of the funnel provides indicators for how to close a sale. Funnel optimization is a critical marketing objective that positively impacts business metrics such as customer prospecting rates and cost per acquisition. Read on to learn what exactly your website marketing funnel is and see some marketing funnel conversion best practices.

3. The 13 Best Marketing Channels for Growing Your Ecommerce Business
The marketing channels you choose as part of your marketing strategy depending on your resources and the products you sell. Discover what a marketing channel is, examples of different channels, and how to choose the right ones for your brand.
    1.  Email marketing
    2.  Direct-mail marketing
    3.  Paid ads
    4.  Social media marketing
    5.  Affiliate marketing
    6.  SMS marketing
    7.  Content marketing
    8.  Search engine optimization
    9.  Paid search engine marketing
    10. Event marketing
    11. Public relations
    12. Partnership marketing
    13. Referral marketing   

4. Nofollow vs. Dofollow Links: Everything You Need to Know
As you build links on your site, you must know two important link categories: dofollow links and nofollow links. You also need to understand how they affect your SEO strategy.

5. 10 Shockingly Easy Ways To Grow Your Mailing List
It’s easy to overlook email newsletters in favor of social media, but the humble mailing list still has a place in today’s marketing strategies. Use these 10 steps to grow your email list and watch your subscriber list grow. They can even work in conjunction with your social media strategy.
    1. Social media
    2. Videos
    3. Referral programs
    4. Incentive
    5. Giveaways
    6. Focus on targeted lists
    7. Gated content
    8. Give users more control
    9. Increase prominence
    10. Make it easy

6. E-Commerce Analytics: How Price Tracking Solutions Could Help Your Business
Price tracking is one of the most important aspects of e-commerce analytics. Discover how price tracking solutions could help your business, the benefits, and features that you should look for when choosing a solution.

7. 6 Marketing Metrics Every Business Should Track
There are endless metrics a business can track, but not all are vital to driving growth. Here’s a breakdown of the top six metrics every business should be looking to optimize this year. 
    1. Traffic sources
    2. Time on site
    3. Engagement
    4. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
    5. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
    6. Brand equity

8. 15 Features Of A Business Website Or App That Boost Sales And Engagement
Design thinking is centered on making products more human-centric and intuitive. It can be especially impactful when it comes to building a business website or app. 15 members of Forbes Technology Council share design elements companies can use in their websites or apps to boost sales.

9. The Three Stages Of eCommerce Growth
Many online companies rush to build and optimize their e-commerce sites without a proper roadmap. A structured growth strategy will help eCommerce businesses avoid this fate. Here are three stages of the eCommerce growth cycle. If you are an online business, understanding each of these cycles is critical to your plan for growth.
    Stage 1: Start-up growth
    Stage 2: Stagnant growth
    Stage 3: Scale-up growth

10. The 13 Best Marketing Channels for Growing Your Ecommerce Business
The marketing channels you choose depend on your resources and the products you sell. Discover what a marketing channel is, examples of different channels, and a framework for choosing the right ones for your business.

11. 13 Platforms for Blogging
There are a variety of platforms available to launch and manage a blog. Here is a list of platforms to launch a blog.
    1.  WordPress
    2.  Medium
    3.  Ghost
    4.  LinkedIn
    5.  Squarespace
    6.  Wix
    7.  CMS Hub
    8.  Craft CMS
    9.  Weebly
    11. Blogger
    12. Tumblr
    13. Contently

12. The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO in 2022
On-page SEO can be intimidating and empowering at the same time. You get to establish what the topic and/or goal of each page will be. If you’re unsure how to get started, this on-page checklist will help you.

13. Small Business Ideas In Summer To Make Your Business Bloom
Summer is the perfect time to revamp your small business and start attracting new customers. Here are some tips that will help you make your business ideas bloom in the summertime.
    1. Give Your Business a Facelift
    2. Get Active on Social Media
    3. Host a Summer Event for Great Small Business Ideas In Summer
    4. Adjust Your Finances

14. 3 Small Business Branding Tips to Rise Above the Competition
Even for a small business, it’s crucial to take branding beyond just a compelling name and logo. Investing in beautiful design is only half the battle of defining your brand as a whole. Using that brand strategically is the other half that will build trust with customers and ultimately grow profits. Discover why strategic brand use is important for small businesses.

15. 3 Digital Marketing Strategies To Optimize External Linking
Link building is essential for any digital marketing strategy, especially when it comes to SEO. 41% of SEO specialists agree that link building is the most difficult part of search optimization. Let’s explore three external linking strategies that can transform your digital marketing approach to boost visibility, credibility, and even new business.
    1. Build out a content strategy
    2. Select external links with Google in mind
    3. Gain quality backlinks

16. Inbox Inspiration: 21 Email Marketing Examples to Follow in 2022
The number of email users worldwide has increased every year since its inception and is estimated to top 4.2 billion by the end of 2022. 80% of Americans report checking their inbox daily, with 63% majority checking it multiple times a day. That’s what makes a good email marketing campaign so important. Get inspired with this list of the 21 best email marketing examples from independent brands and create your own winning email marketing campaign.

17. Nine Essential Security Steps To Keep Your E-Commerce Customers Safe
Online safety is critical when you’re serving e-commerce customers. E-commerce sites can easily fall prey to cybersecurity breaches, which may expose private customer information. These security breaches can cost your company both in money and in customer loyalty. To help you secure your consumers’ shopping experience, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council outline the key steps companies should take.
    1. Always Use A Payment Provider
    2. Create Best Practices
    3. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication
    4. Use Fraud Prevention Tools
    5. Look Beyond Native Security
    6. Install An SSL Certificate
    7. Educate Your Customers
    8. Keep Everything Up To Date    
    9. Invest In A Quality Hosting Provider

18. Is Your Brand Still Relevant?
Social media has helped marketers define key differences in how different age groups interact with brands. If you’re worried your brand may get a snarky “OK boomer” reaction from a younger demo, it may be time to refresh your brand strategy. Discover how to better engage with consumers of all ages by keeping your brand fresh and interesting.

19. 7 Ways Small Businesses Can Grow Their Social Media Presence
Being authentic, using visuals to tell a story can help them engage customers. Here are Mikos’ seven tips for how small business owners can level up their social media marketing.
    1. Go Where Your Customers Are
    2. Develop Your Content Pillars
    3. Start With Organic Marketing
    4. Expand Your Toolkit
    5. Think Visually First
    6. Post Consistently
    7. Repurpose Content That Works

20. Twitch Marketing 101: How Brands Can Find Success on the Livestreaming Platform
Twitch is a gaming and entertainment platform that opens up a world of marketing possibilities. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the majority of Twitch users are young, male gamers. You will have the most success advertising on Twitch if you can organically tap into your brand’s target audience. Your Twitch media kit should include a multi-pronged strategy focused on community engagement, influencer marketing, and ads.

That’s it for this weekly marketing roundup. I hope you like my marketing roundup. If you’d like to suggest your favorite digital marketing content to be considered for an upcoming Weekly roundup, please let me know.

Talk with you again soon,


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