Top 10 Ways To Get More Traffic From YouTube

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Get More Traffic From YouTube
For those looking to mint the YouTube traffic, here are Top 10 Ways To Get More Traffic From YouTube

Sharing videos online is best accomplished via YouTube. Billions of users and a huge number of daily uploads, this is the place for viral marketing feats. Without any doubt, this is a gold mine for web marketers looking for excellent and fast paced promotion. The moment people start liking the videos and commenting on them, the foundation of a new online community begins. Here are some great tips for those looking to mint the YouTube traffic.

  1. The Fundamental aspect – video quality

Any viewer would like to watch something full of clarity and quality. Check out the basic hardware that you use for making the film. The software, camera, lights everything has to be of top notch quality. Watch the whole thing and review that as a critic. For those relying on video recording software, there are some great editing features in various programs. These are to be utilized for quality enhancement. Also the sound quality has to be at par with industry standards.

  1. The Magic of controversy

Wonder why controversial things are the first to go into the viral zone? Well, that is the nature of the human mind. When something is simple and cute it hardly finds the attention of a large number of users. It is not that you need to go for something really drastic. Research shows that funny stuff works great for all age groups. Look out for trending topics and then planning the upcoming videos.

  1. Connect with the organization or brand name

Add relevant links in video pages to ensure that interested users are able to visit the brand page or the main website. This brings traffic from YouTube to the intended web portal.

  1. Tutorials are money makers

Did you know that people are making millions via tutorial videos? If you are going to solve any kind of problem for the users they are going to flock into the site in huge numbers. And what is important is the fact that there are unanswered questions in every segment.

  1. Do not forget the SEO part

There is immense amount of SEO involved. The words that come in your title and description part determine the rankings in search engine listings. Formulate the latest list of keywords that match with your niche and use them lavishly.

  1. Market in social media

Every video on YouTube has its own unique url. Make tweets, Facebook posts, Google plus posts etc using the same urls. It is important the people know about the video release as soon as possible.

  1. Video tags

Tags ensure that your video falls in the correct category within the directory. Make sure that they are relevant as per the segment you are dealing with. You need at least 5 tags in each upload.

  1. Regular uploads

It does no good when you are uploading once and then something after 3 months. Users always want more of the quality stuff. It is best if you can plan a weekly series so that the necessary curiosity levels are generated.

  1. Comments and responses

Connecting with the viewers can bring in a fair share of the traffic. You can start the conversation on your own to bring in more responses.

  1. Check analytics

Keep investigating the actions taken by users against all the videos using Google analytics. Once you have a sufficient number of uploads, the results will be clearly visible.

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