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Yahoo Answers is one of the bustling questions and answers communities on the internet. All the members might pose some questions and answers which are posted by the other members. It is a successful and popular platform as it has survived the various challenges posed by other prominent communities such as Google Answers. The article discussed below will tell you in detail about some efficient tips that will help you in getting blog traffic quickly.

Focusing only on organic web traffic is a big mistake that a lot of people make because SEO strategies keep on changing from time to time and so you should try and keep your website updated for getting the best results.

Why choose Yahoo Answers for getting traffic?

More sales and more conversions

In case your blog is all about marketing and selling products then you can easily convert the extra amount of traffic in more sales. This website has a PR of 7 and therefore it is trusted by many individuals.

Enhanced reputation

Well, this is a big benefit of sharing links on the website. One can easily say that it is a problem solving website that allows you to get your issues resolved. You could easily enhance your website’s reputation by driving more traffic.

Repeated visitors

The repeated visitors that you get here is an exciting prospect because you’re able to get the same visitor again. It allows you to get your problems resolved by talking to other people on the community forum.

Have a look at some of the efficient strategies that you could employ to drive traffic to your website using Yahoo Answers.

Try and become a level 2 member

Yahoo answers, is a website which works on the points system. As soon as you answer you’re awarded 2 points and you reach Level 1 by signing up and getting 100 points. Once you start accumulating points by answering questions you’ll be able to become a level 2 member. You just need to accumulate 250 points. Leave the link of your website in one of the comments to promote your services.

Self promotion in limit

The moderators working for the Yahoo Answers website are true professionals because they know how to scan through a huge number of answers and filtering the self promotional stuff. This is why you should do self promotion in limit. Doing too much self promotion might get your points deducted and so you should follow some well planned strategies.

Find the hottest and the most unique answers

It is important for you to answer every question in an interesting and unique manner. Make sure that you attract the other users to your comments and posts so that you can get their attention and drive them to your website.

These were some of the best strategies that you could employ to get maximum traffic with Yahoo Answers!

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