How To Increase Traffic With Reddit

By: Beth Kanter

Reddit deals with a popular topic; social sharing. The platform was founded in the year 2005 and has witness huge escalation in both popularity and users. The name itself is unique and really interesting. The meaning implies that you have already “read it”. The best part about the system is that it is basically a user driven community. The content receives a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. As a result, the only piece of content that can survive here is something that the public votes for. There is of course no need to mention the fact that you need to invest some time in developing good content before using Reddit as a sharing tool. Reddit is careful about protecting the medium from spammers and if you have such intentions in mind, the efforts will not last for a long time. The biggest mistake that people commit when using this platform is regarding the traffic mindset. Reddit is not just a source of traffic. It is a place where people are looking for something called as content enlightenment. Of course, if you have something that people would love, the traffic is always going to come.

traffic from reddit
As of 2016, Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors (234 million unique users)

There are many categories in each section which implies that you have to select the one that best fits within your interests. It is then you will be able to easily connect with the users that are interested in the content that you are offering. This called “Knowing the audience” and hold great relevance for those looking to continuously succeed here. You will find the once you have taken the trouble to knowing the right section of users, yes votes come rather easily.

reddit traffic

The thing that work on Reddit is a helping attitude. You need to connect with the users directly. Spend some time commenting on the posts that are shared and offer tips and useful suggestions. Let the community know that you have the best intentions as far as providing knowledge is concerned. This attitude creates a general awareness about the things that you share here. You may find the progress slow but this is the basis for letting in a stream of viral campaigns. The reputation that you create comes back to you in the form of increased traffic.

When you are submitting the links in Reddit having an eye catching title is really important. Check out any of the previous viral campaigns and you will understand why it makes real sense to invest a great deal of time for figuring out a great title. Make it as fascinating and irresistible as possible. You are doing all this to get those all-important “thumbs up” votes. Interesting links get comments on an immediate basis. Monitoring the comments section makes you connect with the audience faster. You need to interact in the comment section quite often. This brings in even more visitors. Once you have learned the art of submissions on Reddit the thing becomes really easy. There are many online portals that have managed to turn fortunes using the social traffic provided here. Persistent with high quality content and you will find results coming fast.

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