How To Get Traffic By Guest Blogging

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Guest Blogging Traffic
By: seosmarty

Guest Blogging has been a very popular method of growing traffic and increasing exposure for websites for a long time. It may not be as popular as it once was, after Matt Cutts (head of Google web-spam) profiled his opinion on it’s fall recently. It still has some great benefits and is a brilliant tool that growing brands and communities may use to increase their traffic.

    Guest Blogging

A normal procedure when Guest Blogging is that you are given the opportunity to include several links back to your website. This is designed to give the readers easy access to more of your work, if they are interested. However, a benefit gained from the back-links that is equally as important is that it will strengthen your rankings in the SERP’s (Google, Yahoo, etc). The higher the SERP’s value the site you are posting on, the more valuable these links can be!

If nothing else, an informative, well written and relevant Guest Blogging piece on a large website can land you a splurge of traffic to your own site very quickly. This is certainly desirable if you are an active Internet Marketer looking to capture attention leading to promoting an item, offer or service. Make sure you are prepared to interest and promote to this traffic, otherwise it’s a lost opportunity!

To achieve all of these benefits, you have to be careful to make sure you’re not making any rookie mistakes. There are lots of things that can go wrong with Guest Blogging and you must have checked and confirmed you are doing things right.

One very common mistake can be exactly which website you are Guest Blogging on. Guest Blogging on sites that aren’t relevant to your particular website isn’t a good idea; you won’t get an influx of traffic because, to give you a silly and extreme example, people aren’t interested in reading an article about umbrellas when they are on a jam-making website. Not only this, but the SERP’s will not place as much value in the back-links attained, because they are designed to award importance to relevance.

Perhaps the most important rule is to make sure your Guest Blogging article is 100% unique, original content. You shouldn’t feature your Guest Blogging content anywhere else on your site, and definitely not anywhere else on the web. The SERP’s are set up to punish replicated content, so your site will be penalized if this happens and will lose traffic.

As you can see, Guest Blogging is still a very valuable and coveted tool to build communities and increase traffic. However, you must be careful to ensure that you’re following the correct methods and if you do so, you will find your traffic increasing!

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