Instagram Marketing Strategy Mistakes
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Instagram was launched in October 2010 and was acquired by Facebook in April 2012. Instagram is mainly a mobile platform, and it is so important for your business because people are increasingly accessing the internet via their mobile devices.

The popularity of Instagram is growing year by year, and its number of active users is increasing day by day. As you know, Instagram is a social media website and a great tool for online marketing strategies.

Many brands are using Instagram as a marketing platform to increase their social engagement with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Pinterest and other social media platforms. MTV, Foo Fighters, Starbucks and so many other businesses are able to promote themselves and their brands. It is among top 10 most popular smartphone apps, and it can provide a huge asset for your visual content, which drives social media like none other component.

You have to understand the Instagram so that you can build close relationships with your audiences, represent your brand beyond the products you sell, and create the visual strategies that your brand needs. Here are 10 Instagram Marketing Mistakes that you should avoid if you want to be successful on Instagram.

Instagram Marketing Mistakes To Avoid