Marketing Weekly Roundup for 1 July 2022

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup, full of actionable marketing insights, email marketing tips, social media marketing, SEO tips, news, and ideas from around the world.

Now let’s dive into this week’s marketing roundup before we head into the weekend.

1. SEO Keyword Rankings: Choosing the Right Terms to Rank #1 on Google
There’s no guarantee that more traffic will lead to higher revenue. Instead, focus on getting better quality traffic and ranking well for high intent keywords. Here’s how keyword ranking for SEO works and how to choose the right keywords for your content.

2. The Top 10 Most Important Factors for SEO Success
SEO is the process of improving the ranking of a website on search engines. This can be done by optimizing the structure, on-page elements, and website content, like metatags, titles, and anchor text. SEO also involves implementing off-page SEO tricks like social media outreach and link building. Here are the 10 most important factors for SEO success.
    1.  Keyword Research
    2.  On-Page SEO
    3.  Off-Page SEO
    4.  Content Marketing
    5.  Social Media
    6.  Mobile Optimization
    7.  Local SEO
    8.  User Experience
    9.  Technical SEO
    10. Measurement And Analysis   

3. What Is Digital Marketing Attribution
Digital marketing attribution reporting will allow you to understand which marketing strategies can bring the desired results and which areas need to be improved. With an efficient b2b marketing attribution, you can determine whether you promote on proper channels and if you spend your marketing budget wisely. Discover what’s b2B attribution reporting, why it is essential, and how to effectively use it for your business. 

4. 7 Online Marketing Trends To Hop Onto This 2022
Marketing trends come and go as businesses attempt to use new technology and react to market changes. Brands must connect meaningfully with the target market and establish a reliable source of information to maintain those connections. Here are the top digital marketing trends to follow in 2022.
    1. Influencer Marketing
    2. Shorter Video Content
    3. Page Speed
    4. Facebook Experiences
    5. Artificial Intelligence
    6. Mobile-First Marketing
    7. User Intent

5. Email Design Tips: A Guide for Non-Designers
A well-designed email makes it more likely to get higher clicks and sales. Because studies show that 90 percent of the information transmitted to our brains is visual. But what if you’re not a designer? No worries – these simple email design and layout tips can help anyone make better emails.

6. How To Start an E-Commerce Business in 9 Steps
According to a 2022 report from eCommerce Guide, 58.4% of internet users buy something online every single week. With roughly six out of 10 people making a purchase every seven days, that means a whole lot of selling is taking place on the other end of your phone or computer. Entrepreneurs are going to wonder why they’re not doing the selling and the earning. This tutorial was designed to help them get their side hustle off the ground.
    1. Get To Know the State of the Industry
    2. Find Your Product or Service — and Your Niche
    3. Identify Your Customers
    4. Choose an E-Commerce Business Model
    5. Create a Brand
    6. Pick a Platform
    7. Plan a Marketing Strategy
    8. Go Live
    9. You’ll Have To Deal With Legal Stuff — But Not Now

7. The Basics Of Email For Acquisition
If no new subscribers are added to your list, it will gradually reduce in size. The ideal situation is to have a constant flow of new subscribers. Let’s look at how you can keep growing your list as you narrow it down to the people who are most engaged.

8. 7 Methods To Research & Analyze Your Audience For SEO
SEO isn’t just about the numbers. It is also about understanding the audience and building an SEO campaign around that information. When SEO is centered around the right audience, targeted traffic increases, which leads to more conversions. Here are several methods that will help you research and analyze your audience for SEO.
    1. Use Keywords To Gather Demographics Data
    2. Identify Who Is Visiting Your Website
    3. Analyze Other Brands
    4. Use Social Insights
    5. Send Out Surveys
    6. Identify Questions
    7. Research Secondary Data

9. Instagram For Startups: A Complete Guide
Instagram has expanded from a simple image-sharing app to a hub of professional business activity. Brands may run fundraisers via live broadcasts, open shops from their profiles, and enable users to book reservations. Discover how to use Instagram for the growth of your startup company.

10. 5 Strategies To Maximize Revenue From Your Email Marketing
Email is the main sales channel for many online businesses, small improvements here can make a massive impact to your bottom line. Discover the five most important strategies online business owners can use immediately. 
    1. If you can’t send good emails, send nothing
    2. Do your homework
    3. See your emails as reusable assets, not disposable messages
    4. Use a “hot list” during your launches and evergreen sequences
    5. Create urgency through your marketing   

11. 20 Inspiring Instagram Ad Examples from 2022
Instagram is one of the best channels for promoting your brand. 72% of shoppers look on Instagram for their next purchase. To maximize your Instagram ad ROI, you need to create ads that stand out. Here are 20 Instagram ads that could inspire your ad creation process.

12. 7 Free Steps to Market Your Bootstrapped Startup
You don’t have to spend money to make money. Here’s the seven-step marketing playbook to build your audience, create sales opportunities, and, over time, scale your marketing pipeline — all on a minuscule or non-existent budget.
    1. Build a website to capture bottom-of-funnel interest
    2. Start as many customer conversations as possible
    3. Use social media to build in public
    4. Bring in website traffic through SEO
    5. Strengthen your reputation through email marketing
    6. Leverage your good work for online reviews and PR
    7. Double down on what’s working

13. What Is Pinterest Marketing? How To Do Pinterest Marketing?
Pinterest has over 250 million users, and 90% of those users have also claimed that they make buying decisions on Pinterest regularly. With the introduction of Pinterest affiliate marketing, marketers have more reason to figure out a strategy for creating relevant content and advertising on this platform. 

14. 5 Best Email Marketing Software For Ecommerce
Email marketing had a median ROI of 122 percent, making it four times more profitable than every other kind of marketing. A strong platform that is capable of meeting the segmentation requirements is required in order to reap the advantages of running a high-quality email marketing campaign. Here are the top five email marketing platforms proven to work for eCommerce campaigns.
    1. MailChimp
    2. Constant Contact
    3. Klaviyo
    4. AWeber
    5. Active Campaign  

15. Email Marketing Benchmarks and Statistics for 2022
This 2022 Email Marketing Benchmarks Report will give you better insight into how your emails should be performing relative to others in your industry. You’ll also learn some best practices for improving engagement and measuring your results this year.

16. 4 Ways To Renew Your Brand’s Experiential Rewards
Businesses need to rethink how they reward their loyal customers and create emotional connections that bond customers to brands. To build strong relationships with your customers via experiential rewards, consider implementing these four strategies. l
    1. Reinforce relevant company values
    2. Expand experiences with strategic partners
    3. Align experiential rewards with customer passions
    4. Deliver flawlessly—in digital and physical spaces

17. What is the LinkedIn Pixel — and How Does it Work?
The LinkedIn Insight Tag (LinkedIn Pixel) is designed to help you measure the impact of your marketing and advertising on LinkedIn. Use this information to create targeted campaigns that speak to the needs of your specific user base. Here’s what you need to know about what it is, what it does, how it works, and why it matters for your website.

18. Is My B2B Content Effective? [Simple 3-Step Guide]
Content is a vital part of B2B marketing – it defines the way your audience connects with your brand. To reach the right person at the right time with the right level of material, you need a variety of content types working together. If developed and distributed correctly, this marketing content will bring more traffic to your website and grow your lead funnel. Follow this three-step guide to do that.
    1. Establish What “Effective” Means to You
    2. Quantitative B2B Content Effectiveness  
    3. Qualitative B2B Content Effectiveness

19. 6 Tips For Growing Your Business With The Flywheel Model
A flywheel attracts and engages new customers 24 hours a day. This model is one of the best ways to grow your business. Once you get them going, it takes relatively little effort to keep them moving. Here are a few lessons that you can use to scale your business.

20. The Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic, the continuing rollout of 5G, rapidly evolving data regulations, and the threat of recession are altering the digital landscape. Below are the top five digital marketing trends to follow for the remainder of this year.
    1. Improve Data Independence
    2. Shoppable Live Streaming
    3. VR/AR Mobile Experiences in 5G
    4. Visual Storytelling
    5. Value-based Marketing

That’s it, folks. I hope you liked this online Marketing Weekly roundup.

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