Weekly Roundup For 2 September 2018

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Weekly Round Up for 2 September 2018

1. Top 15 Digital Marketing Tools for Content Marketing
To ease your content marketing workload, we have hand-selected 15 tools for you to use. Many of them are free. Take a look at these must-have content marketing tools.

2. Marketing Automation Advice from the Best in Business
Marketing automation can be tough, so take this advice from experts on the most important features and functions in your marketing automation software.

3. 6 Best Practices for Social Media Marketing
Social media is a perfect inbound marketing tool for businesses, especially those that aspire to expand their audience organically. To accomplish this, it’s imperative to use proven social media methods to create a successful marketing initiative that yields tangible results.
Let’s explore six social media weapons you can use to boost your business’s branding and marketing efforts.

4. 13 Steps to Greater Ecommerce Fulfillment Efficiency
Drawn from hundreds of operations blogs written for Multichannel Merchant, here are 13 ways to make your ecommerce fulfillment operations more efficient.

5. Google Search Rankings: Everything You Need To Know
Digital marketing manager & search engine specialist Mike Schiemer discusses Google PageRank and SEO tips you need to know!

6. How to Measure Social Media ROI [infographic]
Are you unsure about how to measure the return on investment of your social media marketing?
So, how can brands tackle this problem? To find out, check out the key findings below, as well in MDG Advertising’s new infographic, How to Measure Social ROI: A 4-Step Plan for Marketers.

7. Top 14 YouTube micro-influencers search tools
There are many YouTube influencers in your niche, but only a select few will have the audience and creative skills you need to create the perfect collaboration. Luckily, there are tons of tools out there you can use to find the right YouTubers for your next influencer marketing campaign. Here are 14 of them to check out.

8. 5 Ways of Making Online Revenue using Social Media and Web Platforms
Several sources of online income generation methods exist in 2018 in terms of ad revenue or sales commission. Google Adsense is a very common way of earning money online, by just putting some ad code on your pages. Targeting the right audience make your ad campaigns more successful. Promoting Twitter or Facebook ads can bring you customers and at the same time convert them into potential lead sales.

9. 3 Tips to Quickly Boost ROI from Instagram Marketing
When you run an Instagram marketing campaign, you must consider Stories ads, influencer marketing or newsfeed ads.
Here are three ways to quickly increase ROI from influencers or feed ads:

10. SEMrush: 5 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for Lead Generation
This article will help you navigate the world of social media lead generation by describing some of the most effective ways to do it. With all that said, I’d like to point out that there’s a word “creative” in the title – so I will not be talking about straight up social media advertising in this article. Not to say that it doesn’t require creativity, but today we are looking into some more unconventional techniques.

11. How to Schedule Instagram Posts: The Complete Guide
This post will teach you how to schedule Instagram posts in four simple-to-follow steps as well as sharing a few of the benefits of scheduling your Instagram posts.

12. The Ultimate List of Content Curation Tools and Platforms
Content curation is a highly effective inbound marketing strategy and because of this there has been a rise of content curation tools and platforms. So we did what we typically do, we tried to get a good handle on all the options that exist in the market. What follows is our best collection of tools that allow you to easily curate content.

13. 6 Ways Pillar Pages Help Your Content Marketing (Besides Boosting SEO)
Brands are implementing pillar pages to boost SEO rank for core services, but we’ve found that there are many benefits beyond improved SEO to the pillar page approach.

14. 9 Business Growth Hacking Tips You Need to Know in 2018
Over the years, many new Business Growth Hacks have been explored. Some of these hacks have proved to be pretty powerful. In this post we are going to share the best 9 Business Growth Hacking Tips You Need to Know in 2018

15. How Long Should Your Blog Post Be?
We asked ProBlogger writing expert Ali Luke to address a question we’ve seen popping up again and again in our group, “How long should my blog post be?” As always, Ali has some practical advice depending on your situation – there’s not one glove fits all answer here!

16. 25 Product Launch Announcement Email Examples (From Real Brands)
Get inspired for your product launch email campaign by these 25 email design examples.
This post will help you to come up with the product launch or new features announcement email design following the latest best practices.

17. 5 Tips to Drive ROI with Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing has evolved significantly over the past year. Here are five ways to generate a measurable return on your influencer marketing investment.

18. How to Promote Your E-Commerce Business on Twitter
If you’re still trying to figure out how to use Twitter to grow your e-commerce business, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is to invest some time into understanding the basics of promotion on Twitter.

19. 24 Call to Action Examples in Detail: How to Inspire Action
Read this post for a full breakdown of 24 call to action examples. Learn why they work, what they achieve, and how to make the most of your own.

20. How can I Start a Startup as a Beginner?
Raising money is not your primary job, building a business is. When I started, I made mistakes and wasted a lot of my time in doing things which were counterproductive or didn’t align with building and growing a business. My learnings are as follows:

21. How Can Social Media Boost Your Seo Ranking
Social Media and SEO acts as a great combo. When used together they can help generate high revenue. Here’s how it boosts your SEO ranking

22. 5 Golden Marketing Tips for Ruling Instagram
Looking to improve your Instagram performance? These tips will help set you on the right path.

23. How Much Money Should My Startup Allocate To Digital Marketing
When operating a startup, you may have to deal with a shoestring budget to meet all your operational costs which includes marketing. When coming up with a budget, you want to be sure to allocate sufficient amount of capital to be able to procure valuable digital content that will get the attention of your target demographic. The difficult part here is figuring out how much capital is necessary to build and maintain a solid digital marketing campaign for your startup. Where do we start?

24. 9 Mobile Trends that Change the Game for small businesses
Everything’s going mobile, and that certainly includes small business. Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council weigh in on the top mobile trends.

25. 10 Tips For An Optimal B2B Social Media Strategy
Most marketing professionals in the technical B2B industry find it hard to figure out the right social media strategy. But these ten tips will certainly help you on your way!

26. 7 Steps To Semantic Content Excellence
What is semantic content optimization, why do you need it, and how can you implement it? Columnist Eric Enge answers these questions and more.

27. 5 Steps to Improving Your Brand’s LinkedIn Presence [#Infographic]
Looking to get more out of your LinkedIn presence? Check out these five simple, actionable tips – direct from LinkedIn.

28. 4 Ways to Grow Your Sales With Social Media
Social media is an invaluable platform to sell your products or services online. Here are four ways to grow your sales on social.

29. How to do Whatsapp Marketing? Data, Examples, and Tips
In this article, we will be learning about top-notch tips and tricks on Whatsapp Marketing that are stated by different experts across the globe.

30. Best 10 Digital Marketing Tools for Small Business Owners
If you’re determined to get the most of your digital marketing efforts, check out the following 10 best digital marketing tools for small businesses.





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