5 Ways To Get More Blog Traffic From Pinterest

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How To Get More Blog Traffic From Pinterest
By: mkhmarketing

Like any other social media platform Pinterest has its own unique set of users. When there are users there is traffic. When you align the strategies with the rules of the medium, success comes sooner or later. The key issue regarding Pinterest is fascinating images. Blog owners looking for Pinterest traffic share should be willing to give in effort in this direction. Here are 5 important ways that one may use to drive users directly to the concerned website.

1. Having something good to share
The subject here is really simple and really important. You must possess or create something worth sharing. This calls for effort investment in creating visual assets. Only then can you expect the critical repins. The important issue is that it has to fall in the area of unique and never seen before. The content can be anything such as funky images, info-graphics or even visually appealing backgrounds. If you are a web designer offer something like a cool ready to use website theme. Think of issues that people would love to look into. For those not willing to go into the creative side the alternative is to become content seekers. Start finding amazing things online and share then via the blog. This is also what makes things work. The key is always to provide something really interesting and worthy of sharing.

2. Share knowledge based items
You may get into the impression that people are looking only for funky or beautiful images on Pinterest. However, this is far from truth. You can provide a pin for the latest training in fire safety. In fact, tutorials work great here and receive a huge number of repins. Write appealing and mysterious lines that call people to take relevant actions. You will find the clicks increasing at exponential rates.

3. Concentrate of real life and current issues
No use talking about something long gone. Go for hot and trending issues that people are talking about. Visit forums and other networks to get concrete ideas in this subject. You only need to create blog posts against trending issues and then share the relevant links. What you are banking on is the inherent curiosity among users to know more about a particular topic.

4. Don’t forget the marketing basics
Whatever may be the content you are linking, there has to some sort of action call from the very start. Otherwise you may not get the expected increase in sales and revenues. Even a simple line such as “click here” or “look here for more” works. You need to direct the attention of the user rather carefully and make the person look into areas that eventually bring in more benefits.

5. Attract traffic with contest
Nothing works like freebies. If you need to give, give with traffic. That is the motto behind this point. Arranging contests on Pinterest brings in a great amount of publicity for the site or blog. You have to formulate plans for diverting the contest seekers to relevant pages and then using the traffic for concrete end goals.

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