A Comprehensive Guide To Facebook Marketing

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Among all social networks Facebook commands the biggest clout. With more than 1.3 billion users this is a platform that has the potential to change fortunes for companies and marketers. No way can marketers ignore this user base. If you are having strategic plans for Facebook marketing, a big chunk of profit and success is being lost. Marketing on Facebook allows companies to zero in on a specific and highly targeted customer base. Let us get some more insights regarding promotional activities on the world’s largest social network.

There was a time when Facebook was supposed to be place where young people share their ideas and had relationships. That phase is history now as almost everyone from all age-groups is out there. Marketing on this platform starts with groups, ads and of course, specific pages.

You can regard the group section on Facebook similar to modern day online forums but there are many other features such as profiles and pages that make it easy to promote good content. There is always a high level of engagement and most importantly, the usage is free of cost. However, results coming in via this method may take some time.

Pages act as info section for products and brands. They can also be used for creating awareness about something particular such as a social movement. Most businesses and public figures have prominent pages where new and updated information is released. There is also a provision where interested people can easily “like” the page and show their support. Using the friend based option has restrictions since there cannot be more than 5000 friends for a particular person. Pages are free and require less effort for setting up but getting popularity via this way is more often than not difficult and time consuming.

If you are looking for quick publicity and immediate advantage from Facebook traffic, paid ads are the way to proceed. They are fantastic for marketers since there is so much segregation on the kind of visitors that you would like to target. For example, you can go for only US based audience or some other country depending on campaign requirements. More importantly, the budgets are easily flexible implying that promotion begins with very little investments. Since you are focusing on the likely customers, the overall return on investments is really high. It is this selective targeting that attracts people and hence results come in quick and fast.

Before you start using Facebook as a means for attaining traffic and publicity, it is really imperative to think on the kind of site being put into limelight. Your efforts might get wasted if the target content is not appealing or lacks the charm that users are looking for. Remember that social media public is always curious for interesting and spicy content, or something that has immense knowledge value. Your content should fit in either dimension. Therefore, marketing people should first get into a fact finding mode so as to assess the trending topics and ideas that attract massive user attention. This research will exponentially increase the effectiveness of Facebook advertising.

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