Weekly Roundup For 30 September 2018

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1. Tips on finding the best PPC agency
If you’ve got a business online then visibility is everything. There are digital marketing tactics you can employ to maximise exposure online

2. Social media analytic tools for business marketers
Social media analytic – Business marketing strategies have changed in recent times with many businesses choosing to use social media platforms as one of the best approaches to reach out to their customers. However, companies don’t just need to post images and content about their products or services. They need to go further and determine how their products are performing on social media platforms. One of the main strategies used in assessing the performance of a product on the social platforms is evaluating the analytics.

3. How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Lead Generation
If you are an entrepreneur or in a sales position and your LinkedIn profile looks more like your resume and talks more about your past than your present, you are leaving leads on the table.  Here are some ways you can convert your LinkedIn profile from job-search mode into a massive lead-generation tool.

4. 9 Proven Ways to Boost Your Social Media Traffic Immediately
Do you know how to effectively drive social media users to your website? Read this article to discover 9 proven ways to boost your social media traffic immediately!

5. 5 Questions About Digital Marketing
Digital Media Solutions is celebrating Ask a Stupid Question Day by answering 5 of the most searched questions about digital marketing, including: What is digital marketing?

6. Internal Linking in 2018: 6 SEO Strategies
Internal link building should always be a part of your SEO strategy. Make use of our practical guide to efficient internal linking.

7. How to Run a Social Media Takeover From Start to Finish
Learn every single step of a social media takeover from network logins to social media goal setting for both sides. See all the critical details for social media takeovers in this new guide.

8. How to Fix Social Media Mistakes That Can Harm Your Startup
In this blog, I’ll cover some of the most common social media mistakes that can harm your startup and how to avoid them. While I will focus on startups, you can also apply these tips to more established businesses.

9. Best Practices for Getting Your Sales Emails Opened (and Read)
Cold emailing is a critical tool for prospecting. But in today’s era of overstuffed inboxes, it’s all too easy for a carefully crafted email to end up in the trash. If you want your prospects to actually open your email—and better yet, read and respond to it— try following these tips:

10. Research: 11 Top Mobile eCommerce CRO Trends from Our Study of Best-in-Class Sites
What are top eCommerce websites doing to increase conversions on their mobile websites? We cover 11 mobile eCommerce CRO trends from Best-in-Class sites for 2018.

11. 20 Instagram Tricks That You Probably Don’t Know
Do you ever feel like everyone around you is doing cool stuff on Instagram? Like everyone else knows all the Instagram secrets, while you’re stuck doing the basics? How about some Instagram tricks that you might not know about to level up the playing field a bit?
This article walks you through 20 Instagram tips and tricks so you can use Instagram like a pro!

12. 10 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement In an Algorithm-Crazed World
Worried about your brand’s organic reach on Facebook in the wake of the latest algorithm update? Don’t sweat it. We’ve broken down 10 tips to increase Facebook engagement that you can roll out ASAP.

13. The Future of eCommerce: 60 Stats and Trends for 2019 and Beyond [Infographic]
What are the key eCommerce trends you need to be aware of in your strategic planning? Check out this infographic.

14. The Beginner’s Guide to Advertising on Instagram
The business case for Instagram ecommerce is strong. Not only does Instagram’s engagement demolish Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn, but, for brands, it even outperforms Facebook by a factor of ten. This post will show you how to advertise on Instagram.

15. 5 Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in Competitive Service Industries
Here are five quick or cheap tips you can use to gain an advantage.

16. 20 Things to Remember for Writing a Perfect Blog Post
Blogging can enhance your online visibility, but you need to get it right. This post shows 20 things you need to consider when writing a perfect blog post.

17. How to Optimize Your SEO Strategy for Voice Searches
One in five searches on a mobile device are voice. This article looks at how to optimize voice searches so that you aren’t left trailing your rivals.

18. 4 Actionable Tips To Turn Your Blog Into Your Most Effective Sales Engine
Think of your blog as your virtual sales professional. Below is a compiled a list of 4 tips that can make your blog a perfect salesperson for your products/ services.

19. 5 Creative Tips for Instagram Stories
Facebook’s Creative Shop team has provided some lessons on some of the creative options available to users within Instagram Stories.

20. A Beginners Guide to Positioning a Strong Online Brand
Whether you’re starting a new business or revamping your company image, establishing your online brand is key to your success. So how do you go about successfully creating a strong online brand?

21. 5 Best Practices for Successful B2B Marketing Automation
Marketing automation encapsulates everything from email marketing, social media, analytics, lead generation to lead nurturing with the sole aim of increasing revenue while developing efficient workflows. Here are 5 marketing automation best practices to follow if you are just starting out.

22. Email Marketing Optimization Hacks (Infographic)
Discover Email Marketing hacks, key facts about email marketing, learnings, case studies… In this extensive infographic!

23. 4 Ways to Build a Passive Income Stream Online
And to truly allow passive income to make a difference in your life, it’s got to work for you through investing and growing it to a level that lasts even after your side hustle may come to end. The following are a few ways you earn passive income outside of the traditional markets, and how to smartly use it to get ahead for the future.

24. How to Create Facebook In-Stream Video Ads
Wondering how to place ads in other people’s video content on Facebook? Have you heard about Facebook in-stream video ads? In this article, you’ll learn how to create and serve Facebook in-stream video ads that show during another brand’s video content via the Facebook news feed.

25. How Growth Hacking Can Grow Your Company Wildly
So, let me break down the process of how you can develop a growth hacking strategy as a method for growing your business.

26. Powerful Blogging Tips for Beginners: Start Getting Leads, Sales, and Sign-Ups for Any Business with Your Blog!
Get these powerful and actionable blogging tips for beginners from some of the most prolific and successful bloggers in the home business profession. Learn how to get leads, sales, and sign-ups for ANY business with your blog!

27. 11 Reasons Now is a Good Time to Start an Ecommerce Business
eCommerce is growing every year, and it has become a major force in the global economy. The online market is expected to grow 56% by 2020, with other traditional markets only expected to experience 2% overall growth during the same time period.
Here are some reasons why now just might be the time to get on board with eCommerce.

28. The 5 Best Digital Marketing Tools for Understanding Your Customers
The best marketers are those who actually talk to their customers. Here are 5 tools to help you do that.

29. Pain-Point SEO: How to Produce SEO Content That Drives Conversions
In this post, I’m going to explain how we come up with SEO-driven content ideas that generate leads and signups by not going after high-volume, head keywords. I’ll share some examples of frameworks that tend to do well from a conversion perspective and I’ll share some examples from blogs that we run that show why we take this approach vs. the approach that most agencies and content marketers take.

30. 35 Fatal eCommerce Mistakes We See People Make (Yes, Even You!)
Are you making any of these eCommerce mistakes? Insights from our 18+ years of experience and other eCommerce experts.

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