Marketing Weekly Roundup For 29 October 2018

internet marketing weekly round up

1. 33 Of The Greatest Marketing Quotes To Inspire Your Strategy
Are you looking for some inspiration? In this post I provide a list of the top marketing quotes to inspire your marketing strategy.

2. 9 Tools to Improve Content Marketing Strategy for Early-Stage Startup
Are you a startup owner or someone looking for content marketing tools for a startup? here 9 Tools to Improve Content Marketing Strategy for Early-Stage Startup

3. How to build your ecommerce business with digital marketing
In a cluttered market, standing out and grabbing the attention of your target audience becomes difficult. Employing a sound digital marketing strategy would, therefore, help in getting the attention of the masses.

4. Simple Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Supplement Your Income
Affiliate marketing is a multibillion-dollar industry that’s been proven to increase the income of vendors and affiliate alike. Before choosing an actual offer, make a choice about what type of affiliate offer you’d like to promote. This will help you narrow your choices to a manageable few within your niche.

5. How to Create Great Facebook Cover Photos
This article will go over everything you need to know about Facebook cover photos, from the ideal Facebook cover photo size, to picking attention-grabbing images—or videos!—that set the right tone and convince people to interact with your page.

6. 10 Best Free Automated Twitter Unfollow Tools 2018
These top free Twitter Unfollow Tools that you can use to unfollow those followers who don’t follow you back? 10 Best twitter unfollow tools 2018.

7. Why Ecommerce Brands Need To Embrace Video Content
In the post below, we explain why you should be embracing video content as an eCommerce brand.

8. Top 15 PayPal Alternatives to Power Your Ecommerce Site
Looking for PayPal alternatives? Here are 15 solid PayPal alternatives you should consider using for your ecommerce website or business.

9. How To Network On Linkedin (Without Coming Across Like A Douche Bag)
From across the pond, Cole Schafer shares experiences from his own LinkedIn inbox .

10. 5 Big Social Media Trends Your Business Can Harness Right Now
Here’s a glimpse at five trends currently reshaping how businesses use social media (and how to stay ahead of the curve):

11. 15 Visual Content Marketing Statistics That’ll Blow Your Mind
This article discusses the power of content like videos, infographics, and posters by analyzing 15 key visual content marketing statistics.

12. The 5 New Rules of Video Marketing Success
Learn the five new rules of video marketing for the sake of marketing budgets, audience engagement, ROI, and more – Content Marketing Institute

13. 3 No-Nonsense Social Media Tips Your Business Can’t Ignore
Brands which have built a large and engaged following didn’t do so by accident – they strategize and have a plan for their social media channels.

14. What Content Marketers Need to Know About Search in 2019
With SEO maturing so quickly, there are still many misconceptions around it. Here’s what content marketers need to know about search in 2019.

15. How To Use Pinterest for Business: 9 Ways To Improve Your Reach
Are you looking to grow your Business by including Pinterest to the mix? We have solid tips and strategies to get you started!

16. Instagram Video Marketing: Everything You Need to Know
It all started as an image sharing platform, but video is now an important part of Instagram marketing, too. In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Instagram video marketing for both feed posts and Stories.

17. How to use Twitter effectively & grow your brand
Twitter has turned into the place to be for marketers. However, you must know how to use Twitter effectively to build an audience users want to follow.

18. How to accelerate Instagram growth (without buying followers)
Buying followers can’t replace the value of authentic engagement. Here’s how to speed up Instagram growth organically.

19. The complete guide to creating a Black Friday social media strategy
It’s easy for brands to get lost in the crowd on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Learn more about the tactics that can help your brand make an impact.

20. 11 of the Most Effective SEO Tools You Need to Know About
But with more than half of all global web traffic coming from search engines, it’s not a process that can be ignored. Let’s take a look at some of the best seo tools that can help you solve that challenge.


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