Marketing Weekly Roundup For 8 November 2018

Marketing Weekly Roundup For 8 November 2018
1. 5 Proven Strategies To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
This article goining to show you the top five causes of cart abandonment, and how to reduce them using five proven strategies. Let’s dive in!
2. How to Combine Facebook Ads and Email Marketing for Better Conversions
Do you want an effective way to get more leads? Wondering how to nurture leads into becoming customers?
In this article, you’ll discover how to use Facebook ads with email marketing to improve your conversions.
3. Growth Hack Marketing in B2B Tech Business – Dos and Don’t
Most growth hackers perceive it as more of a mindset or philosophy. In this light, growth hacking is a unique approach to doing business that successfully infuses all the essential elements of a company. Though this approach is particularly crucial in a business’s earlier phases, every B2B tech business – startup or established, small or large – can implement the growth hack marketing strategies. Here are essential dos and don’ts to consider.
4. 5 Key Ways Social Media Influences Digital Advertising
Take a look at these five ways that social media influences digital advertising:
5. 5 Advanced Methods to Promote Your Content and Generate Leads
In today’s post, you’ll learn five advanced methods to promote your content and generate leads.
6 Mobile Marketing Campaign Mistakes
6. 6 Mobile Marketing Campaign Mistakes Which Are Sales Killers
To take advantage of the opportunities that mobile technology presents, online retailers must create a robust marketing strategy tailored to mobile users, who are always on the go and are using smaller screens than desktop users. Responsive web design, targeted mobile ads, and SMS are some of the major factors at play for retailers looking to capture their share of the market. When using mobile marketing to increase sales, avoid these mistakes that could drive consumers to your competitor.
7. How to Find Influencers That Are a Fit With Your Business
Today’s top influencers aren’t just content creators or media buys – they’re both. Check out the tips below for how to find influencers that are a fit with your business.
8. 21 Instagram Post Ideas to help your Creative Block
Here it is, the list of fail-proof, easy to execute, creative block curing ideas for instagram post:
9. Ultimate Guide: How To Set Up Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads
Click-to-messenger ads are the most popular messenger ads, mainly used to build your subscriber list, help drive traffic and start conversations with potential customers. Allowing you to start a messenger conversation to uncover pain points preventing someone from becoming a customer.
10. 10 Actionable Copywriting Tips That Will Make Your Content Powerful
This article reveals 10 actionable copywriting tips you can use to turn a bland piece of content into a powerhouse of an article.
11. 7 Ways to Spot Influencer Marketing Fraud
How to spot a fake social media influencer before partnering with them. Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate on Instagram Stories
12. 5 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate on Instagram Stories
Instagram Story can be a powerful weapon in the advertisement so try to you reduce bounce rate instagram stories
13. 5 Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019
A digital marketing strategy is often characterized by the application of new technologies to business activity and focus on the enablement for new digital capabilities to their business. A digital strategy could be implemented through a variety of different approaches which include enterprise focus, customer intelligence, collaboration, new product exploration, sales and service optimization, enterprise technology architectures, innovation, advertising etc.
Here are 5 steps to help you develop a digital marketing strategy for the future.
14. 5 Ways Ecommerce Brands Should Approach Content Marketing
Nowadays, the scope of what defines “good content” for ecommerce businesses is a layered concept that involves many elements.
Let’s discuss five ways ecommerce brands can establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with.
15. 4 Business Models for Content Marketing
Rather, the insight is that as businesses look to integrate content marketing more deeply in their strategy, they have clarity around which model they are installing. Each model has a different investment strategy, optimal team structure, discrete measurement goals, and road map to evolve. Thus, being able to communicate which model you will pursue helps to deliver a clearer content marketing strategy.
16. The State of Pay Per Click 2018-2019 [Infographic]
This infographic provides analysis of some key statistics around PPC ad spend, which could help you better plan your digital marketing budget.
17. Ecommerce fulfillment 101
Any retailer ready to dive into e-commerce has to decide the best way to get their product into their customers’ hands—easily and affordably. Packing and shipping orders yourself is a more flexible process, but if your budget allows for outsourcing, fulfillment companies can help free up a considerable amount of a small business owner’s time.
How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy
18. How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy
Creating your social media marketing strategy doesn’t need to be painful. Here’s an eight-step guide on how to create an effective plan for your business.
19. Essential Digital Marketing tools [Infographic]
Use this updated digital marketing tools infographic to manage how you use marketing technology As marketers today, we’re fortunate to have a huge number.
20. 20 Instagram Tricks That You Probably Don’t Know
Do you ever feel like everyone around you is doing cool stuff on Instagram? This article walks you through 20 Instagram tips and tricks so you can use Instagram like a pro!
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