Marketing Weekly Roundup for 13 May 2022

Welcome to the latest weekly roundup of useful digital marketing insights, tips, and trends for the week. This Weekly Roundup is full of actionable marketing insights, email marketing tips, social media trends, SEO tips, news, and ideas to help you with your marketing efforts.

Here’s a roundup of the top things to know in the digital marketing world this week, hand-picked just for you:

1. How to Craft the Perfect LinkedIn Profile in 2022: 21 Easy Steps
Your LinkedIn profile is a place for you to build your professional brand, showcase your achievements and skills, and connect with other professionals. People come across your profile in a variety of ways, but there’s a shared and simple goal: Your LinkedIn profile needs to capture — and keep their attention. This step-by-step guide can help you craft a (near) perfect LinkedIn profile.
1.  Upload a great profile picture
        2.  Add your pronouns
        3.  Set a background photo
        4.  Create a great headline
        5.  Cut the buzzwords
        6.  Tell your story
        7.  Sync your profile
        8.  Highlight your skills
        9.  Share relevant content
        10. Stay connected
        11. Post new content
        12. Go public
        13. Keep your location updated
        14. Get a custom URL
        15. Update your contact info
        16. Request recommendations
        17. Follow your interests
        18. Spotlight your services
        19. Customize your invites
        20. Curate your network
        21. Make regular improvements

2. How to Use Trending Topics to Increase Traffic and Build Links
To drive desirable results using Search Engine Optimization, creating timeless, relevant, and accurate content is an indispensable practice. Talking about what’s hot also improves the chances of the content on your website being shareable, clickable, and even linkable. Let’s jump right into how you can use the trending topics to give a boost to your website traffic and build high-quality links.

3. Instagram Marketing Strategy in 8 Easy Steps
Do your Instagram posts support your business goals? Are you looking for a better way to market your business with Instagram? Discover how to improve your marketing with eight actions that will help you achieve your business objectives. l
    1: Plot Instagram Posts to Align With Your Marketing Plan and Goals
    2: Adjust Your Instagram Posting Schedule as You Grow
    3: Modify Your Organic Content Mix to Reflect Your Audience’s Shifting Demographics and Preferences
    4: Keep Your Instagram Copy Focused on Your End Goal
    5: Amplify Instagram Reach With Hashtags
    6: Supplement Organic Instagram Content With Influencer and User-Generated Content
    7: Fast-Track Results With Instagram Ads
    8: Make Consumer Purchases Simple With Instagram Shopping Tools

4. Guide to Search Intent: Critical Part Of SEO
Identifying the user’s search intent behind each query is a way for SEOs and content creators to deliver better value to users. Find out what exactly is search intent, how to optimize for each type of intention now which keyword research tool can help you.

5. 15 Exciting Ways To Leverage Artificial Intelligence In Marketing And Advertising
Companies are using AI (artificial intelligence) for basic communication, making product recommendations, and more. Here are some of the best ways to employ AI in ads and marketing in 2022.
    1.  Understanding The Emotions Creative Work Creates
    2.  Developing Natural Language And Brand Persona
    3.  Executing Conversational Advertising In Real-Time
    4.  Offloading And Improving Labor-Intensive Work
    5.  Enabling Media Monitoring And Transcription Services
    6.  Tracking Prospects’ Search Terms For Intent Data
    7.  Executing Programmatic Advertising Strategies
    8.  Quickly Ideating And Improving Writing
    9.  Predicting Shifts In How People Search
    10. Customizing Content To Target Prospects
    11. Providing Accurate Intelligence For Data-Driven Campaigns
    12. Serving Up Dynamic Ads To The Right Customers
    13. Implementing Microinteractions
    14. Personalizing Customer Experience With ‘Try Before You Buy’
    15. Identifying Patients’ Problem Areas For Healthcare Clients

6. New LinkedIn Creator Mode Features for Marketers
Discover how to use four new LinkedIn Creator features to optimize your personal profile for business. With these tools, you can get more value from your LinkedIn profile and build your audience more effectively. You can also expect more innovative features from LinkedIn.

7. Keyword Research for Ecommerce: A Beginner’s Guide
Search engine optimization can be a deciding factor in the fate of your e-commerce business. High-performance search engine optimization is built on keyword research. Keyword research is the art of better understanding the terminology your potential customers are using to find the products you’re selling. The ultimate goal is to build a relevant list of keywords that you can refer back to and use as you build and optimize your site, write your product descriptions, and craft your blog. Here are some steps to take to research keywords for your eCommerce SEO strategy.
        1. Identify your keyword universe
        2. Find niche keywords to win
        3. Create a keyword research process
        4. Build a topic map
        5. Map the different content types
        6. Develop a content calendar

8. 17 Podcasts for Online Merchants in 2022
Podcasts offer online merchants a free and easy way to learn from leading brands and get practical insights from experts on growing and improving a business. There are short podcasts on industry news and training, in-depth interviews and profiles, explorations of start-ups and global brands, and more. Here’s a list of business podcasts to try out in 2022.

9. A Retailer’s Guide to Email Marketing Strategy
Email marketing is one of the most successful tools at your disposal for building relationships with potential customers. The average return on investment for email marketing is about $36 for every dollar you spend. These retail email marketing best practices can help you stand out among the crowd instead of ending up in the trash.
    1.  Begin with a mailing list
    2.  Segment your list
    3.  Make your subject lines stand out
    4.  Use automated messages to your advantage
    5.  Optimize your emails for mobile and test your message
    6.  Learn how to photograph your merchandise

10. How To Start A Blog For Your Small Business
A blog can be a low-cost way to elevate your small business’s reach and also build credibility with your followers. You don’t have to be the perfect wordsmith to write compelling and engaging posts. Blogging gives you complete freedom to create your blog as you please without relying on third parties. Discover how to build a blog from scratch.

11. 7 Tips to Make Your SMS Marketing Campaign Successful
SMS marketing is one of the most powerful tools that a business can use to build brand recognition and customer loyalty. Virtually all phones currently used by today’s consumers are SMS enabled. This is a great reason to add SMS marketing into the mix if your company is not already employing the strategy. These are 7 tips to make your SMS marketing campaign a successful one.
    1. Take the Time to Carefully Define Your Goals
    2. Work With a Firm That Specialises in SMS Marketing
    3. Build a Multi-Department SMS Marketing Team
    4. Make Sure Your Messaging Is Concise and to the Point
    5. Offer SMS Exclusives
    6. Conclude SMS Marketing Messages With a Call to Action
    7. Do Not Overwhelm Customers With SMS Messages

12. How to Find Your Startup’s Niche
There’s no surer way to dilute your brand and burn through your capital than to spread yourself too thin across multiple sectors. But choosing which sector to focus on can be a real challenge. If you’re targeting a market with a lot of buzzes, you’re aiming wrong. Here’re some tips on how to pick a niche.

13. 10 Simple Ways To Automate Your Sales Process For Short- And Long-Term Improvements
Automating your sales process doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Easy-to-implement solutions can speed up your operations in the short and long term. Here are ten strategies on how to save your sales team time and effort in the short and long term through automation.
    1.  Operate From A Shared CRM
    2.  Save Your Email Templates
    3.  Invest In A Scheduling Tool
    4.  Prequalify Your Leads
    5.  Create FAQs and YouTube Videos
    6.  Implement Chatbots
    7.  Combine Manual And Automated Processes
    8.  Automate Cold Email Sequencing
    9.  Leverage Artificial Intelligence
    10. Have Subscribers Self-Segment

14. How Merchants Combat Inflation without Raising Prices
A company should consider its business model, product mix, market position, and overall productivity before increasing prices. If it can find new opportunities, a business could buck the inflationary trend and even gain profit in the long run.

15. 6 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022
Email marketing is one of the most personal forms of digital marketing. When users opt-in, your organization interacts with them on a deeper level. Email makes it easier to gain trust, build loyalty and, most importantly, keep a steady flow of patient appointments. Avoid these email marketing mistakes that break the trust between your brand and your audience.
    1. You Don’t Have a Targeted, Defined Audience
    2. You Don’t Use Personalization or Automation Tools
    3. Template Design Isn’t a Priority
    4. Your Emails Blend in With Your Competition
    5. You Don’t Have Enough Content to Distribute Through Email
    6. You Set It and Forget It   

16. SMS Marketing Doesn’t Suck: Here’s How to Use it To Generate Revenue
71 percent of people say they check their phone within 10 minutes of getting out of bed. Open rates for texts are 98 percent versus just 20 percent for email. Mobile advertising works, but only if your message makes it to the consumer’s inbox. It’s the only way to steer clear of the noise and get a positive return on investment.

17. Five Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2022
Content marketing strategies depend on various factors such as industry, product or service, and business goals. Let’s look at the five content marketing trends to embrace this year. By focusing on these five changes, marketers should be able to rise above these changes. 
    1. Move toward more empathetic content marketing
    2. Focus on a better content experience
    3. Optimize your visual content
    4. Create targeted video short-form content
    5. Personalization and hyper-personalization approaches   

18. How Investing in SEO Can Grow Your Ecommerce Site Traffic
SEO, or search engine optimization, can be a more cost-effective and stable revenue driver than paid advertising. By ensuring your business shows up on the front page of Google, you’ll maximize views of your online store. Discover the SEO best practices and quick tips that will help your eCommerce business grow.

19. 4 Ways To Create An Effective Media Strategy
The martech and data ecosystem is anything but straightforward for marketing practitioners to choose the right strategies. With a sound strategy based on data and curating continual insights, you will not only be driving success for your marketing team, but winning over the brand executives. Here are four ways marketers can build an effective marketing strategy that leading executives can get behind.
    1. Do the work upfront to pre-optimize
    2. Lean into the platform AI, but confirm with the human eye
    3. Assume some risk in effort to drive future learnings
    4. Use the data to tell a story

20. What is Context Marketing? Why It Matters in 2022 [ Examples]
While most marketers are on-board with the importance of content marketing, there’s still an aspect of marketing that doesn’t get as much love. Context marketing is all about delivering the right campaigns to the right customers at the right time. Here is the introduction of the concept of context marketing and dive into strategies you can use to implement it into your overall marketing strategy

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