Marketing Weekly Roundup for 26 August 2022

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup, full of actionable marketing insights, email marketing tips, social media marketing, SEO tips, useful marketing tools, and ideas from around the world.  

Here's a roundup of the top things to know in the digital marketing world this week, hand-picked just for you:

1. How To Get Backlinks: 15 Proven Strategies
Knowing how to get backlinks is an important part of search engine optimization. Backlinks that point from one site to another are ranking factors in many search engine algorithms. Here are 15 ways to get links for your website: 
1.  Be a resource for journalists
2.  Use HARO or hire a HARO agency
3.  Publish original research or data
4.  Create statistic roundup pages
5.  Publish free tools
6.  Find unlinked mentions and ask for a backlink
7.  Repair broken links
8.  See who’s linking to your competitors 
9.  Utilize your business network
10. Analyze existing referral traffic
11. Pitch inclusion on a resource page
12. Have your products reviewed
13. Join communities
14. Be a podcast guest
15. Don’t forget about internal links  

 2. The 9 Trends Defining eCommerce AI in 2022 & 2023
eCommerce technology has come a long way since Amazon first started selling books online in the 90s. From fraud detection to virtual try-on technology, here are the top nine trends to look out for in eCommerce AI in 2022 and 2023. 
1. Increase in Voice Search and Voice-Enabled Shopping
2. More Intuitive and Engaging Visual Shopping Experiences
3. Smarter Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities
4. Increased Use of Real-Time Data Analytics to Optimize Operations
5. Heightened Focus on Omnichannel Product Discovery
6. Growth of Direct-to-Consumer Sales
7. More Effective eCommerce Fraud Prevention
8. Solutions to Support Mobile Commerce
9. More Concentrated Sustainability Efforts

3. Three Lead Generation Strategies For Your Service-Based Business
Generating leads is a crucial part of building a service-based business. The key to successfully inviting someone into your sales funnel is to offer them something of value. If you can solve one of their problems free of charge, you'll immediately earn their trust. Here are 3 lead generation strategies 
1. Provide solutions with free consultations
2. Reach a wider audience with a virtual event
3. Share your knowledge with lead magnets

4. How Using Animation Can Boost your Social Media Marketing
Social media platforms have huge marketing potential, and marketers use them to create a brand image. Animation is one of the most effective tools that help explain a complex concept in an easy-to-digest message. Discover how animation can boost your social media marketing activities. 
1. Use Animated Posts to Capture Viewers’ Attention
2. Incorporate Animation to Explain Complex Ideas Easily
3. It is Easy to Memorize Animated Posts
4. Add a Fun Element to your Posts with Animation
5. Incorporate Animated Video into Social Media Strategy
6. Animation Increases your Website Traffic 

5. 10 Secrets to Building a Successful Digital Marketing Agency
With the world going digital, now is the right time to start a digital marketing agency. You don't have to start by offering every single service within digital marketing, but a full package would set you up in the right direction. Here are some practices that could affect your success considerably. 
1.  Keep reaching out to prospects
2.  Entice the prospects with a great offer
3.  Focus on the delivery instead of over-promising
4.  Start by fully mastering one niche
5.  Outsource the grunting part
6.  Pay attention to what the client tells you
7.  Offer different marketing skills
8.  Maintain long-term relationships with clients
9.  Electronic payments all the way
10. Always think long-term

6. How to Use an Agile Marketing Strategy to Improve Your Campaigns
Brands must adapt to today's digital landscape to deliver value and provide the best customer experience possible, and create effective marketing campaigns. Adopting an Agile marketing strategy may be the answer. It increases the efficiency, predictability, and transparency of an organization's marketing department and its responsiveness to changes. Here are the key steps to follow when implementing Agile marketing in your company to ensure your marketing campaigns succeed. 
1. Prepare your team
2. Plan your sprint
3. Start your sprint
4. Hold daily stand-up meetings
5. Conduct a sprint review and retrospective

7. 6 Steps to Identify Your Target Audience
Before building brands, you must define a target audience. A target market is a range of likely customers based on demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral segments. The target audience should guide all on-site conversion efforts, including content, navigation, and calls to action. Here are six steps to know your target audience. 
1. Segment existing customers
2. Research the market
3. Analyze competitors
4. Survey your buyers
5. Review trends
6. Interpret the data

8. 5 Mistakes You’re Making In Growing Your Small Business And How To Fix Them
You're probably looking for ways to reach new audiences and make more money. Here are five common mistakes you're probably making in your attempts to expand, and how you can fix them. 
1. You’re Not Adding Value For Existing Customers
2. You’re Avoiding Social Media
3. You Haven’t Created A Strong Sales Funnel
4. Your Team Isn’t Growing And Developing
5. You Lack A Mission Beyond Your Business Plan 

9. 10 Content Creation Strategies to Help You Build More Backlinks
If you want to boost your SEO efforts, you need to focus on building quality backlinks. Content creation and marketing are the way to go about it. Discover how to get quality backlinks through these 10 content creation and marketing strategies. 
1.  Create Case Studies
2.  Leverage Expert Roundups
3.  Make Infographics
4.  Publish Whitepapers
5.  Appear on Podcasts
6.  Collaborate on Content Campaigns
7.  Get Featured in Multiple Publications
8.  Publish In-Depth Guides
9.  Conduct Interviews
10. Update Old Content

10. 12 Social Commerce Apps for Merchants
Social commerce tools create opportunities for brands and merchants to engage and inspire consumers with entertaining shopping experiences. Here are 12 social commerce apps for merchants. 
1.  Facebook
2.  Instagram
3.  Pinterest
4.  Twitter
5.  Amazon Live
6.  YouTube
7.  Snapchat
8.  TikTok
9.  WeChat
10. Pinduoduo
12. Shop Social

11. 6 Best Practices That Will Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy
A digital marketing strategy is a plan to reach your customers through all digital channels. It gives you a framework for how to use each channel and helps you measure which parts work best for your business. Here are the six pillars of online marketing that can help leaders make the most of it. 
Pillar 1: Planning
Pillar 2: Goals and Analysis
Pillar 3: Media
Pillar 4: Content
Pillar 5: Customer Experience
Pillar 6: Conversational Messaging 

12. 5 Powerful TikTok Marketing Strategies That Agencies Use
TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in 2022 which has been downloaded over 3 billion times. Most brands are using TikTok as a marketing tool to grow their audience. Here are some agencies' go-to TikTok marketing strategies that can guarantee the success and visibility you are after. 
1. Find your target audience
2. Keeping up with trends
3. TikTok influencer partnerships
4. Stay consistent
5. Partner with a TikTok marketing agency 

13. Top 6 Push Notification Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Push notifications represent a versatile marketing tool that can help you drive user traffic and stimulate engagement. However, push notifications can only work for the benefit of your business when done right. Herein are common mistakes that marketing teams make when managing push notification campaigns and how to correct them. 
1. Not Implementing User Segmentation
2. Sending Generic Non-Personalized Messages
3. Not Scheduling and Automating Push Notifications
4. Failing to Formulate a Clear Call-to-Action
5. Choosing the Wrong Landing Pages
6. Failing to Track Key Metrics 

14. What’s In Store For E-Commerce In 2022?
The start of the pandemic in 2020 sent e-commerce sales skyrocketing even further. As e-commerce continues to explode in 2022 and beyond, here are four trends marketers should consider as they seek to win customers. 
1. Multichannel personalization will be a gamechanger
2. Artificial intelligence is staging a takeover
3. Mobile shopping will be the top choice for customers
4. Innovative data use will sidestep industry setbacks

15. How to Record a Podcast Remotely or Long-Distance [2022]
Recording a remote podcast is an important skill for a podcaster to master. This guide breaks down four ways to conduct long-distance interviews, so you can ace your next remote recording session! 
Option #1. Use video conferencing software
Option #2. Use remote podcast recording software
Option #3. Record phone calls through a mixer
Option #4. Record a double-ender  

16. 4 Ways To Use Facebook Advertising For B2B Lead Generation
If you are keen to drive higher conversions via Facebook ads, here is how to get started: 
1. Create campaigns using a Lead Generation objective
2. Build Lookalike Audiences using your CRM data
3. Run remarketing ads to target recent website visitors
4. Bank on personalization and leverage dynamic ad copies

17. 8 Foolproof Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness in 2022
It's a crowded business world out there, both online and in-person. How do you go from an anonymous brand to an integral part of your ideal customer's thoughts, wants, needs, and behaviors? With that much competition, how in the world is your target market supposed to find your products and services? With brand awareness, of course. Try the 8 foolproof strategies below to spread your brand awareness like wildfire. 
1. Put Your Name Out There
2. Tell a Story
3. Create a Product That Solves a Problem
4. Invest in Public Relations
5. Sponsor a Person or Event
6. Win the Right Keywords
7. Experiment with Traditional Advertising
8. Start a Podcast 

18. The Top 7 Marketing Challenges Faced Globally in 2022
Every marketer faces different challenges, and the past two years have been no exception. There's likely at least one task, tactic, or strategy you've always wanted to improve upon. It can be difficult to identify which areas you'll want to develop to facilitate stronger growth in 2022 and beyond. Here are the current global marketing issues impacting the industry, according to data from HubSpot’s 2022 Marketing Industry Trends Report: 

1.  Training Marketeing Teams
2.  Generating Traffic and Leads
3.  Demonstrating ROI of Marketing Activities
4.  Justifying Your Budget
5.  Managing Your Website
6.  Reaching Global Audiences
7.  Hiring Top Talent

19. How To Start A Business: 10 Steps To Achieve It
During this Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people have become interested in finding a way to start a business. If you are one of those who have considered starting a business, here are 10 steps with which you can start your journey in entrepreneurship. 
1.  Find an idea
2.  Give your idea purpose
3.  Carry out a market study of your business sector
4.  Create a business plan
5.  Review the legal and tax aspects
6.  Find partners
7.  Look for investors and lenders
8.  Make the necessary arrangements according to your business
9.  Be clear about the segment your product is aimed at
10. Look for clients and start enjoying your business 

20. Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation
Your website is the window into your company's services, values, and capability. First impressions matter and your first chance to impress a client will most likely be on your website. Your website must be optimized to capture and qualify potential leads. Lead generation is the first step toward sourcing prospects and opportunities. Here are five things to keep in mind while developing your website (or updating it) to optimize it for lead generation: 
1. Optimize Lead Generation Forms
2. Include Testimonials to Enhance Social Proof
3. Discover the Art of Pop-up Forms
4. Consider Using Trust Seals on Your Website
5. Invest in a Well-Designed Website Instead of a Ready-Made Template

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