Marketing Weekly Roundup for 12 August 2022

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Welcome to the latest Marketing Weekly Roundup! You can end your week with some of the most interesting marketing insights, SEO tips, tactics, and social media news and stories from the digital marketing world, that I carefully gathered and summarized for you. 

Let’s hop into this week’s wrap-up:  

1. Starting a Podcast: What Do You Need to Start a Podcast?
The number of podcast listeners is expected to increase by 29.5 percent between 2018 and 2021, according to research by Buzzsprout. With a good idea and the right equipment, anyone can create a podcast and build a audience. Starting a podcast is not as hard as it seems; here's what you'll need to get started. 

2. 6 Actionable Tactics to Up Your Social Media Marketing Game
With over 4.26 billion active social media users in the digital space, make it a huge opportunity for businesses to build brand awareness, attract quality leads, and nurture customer relationships. Here are six actionable tactics to refine your social media marketing game for success. 
1. Use Q&A Portals Like Reddit and Quora to Gauge Audience Interests
2. Humanize Your Brand Voice for Meaningful Connections
3. Partner with the Right Influencer
4. Venture into Twitter Voice to Expand Your Reach
5. Run AMA (Ask Me Anything) Events for High Engagement
6. Track Your Audience's Comments for Fresh Content Ideas

3. Top 25 Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog in 2022
If you don't want to use AdSense, there are plenty of Google Adsense alternatives out there for you to work with. Here are some of the best alternative ad solutions to Google Adsense, detailing what you need to know about them. 

4. 10 Types of Digital Marketing Channels to Try [in 2022]
So you want to put online efforts and go digital for your business. But there are many types of digital marketing channels out there to choose from. You don't want to use all your energy trying to make all these channels work for you. Here's a comprehensive list of options for you to learn, understand, and try. 
1.  Organic search
2.  Website and Content
3.  Word of Mouth
4.  Email
5.  Podcast
6.  Social Media
7.  Paid Search
8.  Display Ads
9.  Mobile
10. Video Marketing    

5. How to Get on TikTok’s For You Page (FYP)
TikTok is the only non-Facebook app to achieve three billion downloads. The TikTok FYP consists of curated content that users see when they log in. Read on to find out how to get your TikTok on the FYP and how to use it to your advantage. 

6. Pinterest Outlines 6 Ideas for Making Best Use of Idea Pins
Idea Pins are Pinterest's take on the Stories format, a full-screen, video-aligned content option that provides a range of new creative opportunities. This week, Pinterest has outlined six concept ideas for compelling Idea Pins, which could help you formulate a better approach to the option. 
1. Instructional
2. Quick Tip
3. Comparison
4. Storyteller
5. Conversation
6. Showcase

7. What is A/B Testing? A Beginner’s Guide
A/B testing is a fantastic way to calculate the best online promotional and marketing strategies. It can be used to test everything from website copy to sales emails. Well-planned A/B tests can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Discover how to start your own split testing here.  

8. 10 Things to Remember Before Starting an Online Business After Retirement
As a retiree, you may be struggling financially if you're living on a fixed income. Consider starting your own online business as a way of staying active and making extra money. Here’s what you need to know before getting started. 
1.  Find a niche that you’re passionate about
2.  Do some research before you launch
3.  Build your website yourself, or find someone to do it for you
4.  Discover the best marketing tools for your business
5.  Create an action plan with specific tasks and timelines
6.  Choose a good domain name
7.  Get your marketing strategy right
8.  Don’t forget customer service
9.  Select the right payment gateway to accept payments online
10. Make your site mobile-friendly

9. What REALLY are the Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2023?
Knowing the perfect social media timetables will maximize your brand reach and user engagement. Publishing when your audience is active maximizes your chances of gaining the attention of your target audience. Here is a research-based schedule for your publishing calendar to help you decide on the best time to post on social media. 

10. 6 Proven Methods to Help You Quickly Expand Your Business
Expansion is the very reason why businesses keep employing corporate strategies that can enhance productivity. Stakeholders are most likely to be drawn to businesses that have global expansion as one of their objectives. Here are 6 proven methods that can help you quickly expand your business. 
1. Know Your Onions
2. Improve Your Online Visibility 
3. Advertise Strategically with Content Marketing
4. Network with Other Complementary Brands
5. Increase Automation and Make Use of Technology
6. Monitor Functioning Systems and Hire the Right People

11. Connecting Businesses With New B2B Targeting
Facebook adds B2B targeting and Instagram schedules posts. You can now schedule posts and Reels inside Instagram. If you’re running B2B ads, these new targeting options can help you reach the right people for your ads and get more out of Facebook.  

12. How Marketers are Using B2B Marketing Automation Strategies to Crank Up Revenue
If you're looking to implement B2B marketing automation by employing digital marketing services, check out these 5 B2B Marketing Automation Strategies and how you can leverage them to reach your target market. Take these steps to maximize your sales funnel and reach your target market. 
1.  Use Automation to Align Your Marketing and Sales
2.  You Can Automate Your Campaigns
3.  Incorporating AI Chatbots
4.  Automation-Enhanced Email Marketing
5.  Making the Customer Experience More Customised

13. Most Effective Podcast Intros [Free Templates & Scripts 2022]
About 20 to 35 percent of listener drop-off happens within the first five minutes of a podcast episode. It's essential to have an engaging intro that captures your listener's attention from the start. Discover how to craft a high-quality podcast intro, so you hook your listeners and keep them listening! 

14. 5 Best Tips To Improve eCommerce User Experience
There are around 12-24 million online stores globally, but only 6,50,000 generate annual sales over $1000. 51% of customers switch to competitor brands if they have one negative experience. 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase if they receive a positive customer experience. Therefore, the best way to gain customer attention and drive sales is by improving the user experience. This guide explains the top five ways that you can use to offer a great customer experience. 
1.  Provide Personalized Customer Experience   
2.  Choose Faster Hosting Service Provider
3.  Utilize Third-Party Online Ecommerce Platforms
4.  Hire Skilled Customer Management Team
5.  Create an Omnichannel Experience for Your Users

15. How To Optimize Your Ecommerce Site For Better Indexing
How search engines index content will likely change over the next few years. Ecommerce stores need to create better value propositions and uniqueness to move above the ranking quality threshold. Discover how to optimize your product pages to help you exceed the quality threshold for indexing. 

16. 7 Ways To Improve The Conversion Rate Of Your Funnel
If you're able to get your funnel and ad campaigns to a point where they are profitable, you can scale your spending quickly. Here are 7 ways you can improve the conversion rate of your funnel, leading to better overall performance and results. Start implementing some of these strategies and you'll see improvements in your results. 
1. Include the 3 argument types on each page (Emotional arguments, Logical arguments and Urgency)
2. Benefits > Features
3. Split test all pages
4. Improve average order value with offers
5. Improve the quality of traffic on the page
6. Increase or decrease form friction
7. Include social proof throughout

17. What is User Intent? Understanding User Intent for CRO
SEO and CRO are all about understanding what a user is looking for when they use a search engine. User intent tells us the reasoning behind the keywords and phrases the user chooses. Search queries fall into three types of user intent: Informational, navigational, and transactional. Knowing user intent throughout all stages of the buyer's journey enables you to craft content to serve them well. 

18. How To Make Your Marketing Strategy A Reality
A great marketing strategy will stimulate demand for years to come. Target audiences will realize a need they didn't know they had. Your brand becomes the first thing people think about when they consider your product or service category. If you want your business to reach household name status, you must follow suit. Here are some ways you can start turning your strategic marketing ideas into realities. 
1. Review Previous Strategies
2. Build on Originality
3. Create Your Game Plan
4. Implement the Strategy

19. How to Price Your Product: What You Need to Know About Pricing Before You Launch
Pricing your products is one of the cornerstone decisions you'll make as a business owner. Your pricing is a deciding factor in everything from your cash flow to your profit margins. Studies have shown that small variations in price can raise or lower profitability by as much as 20% or 50%. Discover how to price your product right. 

20. 32 Instagram Content Ideas to Cure Creative Block [With Examples]
Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. An increasing number of users also means an increasing amount of content. Here are over 30 Instagram content ideas to cure any marketers’ creative block! 
1.  Exclusive offers, sales or dedicated promo codes
3.  How-to content 
4.  Behind the scenes
5.  Interviews [or their sneak peeks]
6.  Content related to trending topics 
7.  Take advantage of real-time marketing
8.  Your inspiration or recommendation
9.  Contest or a giveaway
10. Show the human face of your brand
11. Give your employees some screen time
12. Treat your Instagram profile like a collage
13. Present your product in an interesting [non-obvious] way
14. … or in a real life, daily situation
15. Take advantage of user-generated content
16. Employer branding
17. Throwback
18. Share sneak peeks of what is to come
19. … or make a countdown!
20. Post something funny
21. Series
22. Share content you’ve posted somewhere else [or already existing content]
23. Share knowledge or tips
24. Show that your brand cares
25. Show how your product is manufactured
26. News
27. Events
28. Show appreciation for your audience
29. Post what your audience can identify with
30. Numbers
31. Get transparent 
32. This or that?

I hope that you found this marketing roundup insightful! Stay tuned for the next Weekly Roundup to get more updates on new tips and insight in digital marketing and advertising.


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