How To Avoid These 6 Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes

Influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful tool in today’s marketer’s arsenal. When it comes to connecting with end customers, brands and marketers are prone to making mistakes. Here are six tips for avoiding the most common influencer marketing mistakes:

  1. Before starting a campaign, make sure you have solid and well-thought-out end-goals in mind.
  2. Finding the right influencer is crucial to a campaign’s success.
  3. Content is equally important in driving or shaping an influencer marketing campaign’s success (or failure). The campaign content should reflect the product’s authenticity and genuineness, as well as the brand’s sincerity. Because nothing works like a well-crafted storey.
  4. Brands must envision a relatively longer campaign format in which the influencer is constantly and repeatedly involved over time. This would increase resonance with followers and end-customers, particularly on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.
  5. The terms of compensation between a brand and an influencer must be clearly defined. This would allow followers and end-users to make more informed decisions. Relatedly, brands also must desist from keeping things under the wraps in terms of any understanding or agreement between themselves and an Influencer.
  6. Brands must not overlook the importance of partnering with ad tech companies that provide end-to-end tracking of their influencer marketing campaigns and engagements. In fact, there are specialised performance marketing firms that would track the progress of an influencer campaign.


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