How to Create Super Shareable Social Media Content [Infographic]

Social media can be one of your most powerful marketing channels. One creative social media post can skyrocket brand awareness. Social shares can increase engagement on your social media accounts, entice new followers, and potentially boost your web traffic. Check out these 9 tips to ensure you're creating social media marketing content that's shareable.

  1. Make sure it’s useful for your followers
  2. All social media platforms love visuals
  3. Add social share buttons to your blog
  4. Always be original (even when curating!)
  5. Create a mix of evergreen and trending social media content
  6. Write captivating share texts
  7. Infographics – the most shareable types of social media content
  8. Evoke emotions with storytelling
  9. Keep all social media content relevant to your niche

You can check out the infographic summary below or read Quuu’s full report here.

Create Super Shareable Social Media Content

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