Marketing Weekly Roundup for 14 January 2022

Welcome back to Marketing Weekly Roundup! Here I share with you some of the latest top sales and marketing blog posts, SEO tips, email marketing, social media marketing, and resources I’ve recently found online.

Now, let’s get into today’s marketing weekly roundup.

1. 25 Free Marketing Tools You Could Learn in Line at Starbucks
There are tons of free marketing tools that can make you seem like a pro. Use these tools to give your business a boost, create engaging content and emails, and — above all — sell more stuff!

2. Voice Search: 6 Invaluable SEO Strategies to Improve Your Rank
Are you missing traffic opportunities because people aren’t searching the way you think they are? This could be because you haven’t optimized your site for voice search. These six voice search strategies will help you get more organic traffic from people using Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant – and contribute to your overall SEO strategy.
    1. Optimize for Local Search
    2. Create conversational but succinct content
    3. Use structured data
    4. Claim your “Google My Business” Listing
    5. Be Mobile-Friendly
    6. Write Content That Answers Your Audience’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

3. How to Increase Sales on Instagram in 2022
Instagram has 130 million users monthly who tap to reveal Instagram product tags. Over 1 in 4 teenagers and young adults shop directly from their social media feeds. Almost half of the younger generation keeps up with their shopping interest on Instagram. Read on to learn about the features and practices that will help you grow your revenue through social selling in 2022.

4. 19 Quickest Ways How to Get 60.2% More Traffic to Your Blog
Do you want more traffic to your blog? As always, choosing the right techniques is an important part of how to get traffic to your blog successfully. Let me share with you the steps I took to do this so that you can increase your blog traffic too. With these 19 steps, you have a great chance of success. r
    1.  Design Your Website to Be Mobile First
    2.  Make Sure You Have Fast Web Hosting
    3.  Use a Caching Plugin Like WP Rocket
    4.  Enable Push Notifications for Your Site
    5.  Create Lead Magnets to Build Your Email List
    6.  Build Communities on Social Media
    7.  You Need the Blogging Mindset
    8.  Do Keyword Research to Plan on Becoming an Authority in Your Niche
    9.  Set up an Editorial Calendar and Commit to a Frequency
    10. Create. Awesome. (and Deep) Content.
    11. Make your content easy to read by using plenty of headings (H2/3/4), bullets, and numbered lists.
    12. Don’t Make Your Headlines an Afterthought
    13. Optimize Your Content for SEO Using the Latest AI Tools
    14. Make sure you strategically internally link to all of your content
    15. Republish your old content regularly when it makes sense to do so and there is a lot to update
    16. Regularly share your evergreen content on social media, not just your new content
    17. Optimize your Meta-Titles and Descriptions!
    18. Embrace Guest Bloggers – Strategically
    19. Develop relationships with other bloggers and become a guest blogger/quote submitter

5. 9 Benefits of Email Marketing: How It Can Help You
Email marketing can be a great way to promote your goods and services and to build long-term relationships with your leads and customers. Let’s take a closer look at how to do it effectively.

6. 3 Secret SEO Tips for Shopify
In order to improve your Shopify SEO, here are 3 things you can do to establish trust, which is one of the elements Google considers in rankings. Each of these three items could be helping you for a first-page ranking to grow your site and traffic.
    1. Publish a Phone Number for Customer Service
    2. Have These Three Pages on Your Site
    3. Build More Categories, even if you don’t put them in Navigation

7. How Does Facebook Marketing Work?
Facebook is a powerful tool for companies and organizations to reach new and current customers. While Facebook has many features that may appear complicated, overall, it’s pretty easy to use. Knowing how your potential customers are already using the platform can improve your chances of engaging with them online. Discover how to make the most out of your Facebook marketing with this step-by-step guide.

8. 5 Ways to Create Buyer Personas With Social Media Data
To create a good brand story, you must first have a clear idea of who is consuming your content and why. Ann Handley advocates for making your customer, rather than your company, the hero of your brand story. In this guide, we’ll show you how to better understand your target audience by creating buyer personas built on social media data.
    1. Evaluate your existing audience
    2. Analyze competitors’ audiences
    3. Find customer pain points and goals
    4. Get insights from customer support
    5. Build your buyer persona

9. How to Make and Sell Merch on TikTok
Having millions of views on TikTok doesn’t mean guaranteed revenue, but selling merch online is an excellent way to make money from the platform. Learn from experts on how to start making and selling merch on TikTok.

10. SEO Keyword Research – 10 Mistakes to Avoid
Before you launch a marketing campaign, spend time on researching topics for your content. If you aren’t doing that, you are missing out on data that can make or break your campaign. Keyword research is important to SEO and many types of marketing campaigns. To do it right, you need to avoid these mistakes.
    1.  Not doing keyword research
    2.  Overlooking searcher intent
    3.  Not picking the right keywords for your business
    4.  Understanding singular vs plural keywords
    5.  Doing keyword research after writing your content
    6.  Optimizing for one keyword per content piece
    7.  Ignoring long-tail keywords
    8.  Ignoring competitive analysis and the top search engine results
    9.  Not monitoring conversions
    10. Forgetting to monitor your results   

11. The Best Social Media Platforms for Video Content in 2022 [Consumer Data]
Creating great social media videos for your company can be an incredibly effective marketing tactic. To ensure that your videos are seen and spread quality brand awareness, you’ll need to ensure you’re making the right videos for the right audiences on the right platforms. Discover where to publish your video content and which types of videos to post.

12. Email Design Tips to Boost Your Open Rates
You spend hours crafting the perfect email, finally hit send, and then reality hits you. What if your subscribers don’t open it? This is one of the biggest concerns for all email marketers out there. If you employ these design tips to boost your email open rates, you’ll be able to get ahead of this problem before it happens.
    1. A Catchy Subject Line
    2. Visuals
    3. Alt Text
    4. Mobile Responsiveness
    5. An Organized Layout
    6. Personalized Dynamic Content
    7. Optimized Footer

13. What are Google Discovery Ads? Examples + a Campaign Tutorial
With Google Discover ads, you can reach audiences who are already prime to take action – up to 3 billion of them to be exact. Let’s dive into what Google Discovery ads are, how they work, and how to set one up today.

14. 7 Best Practices for Lead Nurturing Emails
Lead nurturing emails allow you to build a relationship with your leads and move them down the sales funnel until they are ready to become a customer. It’s one of the best lead nurturing tactics you can use and an essential part of an email marketing strategy. Discover the best practices for creating high-performing lead nurturing emails.
     1. Provide valuable content with including expert insights.
        2. Focus on one relevant topic per email.
        3. Keep it short.
        4. Ensure the emails progress naturally.
        5. Test your emails and track key metrics.
        6. Personalize the emails.
        7. Stay consistent with your brand.

15. 11 E-Commerce Jargon Terms and Phrases You Need to Know, Decoded
E-commerce is changing constantly and has a lot of moving parts and people throughout the supply chain you need to interface with. From warehousing to channel planning to shipping and beyond, here’s a guide with some of the terms and phrases you definitely need to know.

16. Top 5 Best Digital Analytics Software in 2022: Improve Your Sales and Digital Marketing Strategies!
Digital analytics process data from various sources to help businesses keep track of their products/services and performance online. Companies can improve their sales management through digital marketing analytics as a response to assess which part of their performance is successful and lacking. Here are top 5 best digital analytics software that can improve your sales and digital marketing strategies!
    1. LeadLander
    2. Google Analytics
    3. MixPanel
    4. Heap Analytics
    5. Klipfolio

17. Building a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy
Influencers on social media are a relatively new phenomenon in recent years. Partnering with an influencer as part of your marketing strategy can ensure your product and service reaches the right audience. Here are some helpful tips to help you build up a successful marketing strategy featuring influencers.

18. 11 of the Best Email Marketing Services and Platforms for 2022
Email marketing services have everything you need to grow your business. They can help you build your mailing list, engage with subscribers, and strengthen customer relationships. There are tons of options out there and it can get overwhelming trying to sift through them all. Here is the compiled list of top email marketing platforms and their main features.
     1.  Sendinblue
        2.  Mailchimp
        3.  ConvertKit
        4.  Hubspot
        5.  MailerLite
        6.  Klaviyo
        7.  AWeber
        8.  ActiveCampaign
        9.  GetResponse
        10. Constant Contact
        11. Campaign Monitor

19. The Ultimate Guide to SEO in 2022
In this guide, you’ll learn how to build your online presence with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You’ll learn what SEO is, how it works, and what you must do to position your site in search engine results. I’m going to break SEO into its most basic parts and show you how to use all its elements to construct a successful SEO strategy. 

20. How to Use Influencer Marketing for Ecommerce Store Success
By integrating influencers into your eCommerce marketing strategy, you can win the trust of your target audience. Research shows that out of all the entities that collaborate with influencers, 50% are eCommerce stores. Most of these brands leverage influencer partnerships to drive awareness and sales. Here are 5 ways in which you can use influencer marketing to increase awareness, drive traffic, and maximize revenue for your digital store.
    1. Collaborate for Business and Product Promotions
    2. Work with More Than One Influencer
    3. Repurpose Influencer Content
    4. Scale Content Creation
    5. Leverage Social Commerce

That’s it for this week’s marketing roundup. Have a lovely weekend and see you next Friday!

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