Marketing Weekly Roundup for 7 October 2022

Welcome to the latest marketing weekly roundup. This Weekly Roundup is full of actionable marketing insights, email marketing tips, social media trends, SEO strategies, and ideas to improve your marketing campaigns. 

This week’s roundup will be a bit shorter since I take a 2-day break from the Internet this week. Let’s check out this week’s wrap-up:

1. 12 Ways to Improve Your Click-Through Rate in Google Ads
Many Google Ads advertisers are content with an average click-through rate (CTR) for ads campaigns, and leave it at that. If you want to maximize your budget and outperform competitors, you won’t settle for an average click-through rate. Here are 12 ways to get an above-average CTR in Google Ads.  
1.  Target the right keywords
2.  Use negative keywords
3.  Narrow your audience targeting
4.  Keep it simple and skimmable
5.  Actually have a CTA
6.  Put a special offer in your headline
7.  Put your main keyword in your display path
8.  Create emotional ads
9.  Use dynamic keyword insertion, but don’t overuse it
10. Use, but don’t rely on ad extensions
11. Test more ads
12. Pause the bottom third of your account

2. How to Scale LinkedIn Ads
Discover how to get more traffic from your top-performing LinkedIn ads by analyzing which ad formats are most effective for your audience. Learn how to test, optimize and scale LinkedIn ads so you can maximize results from your most lucrative campaigns. 

3. A Guide to B2B Marketing Automation That Generates Quick Results
B2B marketing automation is a process of triggers and workflows businesses can leverage to streamline repetitive marketing and sales tasks. Automation helps businesses optimize their brand presence across every channel of customer engagement, allowing your sales teams to focus their resources on the leads that are most likely to convert. Here are some of the best practices you need to know to get started down the path of automation that leads to high-impact results for your business.  
1. Identify your targets and study their behavior
2. Sales and marketing alignment
3. Map out the sales cycle, then create the automation 
4. Use reports and data to constantly improve

4. How to Formulate a More Effective Approach to TikTok Marketing 
TikTok is projected to reach 1.5 billion users this year. How do you use the platform to amplify your brand messaging? This new guide from the app offers a range of prompts to help you develop an effective marketing strategy for TikTok-based businesses. 

5. 7 Steps to International Growth For B2B ECommerce Brands
Cross-border deals now account for at least 25% of American B2B operators’ sales, according to a recent survey. Winning cross-border customers requires a focus on both strategy and execution. From marketing to payment, and from sales to fulfillment, new markets bring new complexities.  Here are 7 key areas that B2B brands should focus on as they expand into cross-border digital commerce: 
1. Refine your marketing strategy
2. Take localization seriously
3. Get pricing right
4. Take compliance seriously
5. Review payment options
6. Make ordering transparent
7. Streamline international fulfillment

6. The Actionable Guide to Writing 10x Content [With Examples]
When starting a blog, your goal shouldn’t just be to recreate all the content that’s already out there. There is a need to delve deeper to make “10x Content” to achieve SEO and content marketing optimization goals. This action guide shows you a step-wise criterion to achieve 10X through SEO and content marketing campaigns. 

7. How Keyword Research And Search Intent Are Becoming Vital To Marketing Strategies
Keyword research provides insights into what questions, phrases, and words your target audience is searching on Google. Search intent research explores the main goal your customers have when they’re Googling a topic. Here are five ways to use intent and keyword research to level up your SEO efforts.  
1. Make a list of relevant topics
2. Get help from keyword research tools 
3. Target low-hanging fruit
4. Determine the search intent for your keywords
5. Create keyword-optimized onsite content  

8. 16 Expert Tips To Optimize Facebook Ads For The Highest ROI [2022]
Want to run more effective Facebook campaigns and increase your return on ad spend (ROAS)? Read on to find out how to optimize Facebook ads so you can improve campaign performance, get better results, and stop leaving money on the table. 

9. How to Get B2B Leads for Your Online Business
The human connection is still the foundation of B2B sales, but how we generate leads has changed. Check out these techniques to build a foundation for your business that will allow you to scale and secure leads that actually become customers. 
1. Change Your Mindset
2. Set Realistic Goals
3. Land Meetings
4. Dial in Your Niche and Avatar
5. Make Your Messages Matter
6. Optimize Your Digital Presence
7. Refine Your Rituals
8. Build a Real-Time Database 

10. Understanding Hashtags on TikTok
TikTok hashtags work differently when compared to Instagram and Facebook. When used right, hashtags can increase your following in no time and help you discover more leads. Learn the right way to use hashtags on TikTok and how to create content that performs. 

11. Four Reasons Your Blogging SEO Fails (and What to Do About It)
There are tons of reasons your blog isn’t skyrocketing to the top, but one of the biggest is SEO mistakes. Here are four of the top reasons your blogging SEO fails and how to fix it. 
1. Not building your backlink profile
2. Never Digging Under the Surface of Your Blog
3. Little to No Promotional Activities 
4. Ignoring the Little Things

12. 19+ Crucial Search Engine Statistics For 2022 (Market Share, Usage, & Demographics)
Knowing how search engines work, the major players and market share, etc help you have a holistic understanding of search engines. Understanding these search engine statistics will help you understand the current search engine market.  

13. Top 8 Affiliate Marketing Content Ideas To Boost Your Earnings
To make money with affiliate marketing, you need to create the right affiliate marketing content in order to boost your earnings. Creating valuable content will help you drive more and thus generate more affiliate sales. Here are 8 of the best types of affiliate marketing content ideas to boost your affiliate earnings: 
1. Social media posts
2. Weekly updates via emails
3. List articles of the best tools (Listicles)
4. Landing pages
5. Product comparisons
6. Videos
7. Resource pages
8. High-quality product reviews 

14. How To Hire B2B Blog Writers (Without Reducing Content Quality)
Hiring extra writers for your blog can help you put out significantly more content. However, you want writers that will keep the quality of posts high. Discover how to find and hire the best professional blog writers. 

15. 8 Off-Page SEO Strategies You Should Be Implementing Right Now
Off-page SEO is an essential part of any good marketing sales and marketing strategy. It refers to the methods used to increase a website’s position in the search engine results pages (SERPs) This includes link building, social media marketing, blogging, and local listing. Here are 8 easy off-page SEO strategies you can do right now. 
1. Build Trust with a Robust Citation and Link-Building System
2. Get Your Groove on with Blog Commenting
3. Engage with Comments on Social Media
4. Do Not Shy Away from Quora and Forum Marketing
5. Guest Posting Still Works Great
6. Create Valuable & Shareable Infographics
7. Don’t Neglect Niche Edits and Link Exchanges
8. Build Relationships with Industry Webmasters

Thanks and enjoy the weekly roundup. If you think that this weekly roundup is helpful, please forward or share it with your colleagues and other business associates to keep up to date with the fast-moving digital world!


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