Marketing Weekly Roundup for 25 June 2021

Happy Friday. Welcome to the latest Marketing Weekly Roundup, features weekly marketing insights, news, tools, tactics and essential bits of wisdom for today’s digital marketers. Please find your weekly roundup below:

1. The Easiest Way to Build Links
Link building sucks since it’s hard and time-consuming. But here is a better way to build links. Read on to find out this new way to build links.

2. 4 Lead Generation Tools To Grow Your Business In 2021
Creating high quality leads for your business is not always easy. Yet, with the right tools and tactics, it is far from impossible. Here are 4 top tools will help collecting leads, finding opportunities, and contacting key decision-makers.

3. How to Generate Quality Leads With Organic Traffic
SEO can boost your lead generation efforts by increasing awareness of your products or services via organic traffic to your site. Let’s look at some ways to use SEO effectively to help your lead gen efforts. These will include:
    1. Carrying out a website audit
    2. Performing keyword research
    3. Updating your existing web content
    4. Checking competitors’ performance and benchmarking it
    5. Creating an ongoing content strategy
    6. Developing a backlink strategy

4. 5 Great Landing Page Optimization Tips for More Conversions

Are your landing page is well-optimized for more conversions? Here are 5 important optimization tips that can help you boost your sales, increase your conversions, and earn more profit for your business.
1. Simplify your Landing Page
2. Be Smart with the Colors
3. Make Your Offer Clear
4. Add a Clear CTA
5. Keep Important Section Above the Fold

5. How to Write Instagram Ad Copy That Converts
Discover how to write Instagram ads that lead to conversions. You’ll also find examples to inspire you to create more effective campaigns.

6. How to Use Twitter for Business
Twitter is a great platform to join conversations, share your thoughts, and stay up-to-date with breaking news or industry trends. Read on to learn how to use Twitter for business? Let’s get into it.

7. 14 Ways For Companies To Improve Digital And Mobile Marketing In 2021
With the right tools and knowledge, your company can create digital and mobile marketing strategies that effectively capture the attention of digital buyers. Here are 14 effective ways for companies to improve your mobile and digital marketing in 2021. 

8. 5 Ways You Can Drive More Traffic To Your Business’ Website
When you run an online business, it’s important that you drive high-quality traffic to your website. Here are five ways you can generate more traffic to your business’s website and make more sales. 

9. Top LinkedIn Marketing Tips from 3 Social Media Managers
LinkedIn offers a vast array of marketing opportunities to establish your brand as a thought leader, boost visibility, and drive sales. Here are three LinkedIn marketing tips 
1: Drive Engagement Through Authentic Storytelling
2: Grow Your Audience Through Consistency
3: Build Brand Awareness Through Thought Leadership

10. 4 Ways to Build a Seven-Figure Brand and Sellable Business
If it’s your goal to build a seven-figure brand and business that you could sell someday, here are four ways to build in a way that leads to clarity and growth  

11. How to Determine Your Ideal Marketing Channels
There are more ways to reach buyers than ever before – so best to choose which channels to invest in very wisely. Here are the steps you can take to select what the right marketing channels might be for your business.

12. 7 Ways To Drive More Traffic And Sales From Tiktok
The seven tips below show you how to set your brand up for success and optimize your TikTok presence to drive more traffic and sales. Discover how you can turn your TikTok followers into traffic and sales that boost your ROI!

13. How to Get Featured Snippets: Four Optimization Tips
Getting a featured snippet on Google is an excellent way to push your site to the very top of the search and boost visibility. Here are the exact 4 steps you need to take to win a featured snippet for your site.

14. Tips To Further Improve Your LinkedIn Presence for Professional Branding
LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for personal (professional) branding, relationship building, and social selling. Use these key strategies to improve your LinkedIn presence and gain more visibility among your target audience.

15. A Complete Guide to Instagram Advertising in 2021
Looking to start advertising on Instagram? Learn how to set up your first Instagram ads, plus tips and examples for improving conversions and sales. 

16. How to Start an Etsy Shop (and Actually Sell Items)
Everything you need to know about how to start an Etsy shop, from choosing your shop name to making your first sale and sustaining your business long-term.

17. Recover Lost Sales: 16 Amazing Abandoned Cart Emails
The average shopping cart abandonment rate sits between 60% and 80%—that’s a lot of unrealized revenue! Fortunately, abandoned cart emails can recover between 5% and 11% of otherwise lost sales. Here are a few examples and learnings to inspire your next abandoned cart email sequence. 

18. SMS Marketing Best Practices for Your Next Campaigns
If you’re ready to dive in with bulk SMS marketing and make your strategy a success, check out these SMS marketing best practices. This guide helps you get the most out of your campaign.

19. Five Online Channels for Your Ecommerce Brand Which Can Boost Product Discovery
Knowing how and which channels they do that on, will help you focus your marketing strategies and campaigns. Here are five of the most common ones and how they drive product discovery for brands.

20. Top 20 Ecommerce Trends to Look Out For In 2021
Ecommerce is going to continue to grow well into the future, so you’ll want to adapt to the changing ecommerce trends. Here are the top 20 ecommerce trends you should watch out for in 2021.

That’s it for this week marketing roundup. I hope you like my online marketing weekly roundup.


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