Marketing Weekly Roundup for 19 November 2021

Marketing Weekly Roundup for 26 November 2021

Happy Black Friday, I’d like to wish our friends in the U.S. a very happy holiday weekend!

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Here is your handpicked roundup for this week, packed with marketing insights, SEO tips, news, and expert advice from around the world.

1. 5 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment in 2022
Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest struggles eCommerce businesses faced this year. The average abandonment rate across all industries is 67.91%. Over half of all potential sales walk out the metaphorical door before they complete their order. If you’re looking to keep more people on your site, increase sales, and build a dedicated audience, keep reading.
    1.  Simplify Your Pricing Structure
    2.  Streamline Your Checkout Page
    3.  Make it Easy for Visitors to Trust You
    4.  Email Subscribers After They Leave
    5.  Use Social Media Retargeting

2. 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Landing Page
Landing pages are critical to converting your visitors into customers. They broker the exchange of information between you and your audience. A landing page should be informative and direct, but also attention-grabbing and welcoming. Combining an eye-catching offer button with an effective landing page design can turn what was just web traffic into a steady stream of leads. Check out these 7 landing page tips.

3. Email Marketing Best Practices for 2022 The Drive Results
Email marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. But in order for your emails to be successful, there are certain strategies you need to follow to improve your chances of success. Here are some best practices on improving your results with segmentation, automation, personalization, and more.
    1.    Create automated email campaigns
    2.    Segment your email list
    3.    Personalize your emails
    4.    Create engaging email content
    5.    Have call to action
    6.    Use confirmed opt-in
    7.    Do not purchase an email list
    8.    Clean your email list
    9.    Do not use a no-reply email address
    10.   Test emails before sending
    11.   Analyze your email marketing stats
    12.   A/B split test your email campaigns

4. What Are Backlinks and Why Do You Need Them for Your SEO?
Backlinks are precious for improving your SEO and getting the upper hand in the SERPs, but only if you commit to the task in the right way. Here are some essential tips on what you should do to achieve high-quality SEO backlinks and stuff you should avoid.

5. Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips From 2021
Facebook is among the most used social media platforms for communication and interaction. What users consume on Facebook will continue to shift from text-based posts to videos and audio recordings. With that shift, you need to adjust your Facebook strategy. Here are the Top 10 Facebook Marketing Strategies in 2021 to help you build an effective marketing plan for your business.
    1.  Post Original and Fresh Content
    2.  Understand How to Create a Viral Post
    3.  Use Facebook Polls – Answer Questions
    4.  Set up Online Events
    5.  Add a CTA to All of Your Posts
    6.  Use Ad Targeting Tools
    7.  Use Posts Feed Optimization
    8.  Don’t Forget About Mobile Devices
    9.  Use Facebook Pixel Technology
    10. Use Facebook Live Streaming
    11. Include Facebook Messenger in your Marketing Strategy

6. Facebook Lead Generation Forms: New Tools & Best Practices
Facebook lead generation forms can produce quality leads when done right. Facebook Lead Generation Forms addressed two of the biggest challenges social marketers faced: traffic dropoff and landing page conversion rates. Here are the latest advancements and best practices you need to know to utilize them to their fullest potential.

7. 4 Tips for Effective B2B Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing often brings to mind recipe videos, makeup tutorials, unboxing videos, and other consumer-focused content. When used correctly, influencer marketing can be a powerful marketing tool as part of your overall strategy. You can’t simply plug-and-play an influencer campaign that worked for a consumer brand and expect similar results. Here’s what you need to know.
    1. Expertise Is Crucial
    2. Exchange Value for Exposure
    3. Learn Where Your Buyers Live Offline and Online
    4. Increase Your Time Horizons

8. 6 Key Steps to Building a Great Website
A recognizable website is one that stands out from the masses. Your business needs to be able to be easily identified and recognized by your clientele. There are many ways for creating a recognizable website. Read on to learn more about how you can do this without too much hassle.

9. Nine Out-of-the-Box Marketing Promotions To Drive Positive Business Results
Marketers should focus on their audiences rather than agonizing over which ones to target. Here, nine members of Newsweek Expert Forum discuss what they’ve done to succeed with their marketing campaigns by using out-of-the-box promotion.
    1. Thought Leadership Content
    2. Current Cultural Tie-Ins
    3. Live Demos and Meetings
    4. Personal Phone Calls
    5. Personalized Prospective Client Attention
    6. NASCAR Driver Partnerships
    7. Positive Press Campaigns
    8. Inviting Clients to See Your Operations
    9. Highlighting Your Organization

10. How to Create a Successful Affiliate Program for Your Business
The decline of traditional advertising to promote your business, coupled with the rise of social media, is giving new life to affiliate marketers. This beginner’s guide will walk you through how to set up and manage an affiliate program for your online store.

11. 8 B2B Link-Building Strategies That You Should Know About
Link building is all about building a high-quality network of links. High-quality links have a higher impact on search engine ranking, which is why we build links. Using safe link-building strategies, you can improve your website’s ranking and avoid getting penalized by Google. Here are the eight best link-building strategies.
    1. Write Guest Posts
    2. Use Broken Link Building
    3. Run Infographic Marketing Campaigns
    4. Look at the Backlinks of Your Competitors
    5. Get Involved in Roundups and Interviews
    6. Develop Content Partnerships
    7. Pull Resources From Reputed Sites
    8. Tap Into Social Media and Communities

12. Marketing 101: marketing basics for small business owners
Marketing isn’t just for big companies with huge marketing departments. With the right strategy, planning, and tools, you can do it yourself. In this “Marketing 101” guide, you’ll learn all about small business marketing. You’ll learn how to get your message out to people who need your products and services. 

13. 5 Tips to Create Interesting & Engaging B2B Content Marketing
Good B2B content marketing is about serving people interesting, unique, and relevant content. With the right insights, you can still find ways to give people high-value content. Here are some helpful tips and reminders to strengthen your content and improve your results.
   1) Ideate around pain points
    2) Know what you want people to do after they interact with your content
    3) Choose the right format for your channel
    4) Use human emotion
    5) Invest in design

14. B2B Companies: Making Lead Generation Easier
Leads don’t always translate into sales, and top-quality leads can be hard to find. A quality lead that converts to a client or customer requires both art and science. Discover some of the crucial elements of a successful lead generation campaign in B2B.

15. Top 10 Growth Hacking Strategies for SaaS Companies
If a SaaS company grows only at 20% every year, there is a 92% chance it will cease to exist in the coming years. “Growth hacking” is an effective way for marketers to boost their cloud signups and sales. Here are the top 10 tried and tested Growth Hacking techniques in the SAAS industry.
    1.  Get listed on online directories
    2.  Cro tools
    3.  Chatbots to improve engagement and conversions
    4.  Product hunt launch
    5.  Influencer reviews
    6.  Referral marketing
    7.  Enlist on lifetime deal sites
    8.  Go freemium
    9.  Create a library of content    
    10. Leverage the network effects of integrations

16. Holiday Email Marketing Trends, Examples for 2021
The holiday season is the busiest time for email marketing. Retailers are preparing and sending their holiday campaigns using tried-and-true email tactics. Here are some email marketing examples from leading retailers to give you an idea of what’s coming this season.

17. How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Level Up Your Ecommerce Strategy
The eCommerce vertical is 2021-ready, but the initial obstacle remains:. How to position a given product before the precise audience? You need to know a thing or two about affiliate marketing and advertising networks for eCommerce players. Here are some to tips get the most out of your ecommerce affiliate programs
    1. Come up with an eCommerce offer
    2. Direct the right products to the right people
    3. Be time and location sensitive
    4. Prepare your landing page
    5. Provide your affiliate marketers with visuals
    6. Think of how to track your affiliate offer
    7. Choose a promotion strategy (or let affiliate network experts do it for you)

18. Influencer Marketing on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook & YouTube
Influencer marketing is one of the top growth hacks for brands. It uses the audience and pulls of an influencer to get in front of more people. Brands have tons of options when leaning on social media influencers to share their brand. Here’s how you can use each one to supercharge your influencer marketing.

19. 5 Best B2B Digital Marketing Channels Strategies to Leverage Your Business
B2B digital marketing strategies primarily focus on outbound and direct marketing techniques. It is still possible to send straightforward messaging, cold calls, and connection requests to prospects who have been screened thoroughly. Here are the 5 best B2B digital marketing channel strategies you must opt for.
    1. Create impressive landing pages
    2. Opt for social media marketing
    3. Do marketing via SMS
    4. Perform email marketing campaigns for B2B
    5. Opt for web push notifications

20. TikTok Ads Guide: How They Work + Cost and Review Process [+Examples]
Today, TikTok has over 1 billion monthly users and brands are using TikTok ads to reach them. Let explore everything you need to know about TikTok’s advertising platform and discuss if it’s worth leveraging.

That’s it, folks. Have a great weekend!


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