Marketing Weekly Roundup for 11 February 2022

Goodday, everyone and welcome back to another Marketing Weekly Roundup. Here I share with you some of the latest top sales and marketing blog posts, SEO tips, email marketing, social media marketing, and resources I've recently found online.

Here's your weekly roundup of digital marketing tips this week.

1. 20 Ways to Effectively Increase Your Conversion Rate

Increasing your conversion rate is beneficial to lowering your cost per acquisition. If you have too many choices or a confusing design, visitors won't convert. Here are 20 ways to increase your conversion rates for both desktop and mobile sites. 
    1.  Use a CRO planner.
        2.  Shorten your forms.
        3.  Include social proof.
        4.  Track how people interact with your site.
        5.  Add live chat.
        6.  Test your offers.
        7.  Conduct A/B testing.
        8.  Increase trust and remove friction.
        9.  Create abandoned cart email campaigns.
        10. Communicate your value proposition.
        11. Incorporate multimedia elements into your landing pages.
        12. Write strong CTAs.
        13. Eliminate unnecessary distractions.
        14. Meet your audience’s expectations.
        15. Improve your page speed.
        16. Optimize for mobile.
        17. Enhance the purchasing process.
        18. Be creative with your mobile marketing.
        19. Make adjustments to your mobile site.
        20. Localize your content.

2. How to Identify Your Core Marketing Message
What you need is a marketing message, and it's just as important as your overall strategy. Your strategy has to align with your audiences' needs and interests, and understand the required approach for each channel. In this article, we'll discuss the definition, provide real-life examples and ways to make your own excellent marketing message.

3. Tips to Make Your Customers Come Again on Your Ecommerce Store Without Asking Them
If you are starting out in eCommerce or already having an eCommerce store then getting new customers every day is your major concern. But acquiring new customers won't be enough, you have to make your existing customers stay in your shop. To keep the consistency of repeat customers you need to build an embedded strategy and maintain a relationship with them. Discover how your customers will come back again and again on your eCommerce store.
    1. Provide the Best Customer Service
    2. Giving Your Customers Access to Get Information
    3. Try to Give Something to Your Customer
    4. Interact With Customers With Humor
    5. Birthday Surprises
    6. Check Subtlety User Experience

4. Brand Values: A Competitive Advantage for Your Business
Build life-long customers and differentiate from competitors by developing enduring brand values for your business. Let's find out what brand values are, how to establish them, and the benefits of running a values-centered company. Examples of values-first businesses that lead with both head and heart will be explored as well as examples of companies that do it from the heart rather than just the head.

5. 14 Ways to Maximize Your Instagram Video Strategy in 2022
Keeping up with changes to Instagram video? Wondering how to update your strategy? Discover exactly how Instagram video is changing in 2022 and 14 ways to improve your strategy.
    1.  Focus on Short-Form Video on Instagram
    2.  Find the Ideal Instagram Video Length
    3.  Identify and Address Limitations in Your Strategy
    4.  Make Time to Jump on Trends
    5.  Perfect Your Text Overlays
    6.  Embrace Remixes
    7.  Increase Reach by Sharing to Instagram Stories
    8.  Expand Audiences With Collaborators
    9.  Use Reels Visual Replies
    10. Drive Revenue With Shoppable Reels
    11. Make Memorable Reels Content
    12. Know When to Publish Instagram Video Content
    13. Brainstorm Exclusive Content
    14. Optimize Ads for Reels

6. Instagram Reels vs. TikTok vs. Snapchat: Which Should Businesses Use? [Marketing Professional Data]
Let's walk through the ins and outs of TikTok, Reels, and Snapchat, their distinct differences, and the marketing opportunities that each app could provide you now and in the future.

7. Rich Media Ads: 6 Steps to Create Them + Brand Examples
A study found that rich media ads outperform standard banner ads by 267%. With statistics like that, it's time to consider incorporating these ads into your paid media strategy. Discover how to create a rich media ad for your company and look at some examples to inspire your own ad campaigns.
    1.    Get inspired.
    2.    Decide on the strategy.
    3.    Plan the creative assets.
    4.    Use ad creation tools.
    5.    Test and preview.
    6.    Track and measure success.

8. How AI can be used in Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience, but it's getting more difficult to stand out. AI Lines can help you make sure your message gets through by using machine learning algorithms that personalize each email based on what recipients want. By using AI, you can create unique experiences for each recipient, making them more likely to act on your message.

9. 20 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid in 2022
For all of you beginner bloggers out there who are looking to get up-to-speed quickly, here are some common mistakes most beginners make and some tips on how to avoid them.
   1.  You think of ideas that only interest you.
        2.  You forget about your persona.
        3.  Your writing is too stiff.
        4.  You think people care about you as a writer.
        5.  You digress.
        6.  Your topics are too broad.
        7.  You don’t tie a specific topic into your readers’ broad struggle.
        8.  Your writing is a brain dump.
        9.  You’re relying on vague concepts instead of concrete information.
        10. You don’t use data as evidence.
        11. You’re not adding enough context.
        12. Your content borders plagiarism.
        13. You think you’re done once the writing is done.
        14. You try to make every post perfect.
        15. You don’t blog consistently.
        16. You concentrate your analytics on immediate traffic.
        17. You aren’t growing subscribers.
        18. You are publishing new content while neglecting old content.
        19. You only use one medium to share your content.
        20. You are not sharing your content via social platforms.

10. Marketing Funnels Explained: Why They Matter & How to Build Yours
Marketing funnels are the roadmaps companies use to plan the journey of how someone becomes a customer. They represent the journey from acquisition to conversion and can help you uncover more about your business. Discover how to build a more profitable marketing funnel.

11. The 8-Step Process for Full Website Content Audit
In SEO, auditing a website's content from scratch may seem a disaster. But not when you have a ready-made workflow at hand. In this super-detailed guide, you'll learn the exact 8 steps you need to take to conduct a thorough content audit for any website. You'll see it is rather a structured system than chaos. 
        Step 1. Collect website’s structure
        Step 2. Spot internal duplicate content issues
        Step 3. Check content for uniqueness
        Step 4. Check for thin content
        Step 5. Check suspicious user behavior in Google Analytics
        Step 6. Check if the website’s structure matches the semantics
        Step 7. Check the level of content optimization
        Step 8. Check if the pages rank for the right keywords

12. Media Planning: The Ultimate Guide
For any business to find success today, it must create and share media content (such as images, videos, written content, and podcasts). Publishing new media is how you boost brand awareness, engagements, conversions, and revenue for your business. It can become confusing to keep track of, plan, organize, distribute, and analyze all that media content. The best way to combat these issues is through media planning.

13. Must Have Features for Ecommerce Sites
Easy-to-use functionality is important for all sites, not just eCommerce stores. A customer should be able to easily access what pages they've already seen on your website and return to previous items in a shopping cart without difficulty. Keeping customers engaged with frequent promotions is key. Here are some of the must-have features of eCommerce sites.
    1.  One-page checkout
    2.  Ajax cart
    3.  Customizable checkout forms
    4.  Captcha validation for registration and contact forms
    5.  Social login
    6.  Customizable cart and checkout pages
    7.  Built-in search function
    8.  Related products
    9.  Minicart
    10. Customizable categories and filters
    11. Add to wish list
    12. Customer reviews

14. 5 Social Commerce Must-haves for 2022
Social media is upending global eCommerce. In China, online buying is a social experience, with live-streaming, in-app purchases, and content. Facebook's impact will only increase given its massive size, native data collection, and growing set of eCommerce tools. Now is the time to leverage your social following and change how you engage with consumers. Here are five social commerce must-haves for 2022.

15. 7 Easy Ways To Make Your Instagram Posts More Popular (2022)
Over 100 million posts are shared on Instagram every day and it's estimated that there will be more than 1 billion users by 2021. So how do you make your Instagram posts more popular? Here are some simple ways to help your posts rise above the noise.
    1 . Tag Inspiring People
    2 . Use Creative Hashtags
    3 . Be Trendy
    4 . Engage With Other Feeds
    5 .  Don’t Forget Your Other Social Media Channels
    6 . Be Consistent
    7 . Don’t Be Salesy

16. How to Implement a Successful SEO Strategy for Your Website in 2022
A complete SEO strategy considers the whole scenario. It is equipped with a variety of features and functionalities. These functional requirements work in unison to help you reach your main aim: more exposure and traffic, resulting in increased income. The following recommendations from Seobrotherslv will assist you on how to create an SEO strategy for 2022.

17. Making eCommerce Work for You
It is definitely possible to achieve serious success as an eCommerce retailer, but it's going to take more than throwing together a website and waiting for the millions to roll in. Namely, you're going to have to get your website, marketing, and branding right to build a viable business. Here's a guide covering some of the most important aspects of making eCommerce work for you.
    1. Decide What to Sell… and To Whom
    2. Figure Out a Unique Value Proposition
    3. Explore Options for Order Fulfillment
    4. Never Underestimate the Power of Content

18. Facebook Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Businesses
With nearly 3 billion users, Facebook is an excellent place for business exposure and customer retention. It can be difficult for potential customers or clients to see your updates even when you post them manually. Here are some simple tips to help you reach out to your target audience on Facebook, and learn a few new tricks that will get you more likes, followers, and customers.

19. Emerging Affiliate Marketing Trends in the New Year
Affiliate marketing spending in the US is projected to reach $8.2 billion in 2022. Retailers turned to eCommerce during the pandemic, therefore expanding possibilities for affiliate marketing. The affiliate model will continue to grow and develop alongside the evolutions of the digital world. To run a successful affiliate program, it’s important to stay on top of emerging trends. Here are six trends to watch out in order to optimize your affiliate channel in 2022.
    1. Artificial Intelligence is Evolving
    2. Consumers Will Expect More From You
    3. Partnerships are More Important Than Ever
    4. More Emphasis on Omni-Channel Experiences
    5. Influencers’ Popularity is Rising
    6. Video Content Will Continue to Command Attention

20. eCommerce Landing Pages and All There Is to Them: Tips, Ideas, and Examples
If you have been having doubts about developing an eCommerce landing page, here's your sign to create one! Discover how to turn your ecommerce landing page into a show-stopper. You'll also learn how to benefit from it, and review some excellent examples.

That’s it, folks. I hope you liked this Marketing Weekly roundup. If you have an article that you would like me to feature in this marketing roundups, please let me know. If it’s suitable, I'll post it for free. All I ask is that you share this Marketing Weekly roundup on your social media channels.


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