Marketing Weekly Roundup for 9 July 2021

Happy Friday. Welcome to the latest Marketing Weekly Roundup of the helpful marketing tips, hand-picked just for you to help you become a better marketer!

Grab a glass of coffee/tea while you reading this week roundup:

1. E-commerce SEO: How to Drive Sales With Organic Traffic
With 25% of all online sales coming from organic traffic, neglecting your store’s SEO means losing money. E-commerce SEO is not like regular SEO. Here's what you have to do differently to attract organic traffic in e-commerce.

2. 5 Email Marketing Mistakes That Affect Your Conversion Rate
Email campaigns are an essential part of your marketing strategy. To ensure they're effective, don't make these 5 email marketing mistakes.

3. Email Marketing Checklist: 18 Things to Check Before You Hit ‘Send'
Email marketing mistakes are easy to make, and they can ruin your campaigns. Follow this email marketing checklist to make sure your emails are error free!

4. Your Quick & Easy Guide to Harness Targeting Options on LinkedIn
Ready to increase the reach of your content with the most qualified audience at just the right time? Put the unique power of LinkedIn’s targeting options to work for you:

5. How to Lower Bounce Rates and Increase Conversion Rates for Your Blog
Here are some simple tweaks that might lower your blog bounce rate and increase its conversion rate.
1: Quality Keyword Strategy
2: Ensure Posts Provide Value to Buyer Personas
3: Add CTAs to All Blog Posts

6. How Do I Build a Landing Page for Google Adwords?
Your landing page is the heart of your marketing campaign. Here’s how to build a landing page for your Google Ads campaigns to get a better score, Ad positioning, cost per click, and overall advertising success.

7. How to Save Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is an age-old profession. We can’t let it fade away. We need more people in the garage, in the kitchen, in the evenings, making the world better for others and themselves.

8. How to Plan an Affiliate Marketing Strategy for Content Creators
You're creating great content, and starting an affiliate program can help boost sales and generate leads for your business. Here's how.

9. 21 Unique Selling Proposition Examples (and Why they Work)
Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what separates you from the competition. Let's find out what makes an effective USP by sharing some of the best examples from the worlds of SaaS, e-commerce, and DTC.

10. What Is Retargeting Ads And How It Boosts Revenue
Let's find out what retargeting is, how it works, if it’s different from remarketing, what it looks like, and how you can set up your business’s own retargeting ads to start increasing ROI.

11. 5 Steps to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Get More Sales Leads
Your first step is to design your LinkedIn profile to attract high-quality leads, creating a profitable, inbound lead channel. Let's dive into the five major areas you can improve today to optimize your chances of success.

12. Landing Page Tips for SEO and PPC That Improve Your User Experience
Discover the indirect effects and evaluate what PPC and SEO mean for your landing page experience. Plus tips for improving that experience for your visitors—no matter how they landed on your page, be it through an ad or using the organic route.

13. 10 Smart Tools for Social Media Marketing in 2021
If you want to level up your social media marketing game, you need to invest in the right tools for this job. Here are 10 of the best social media marketing tools to transform your skills:

14. 19 Pesky Google Ads Disapprovals and How to Fix Them
Google Ads disapprovals are common, and for many of them, it’s not your fault. Here are some tips to help you to launch new ads quickly and prevent disruptions in your overall Google Ads performance!

15. How to Use TikTok for eCommerce Marketing
TikTok has over 700 million active monthly users. If you want to make an impact on this social media platform and use it to really boost your eCommerce sales, then check out this guide to help you with TikTok marketing that makes an impact.

16. 10 Ways to Scale Customer Engagement with Facebook Chatbots in 2021
Chatbots for businesses have improved customer service by making service available round the clock. Find out how it can be used to further enhance customer service.

17. 6 Creative Ways to Use Video Content to Engage Visitors
There are several proven ways to jump into using video content with a splash. If you’re new to video content marketing, then don’t worry! Start out with one of these creative ways to use video content to engage your viewers. 
#1 Embed a Video Into a Blog
#2 Webinar Recording Video
#3 How-To Video
#4 Meet the Team Video
#5 Personal Video Proposals
#6 Behind the Scenes Video

18. Which Digital Marketing Channels Offer the Best ROI?
It's important to understand your return on investment for each different marketing channel you use. This can help you realize which channels to focus on, and where your marketing dollars are doing the most. This quick guide will show you which digital marketing channels that offer the best ROI right now.

19. Top 15 Marketing Tools to Become an Instagram Powerhouse in 2021
Check out the reviews of some of the best Instagram marketing tools in order to stay ahead of the trends and gain reliable access to social media intelligence.

20. 6 Ways to Use Video Editing Software to Grow Your Brand Online
Video is one of the most engaging ways for brands to connect with consumers. If you’ve been thinking about how to tap into the video trend to grow your brand, here are a few ways to seamlessly integrate video into your new strategy.

See you.


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