Marketing Weekly Roundup for 17 June 2022

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Here's your roundup of digital marketing tips and news this week:

1. How to Write a Product Review for Affiliate Marketing: Make Sales in 2022
If you want to make money from organic blog posts or videos, then you should get comfortable with creating product reviews. Read on to discover how to write a product review for affiliate marketing that will captivate your audience and make them want to click on your affiliate links!

2. The 15 Most Essential E-commerce KPIs You Need to Track
An estimated 2.4 billion people shop online every year, and you need to track what's working and what isn't. How do you know which key performance indicators offer insight and which are vanity metrics? With the right e-commerce KPIs, you can trace, track, and quantify every store visit, customer journey, and sale to get unparalleled insight into your business. Learn what an e-commerce KPI is, how to work out which KPIs matter most to your store, and the 15 most important e-commerce KPIs every store should track.
    1.  Overall Sales
    2.  Net Profit
    3.  Average Order Value
    4.  Number of Orders
    5.  Customer Lifetime Value
    6.  Customer Retention Rate
    7.  Traffic Volume
    8.  Time on Site
    9.  Conversion Rate
    10. ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
    11. Cart Abandonment Rate
    12. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
    13. Organic Search Rankings
    14. Add to Cart Rate
    15. Customer Satisfaction

3. SaaS Homepage SEO: Keywords, Linking & More
A good homepage will drive conversions and improve your business on the whole. Learn about SaaS homepage SEO challenges, the role your homepage plays in SEO, and different keywords to consider when optimizing a SaaS homepage.

4. How To Reach A Wider Customer Base With A New Product
You may have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it, then it won't sell. Find ways to get your product in front of potential customers so they can see what it is. Here are some tips on how to reach a wider customer base with a new product.
    1. Fulfilment services
    2. Social media
    3. Influencer marketing
    4. PR and press
    5. Paid advertising
    6. Events and tradeshows

5. How To Write Amazing Content To Promote Your Brand
There are two ways to connect with your customers and users: outbound, and inbound methods. The key to inbound marketing is content creation. Discover the secret recipes to writing amazing content to promote your brand.

6. Content Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses: Top 11 Tips
Content marketing is creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined audience. It helps you reach goals and grow your audience. Here are 11 tips on how to create a smart content marketing strategy for small businesses. 
    1.  Mission
    2.  Audience
    3.  Objectives
    4.  Goals
    5.  Resources
    6.  Content calendar
    7.  Optimize content with keyword research
    8.  Repurpose content
    9.  Update evergreen content and pages
    10. Ongoing content promotion
    11. Analyze

7. The Ultimate Link Building Guide You Need for 2022
Backlinks are considered one of the top-ranking factors on most search engines. Link building is an essential part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Discover the best link-building strategies that can help boost your search engine optimization.

8. Affiliate Marketing Keyword Research Guide: 5 Steps to Profitable SEO Keywords!
There are many types of affiliates out there, including social media marketers, email marketers, and PPC affiliates. But one of the best options for a serious affiliate marketer is SEO. Discover how you can become an affiliate marketing content publisher through quality affiliate marketing keyword research.
    Step 1: Niche, Domain, Website
    Step 2: Discover Profitable Keywords With SEO Tool
    Step 3: Write Quality Content
    Step 4: Optimize and Publish Articles
    Step 5: Refine Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

9. How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?
In order to make money from affiliate marketing, you will need to follow certain guidelines to earn sizable commissions from your marketing strategies. You will need to choose an appropriate niche and find an affiliate program that suits your needs. You will also need to set up an affiliate marketing channel and create content for your channel. Here is a detailed guide for affiliate marketing that can help you generate better commissions.

10. 7 Website Traffic Checkers: How Much Traffic Does a Website Get?
Website traffic checkers are awesome and can give you an estimate of how much traffic a website gets. They can help you understand how a website is doing in general, and what keywords it's ranking for. Check out these website traffic checker tools, and look at what insights you can gather from them.
    1.    Semrush
    2.    Ahrefs
    3.    SimilarWeb
    4.    Website Traffic Checker
    5.    Sitechecker
    6.    SERanking
    7.    Serpstat

11. E-commerce Optimization: 6 Steps to Boost Your Conversion Rates
For online stores, increasing conversions is the key to long-term success. E-commerce stores need to pay more attention to the purchase process, from product pages to the checkout page. This might mean looking for opportunities to increase customer confidence through social proof and streamlined checkout processes.

12. 13 Ways to Increase In-App Conversion Rate
There is no single formula for in-app conversion rate for mobile apps. However, you can use these 13 tips to modulate a strategy for your particular mobile solution. Use these tips to secure a good conversion rate and improve ROI for your app's user experience.
    1.  Identify top-performing traffic channels
    2.  Work on first impressions
    3.  Optimize app store listing
    4.  Make your CTAs more prominent
    5.  Experiment extensively with A/B testing
    6.  Inspect and redo page designs
    7.  Personalize user experiences
    8.  Segment and target audience groups by pain points
    9.  Use in-app notifications judiciously
    10. Create separate optimization strategies for different app stores
    11. Use an easy onboarding process
    12. Create an in-app sales funnel
    13. Identify and revise conversion events through performance

13. Get 1,000 Email Subscribers
54% of marketers say that growing their list of email subscribers is a top marketing priority. If you start your list growth strategy today, you can set big goals (and achieve them) next year. Use these tactics to build a list of engaged, excited readers. Follow the plan below to reach 1,000 (or more!) email subscribers.

14. 3 Simple Ways To Boost Your Email Open Rate
The industry standard for a healthy email open rate is between 17 and 28%. These loyal followers are the ones most likely to turn into buyers. Here are three easy ways to give your email list a boost by getting more subscribers to open your emails, visit your website, and buy your products.
    1. Spark curiosity in the email subject line
    2. Don’t be a stranger in their inboxes
    3. Deliver undeniable value in every single email you send

15. Podcast Networks: The Complete Guide [2022]
Podcast networks help market, scale, and monetize podcasts, but there are a few things to know before signing a contract. This guide breaks down what a podcast network is, the benefits you can expect as a member, and how to know if your podcast is ready for the transition! 

16. 3 Things All Online Businesses Need To Attract A Constant Stream Of Customers
If you're an owner of an online business, you know how important it is to reach customers and create consistent incoming revenue. Determining the best way to create a steady flow of both new and returning customers is essential for creating a long-lasting and profitable brand. Here are three things you can do to bring in a steady stream of customers to your online business.
    1. Social Media And Email Marketing Strategies
    2. Strong SEO
    3. Data-Informed Customer Insights

17. Transforming the Traditional Sales Funnel to Flywheel
The traditional sales funnel has become impractical for almost all organizations. Today's marketing teams are laser-focused on how they can target the customer most effectively. It is time for organizations to shift from the traditional sales funnel to the flywheel approach. Within its stages of attracting, engaging, and delight, the flywheel orbits around the customer. Let's find out how the flywheel model can channel pathways for team growth and product improvement while transforming how the customer engages with a brand.

18. What Are The 10 Best Free SEO Tools Suitable For The Beginners In 2022?
Without appropriate SEO tools, you cannot develop your site metrics in 2022. You have to select the best tools to make your job easier to rank your blogs and articles on the SERP. Here are ten free SEO tools for you to check out.
    1.  Google Search Console
    2.  Google Analytics
    3.  Answer The Public
    4.  Google Trends
    5.  SEO Quake
    6.  Screaming Frog
    7.  Moz Bar
    8.  Ubersuggest
    9.  Yoast SEO

19. Keyword Research: How to Do It, Tips, Tools & Examples
68 percent of online activity begins with queries in search engines like Google or Bing. Keyword research should be the basis of any online marketing campaign. In this section, we'll go through setting up a spreadsheet for your keyword research. We'll also discuss what data will help you choose the best keywords to target.

20. 8 Time-Consuming Business Tasks—and How to Automate Them Using Bots
There are plenty of time-saving business tasks that can be passed off to apps and bots. Ecommerce automation can help tackle those tasks, leaving you more time to do what you do best. Discover how to automate your Shopify store with apps and bots for every business challenge.
        1.  Eliminate abandoned carts
        2.  Automate social media shares
        3.  Simplify customer service
        4.  Replace manual workflows
        5.  “Hire” a smart assistant
        6.  Manage shipments
        7.  Offer discounts automatically
        8.  Automate email campaigns

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