Marketing Weekly Roundup For 17 November 2020

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Hope you are having an amazing week so far! Here’s the latest marketing weekly roundup for you, handpicked by me. 🙂 

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Below is this week useful marketing insights, tools, tactics and trends from experts to help you become a better marketer:

1.9 Best eCommerce Marketing Strategies
Find out the 9 best eCommerce marketing strategies for growing your customer base, improving engagement, and boosting conversion rates.

2. Product Packaging: How Top Brands Delight Customers With Memorable Unboxing Experiences
For ecommerce businesses, the shipped package represents the most direct touch point and connection with a customer. It also happens to be one of the most underused marketing opportunities. 

3. How the Marketing Funnel Works From Top to Bottom
Learn everything you need to know about the marketing funnel, including recent changes and rising challenges for marketers.

4. Should B2B Companies Invest in Content Marketing Tools?
Content marketing continues to be an important part of B2B marketing strategies in 2020. To make content marketing work, marketers and writers need to be generating content on a regular basis. Below is a list of resources that can help you create more effective content and cut down on the time it takes to create and promote it.

5. How to Monetize Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing
One of the best ways to monetize your blog is through affiliate marketing. Here is an explanation what is affiliate marketing and how to start affiliate marketing to monetize your blog.

6. 7 Types of AI Marketing Tools That Drive Leads
Find out what is Ai and how it can be used in marketing. And how to use AI Marketing to drive traffic and leads (+ Examples)

7. 12 Easy Instagram Tips That Will Get You More Followers
Instagram can be a powerful tool for marketing a business. But you need followers to actually get the word out effectively. Here are some Instagram marketing tips for gaining more followers quickly. 

8. 6 Ways to Create Effective Email Surveys
Email Surveys are considered as one of the best communication channels because they offer an array of functionalities that help companies target the right audience at the right time. Here are some tips to create an effective  email surveys 

9. Hashtags That Really Drive Traffic – Rock Your Social Media
Hashtags are one of the tools to increase the visibility of certain posts on social media if you know to do you choose the right ones for your content.

10. 4 Simple and Unique Tips To Rank Blogs On Google
Many people use blogging as a marketing strategy, but if you want to rank high in Google, you need it to be easy to find on Google. Here are some tips for ranking your blog posts more highly in search results.

11. 5 Steps To Creating A Strong Social Media Marketing Strategy
Having a well-planned social media strategy is essential to get attention to your content. Here are a few simple steps to take your social media strategy to the next level.

12. How to Start a Successful Pinterest Business Page
Pinterest should be an important part of your social media marketing strategy, as you can now have a Pinterest Business Account. Here are some tips in setting up your own Pinterest Business Page.

13. 37 of the Best Content Writing Tools for Content Writers
These content writing tools can help you make the content creation process a smoother one. These tools provide more time to focus on improving the content quality.

14. How to Improve Your Lead Quality Using Facebook’s Proven Lead Generation Format
Here is the break down how to use Facebook ads for lead generation, along with tips to attract high-quality leads when using lead generation forms.

15. 3 Ways to Understand the Difference Between SEO and SEM in Digital Marketing
Marketing professionals often use the terms SEM and SEO interchangeably. However, these strategies are different from each other, and you need to know their differences to better manage your search marketing campaign.

16. How to Audit Your Email Campaigns in 4 Steps [Worksheet Provided]
When was the last time you did an audit of your email marketing strategy? Here is four-step process to do it with a worksheet.

17. 10 Advanced Email Copywriting Tips for Your Next Campaign
Want to improve the readability of your email campaigns? Make sure they’re well written with these ten email copywriting tips for advanced marketers.

18. 5 Content Marketing Tips You Probably Aren’t Using But Should
Here are 5 content marketing tips and respective tool to help you with your content marketing.

19. A Quick Guide to Using Keywords for Better Amazon SEO
You can use Amazon SEO techniques to boost product rankings and discoverability in organic searches, which can increase sales with Amazon.

20. LinkedIn Message Automation – The Why, Whats & Hows
Ready to start automating your LinkedIn messages? Here’s everything you need to know on the topic, down to the best LinkedIn outreach automation tips and tools

I hope that you found this marketing roundup insightful! Stay tuned for the next marketing weekly roundup to get more updates on new tips and insight in digital marketing and advertising.


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