Marketing Weekly Roundup For 1 December 2020

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Marketing Weekly Roundup For 1 December 2020

Welcome to today’s marketing weekly roundup to keep you up-to-date with the latest useful digital marketing news, tips and tactics from experts around the world…

Here’s the marketing roundup of the top marketing things to know in the digital marketing world:
1. 10 Tips for Boosting Instagram Sales During the Festive Season
Here are top 10 tips to boost sales for your brand through Instagram. Learn to enhance your presence on Instagram and, consequently, gain a substantial increase in your sales.

2. 20 Holiday Email Subject Lines to Inspire Merry Messages
Check out these 20 festive subject lines from real brands and start sending your own merry messages this holiday season. 

3. SEO for Landing Pages: Best Practices to Rank
Marketers know effective landing page optimization consistently attracts more organic traffic and the right potential customers — those interested in your product or service and, thus, most likely to convert. In this guide, we explore some of the best practices to rank landing pages. 

4. 4 Tips for Taking Your Brick-and-Mortar Store to the Online Realm
Whether caused by a global pandemic, economic downturn or simply a change in business model, many stores are taking operations online. Here are some tips make a successful transition. 

5. 5 Top Kinds of Social Media Videos You Can Create in 30 Minutes
Many companies use short videos to promote their new products and engage their market due to their effectiveness. Here are the most effective videos you can make in about 30 minutes and how to market them successfully.

6. 15 Powerful Tips for Cross-Selling
Cross-selling is one of the best ways to maximize average order value (AOV) and boost value for your customers. Here’s an overview of cross-selling, along with 15 powerful tips to get massive results. 

7. 7 Content KPIs You Really Should Be Tracking
Here are some performance indicators (KPIs) to track in order to measure the effectiveness of the content strategy.

8. Technical SEO Checklist 2020: Site Audit & Best Practices
This is a comprehensive guide on Technical SEO that will make you understand all the factors need to handle technically to boost sites ranking.

9. Best Social Media Platforms for Business
Are you considering your social media plan of attack for 2021? Want to know the social networks you should spend your time and money on? Constant Contact share their guide to the top 5 social platforms in this infographic.

10. The 50 Best Lead Generation Software Tools to Hit Your 2021 Revenue Goals
Lead generation tools simplifying your email and streamlining prospecting, help with your CRM strategy and can nurture leads toward closing. Here are some of them

11. Reaching Your Audience on LinkedIn With Precision
How can marketers understand and target their audiences on LinkedIn with laser precision? This infographic offers the guidance you need to get rolling.

12.  4 Powerful Split Tests You Can Start Using Today
Split testing, is an excellent way to gradually increase these numbers without drastically changing your business overnight. Here are several split tests you can use across all of your marketing platforms. 

13. How to Implement a Return Policy That’s a Win for Both You and Your Customers
Returns, refunds, and exchanges are all a part of selling online. But with a well-crafted return policy and a system to handle requests, you can encourage new shoppers to buy from you and turn dreaded return requests into repeat business. Here’s how.

14. How to Use Instagram: Step by Step Guide [From a to z]
In this step by step guide, you’ll learn on how to use Instagram, how to be an influencer on Instagram, how to gain huge followers, and how to make money on Instagram. 

15. 11 Best Social Media Marketing Courses For Beginners
Here is a list of top 11 social media marketing courses that are suited for people starting their career in social media marketing or want to grow their business..

16. How to Improve Client Engagement With Email Marketing Automation
Here are five top tips on how to make email marketing automation work for you by boosting client engagement.

17. Experiential Marketing: Here’s How to Take on the Competition

The average person sees more than 5,000 ads every single day. How can you stand out from a sea of other brands vying for consumer attention? Check out this blog and get a step-by-step guide to launching a campaign. 

18. The 6 Most Common Google Ads Mistakes (and the Blueprint To Fix Them)
Do you want to discover the fundamental elements of Google Advertising? Do you want to learn what changes you can implement to open up new opportunities and grow your business? Read on

19. 4 Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales with Your E-commerce Store
Looking to engage more customers and generate more sales for your e-commerce store? Discover 4 top e-commerce marketing tips and strategies plus case study examples from other businesses to significantly attract customers and boost sales for your online store.

20. 10 B2B Sales Techniques for 2021 to Close More Deals Fast
B2B sales techniques must be highly targeted to help your team gain leads and close deals. Here are are 10 strategies to help increase B2B sales in 2021.

If you’d like to suggest your favorite digital marketing content to be considered for upcoming marketing weekly roundup, please let me know here

That’s it, folks. I hope you liked this marketing weekly roundup. See you next week.


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