How to Monetize Google Hot Trends

Google Hot Trend
By: Andre Charland

Heard about Google’s Hottest Trends? Want to know how you can use this to get easy money from your blog site or online business? Visit the Google Hot Trends page (, and a set of popular keywords can be found. These keywords are the most popular searches and are usually updated every hour. 

If you get to know what people want by searching the latest Hot Trends, then you can easily get the keywords which you can use to earn money by selling your very own product. From the hot list of items people are desperately looking for choose items that can be found in each and every state rather than being region specific. Keywords can also have negative comments to it, especially when the product has proved itself to be harmful to people, so keep an eye out for such comments. 

Clicking on the keyword gets you a rating which will give you the popularity factor. The most popular will be hottest and the least would be mild. Once you’ve chosen which product you want to use to make money for the success of your online business, make sure it’s the hottest on the list of keywords or you could also choose items that have risen in status in the past five hours, beyond which products decline in status. 

Once you’re done choosing the product you found to be the most popular, look through Google and try and get hold of a website which can help you sell the same product. The sites paying the greatest commissions are always the best! Once you’re done choosing that, get the links down and put them up on your blogsite, website or any of the other advertising pages like Squidoo Lens, Hub Pages or US FreeAds, and hope to sell your product! 

These hot trendy products can also be checked for popularity on Google Search, by just browsing through the number of Adwords adverts displayed. Saturated keywords aren’t worth campaigning for since they’re clichéd, so looking for unsaturated, new and trendy items that can sell on Google Hot Trends is worth it! Click here for the step by step video tutorials how to make money with Google Hot Trends 

How to Monetize your PLR Article

Most of us, like me for example, who have dozens of blogs and websites know that it often proves a Herculean task for us to generate enough content for each of them…at most times, it is impossible! PLR articles prove tobe the saving grace in this situation. It is a known fact that PLR articles are an amazing content source for blogs and websites using Adsense to monetize their sites. Moreover, they are also a great way to market your article! 

There’s no use republishing private label right articles that have already been published by others elsewhere a number of times. That would in fact also be a futile attempt; you would be inviting upon yourself the wrath of a Google double penalty…as far as the perceived notion of it goes! The advantages of having PLR articles are manifold. Here are some tips on how you can use them: 

With private label right articles, you can design your very own physical or digital newsletter. 

Through article directories, you can direct massive traffic towards your websites. By submitting your articles to high page rank directories like  

E-zine, your article will start scoring pretty on the popularity charts! You can bring in scores of visitors to your homepage by inserting your name as the author in the bio box. 

By branding high quality articles to your name, you can emerge an expert in your field! 

Keep in touch with them through your mail list, this way your mailing list survives as well. You can also provide them with quality articles to cater to their need of reading a new article everyday or once in a while. 

Want Google to rank your website?? Well, you can use PLR articles to do it! Under normal circumstances, it takes a while for Google to rank your site. To get Google to rank your website as quickly as possible, be sure to send as many relevant articles as you can; in turn, Google spiders will index your website with increasing frequency.  

Your Adsense earnings should increase with your articles. You may also monetize your articles through Kontera. 

Create your very own E-book or special report…all you need to do is compile all your articles together! 

PLR articles help you to use your articles for viral marketing. 

Turning private label right articles into unique content material by recycling them is an easy job which takes minimal time! Using PLR articles takes lesser time than your thinking out a new article and proves a lot cheaper too, as you won’t have to pay someone to write creative content material for your websites! So don’t let these rust in your hard disk, use them!  Click here to learn step by step how to create your internet business easily using PLR Article & Products


Set Up Your Own Online Shop with Zen Cart

Zen Cart is an open source site that allows users to manage their online stores. Along with the shopping cart feature, this site comes with a host of other services and features that make it easy for the users to sell products on their online stores.  It’s PHP-based and uses a MySQL database. Users, whether their shops exist solely on the worldwide web or are just the online version of their real-time stores, have a wide-range of options to customize how their online stores look. Designing your Zen Cart website i.e. your store, goes a long way in drawing customers and if done well, can be critical in increasing sales.


Online tutorials and FAQs should make it easier for users to design their ‘shops’, exactly as they want it to look, but Zen Cart unfortunately does not provide you with a completely unique layout of your own. While building your site, you need to keep in mind the color scheme you would like to use, the blueprint or the plan of the site, the terms you use to name your products and so on. These are essential factors that determine the success of your online store. Click here for Zen Cart Video Tutorials – How To Set Up ZenCart Online Shop

Target a specific, narrower group within the market of buyers. This way you can have detailed, more customer-specific elements in you site. For example:

  1. The benefits that your target buyers or niche look for can be included and highlighted in your products.

  2. You can draft a copy on your site that will strike home with your buyers instead of making them feel like you’re displaying a general, universal prepared write-up for them.

  3. Payment options: Check, PayPal, Credit Cards, etc. according to the needs and preferences of your target group of purchasers.

Although Zen Cart does not provide you with exclusive, just-for-you layouts, you can use it to your greatest advantage. You can download add-ons to embellish your site and add graphic elements or tweak the templates to make your site stand out from the rest. With a little thought and a whole lot of creativity: your website will catch your buyer’s eye for sure! 

How to Flip Websites For Profits

Flip websiteMarketers on the internet create and sell websites through a process called ‘flipping’. They develop websites within profitable slot markets then sell them to gain easy profits. These freshly created websites are never designed for long term uses. They are created to be sold off after they have reached certain levels for the retailer’s monetary profits. 

For example, if someone starts off by retailing one website per week, where a domain name costs 20 dollars and he or she already has a reseller’s hosting account, he or she adds another 10 dollars to the whole cost. Then by availing of some free scripts and readily accessible information from the internet, he or she can create a website within an hour’s time. 

Now, after an hour’s work, the website costs 30 dollars and all one has to do is sell the website for an amount summing up to anything above 30 dollars to gain a profit. If one accomplishes to sell the website for 70 dollars that equates to 40 dollars of profit every week. So to uplift one’s profits in such a manner, all he or she needs to do is design more websites. 

As one advances in this field, he or she will come across sites that sell for either a lesser or a larger amount of money which vary on different reasons. It is only with time and experience that one learns the tricks of the trade and learns to increase his or her profits by simply making and retailing more sites. 

The other way to increase one’s income is to learn how to quickly design sites that are in demand. In the example provided above, one invests an hour’s time to design a website. Soon enough, one learns how to design a website within minutes. 

When a website earns a good amount of profit, one can sell it off or ‘flip’ it for a better profit. Securing huge profits also have a big role to play in the process of ‘flipping’. Lastly, one must remember that with any endeavor, the more one works for it, the more profit he or she gains out of it. Click here to learn more How To Create & Flip Websites For Profits!

Learn How To Create and Flip Websites To the Offline Market


How to Create an Effective Niche Marketing Strategy for your Business

Finding your niche is one of the baby steps that you have to make for your business. This can be compared to archery—you need to hit the bull’s eye with few arrows as possible.

Once you’ve found your business focus, it’s time to move forward by creating an effective niche marketing process. This is not an easy task, but the benefits are worth the shot.

Here are the basic things that you have to remember in your niche marketing strategy:

Blogging puts you as an industry expert

If you’re a smart business owner, you’ll consider having a blog. Setting up a blog can be done in just few minutes, but maintenance will probably take days. Consider these factors once you’ve started making your blog.

  • Always create better content. Keep in mind that your clients won’t spend too much time mulling over products and services. Once they see something flawed in your blog, they’ll leave. It’s always important to have astounding content. You may need to hire a professional writer, or you should at least learn more about the writing industry.
  • Submit at least 1 post a day. An inactive blog isn’t a good investment. Now that you’ve created a business blog, you should continue making posts. Having one informational post per day is better than nothing at all. In this way, your clients will learn more things about your services.
  • Connect to the blogosphere. The blogosphere is the gigantic concentration of blogs in the Internet. By connecting to the blogosphere, you can expand your business without spending a dime. You have to monitor other bloggers. Additionally, you can also leave helpful comments in their blogs.

As your blog continues to grow, your clients will—gradually—recognize you as an industry expert. This will increase your level of professionalism.

Send out newsletters (smartly)

Newsletters aren’t new in niche marketing; in fact, they have been around for quite some time already. Only the newsletter strategies change every now and then.

By writing newsletters, you’re raising awareness for your business. You can churn out a 300-word newsletter—complete with useful subheads and professional data. As much as possible, avoid the temptation to write long newsletters; people just don’t have the time for too much information.
You must also send newsletters smartly. Watch out for these pitfalls:

  • Automatic senders. While it’s good to use an automatic sender program, most clients get annoyed with it. They can actually feel if the newsletter is ‘robotically sent,’ and they may turn away from your business. As much as possible, avoid using automated programs. If this can’t be avoided, you can just send a personal email to your clients to signify that you respect their time.
  • Frequency of sending. You can’t send a barrage of ten newsletters in just a week. This will make your clients irate, and they may unsubscribe from your list. This is a common mistake of business owners. As a rule of thumb, you can just send one newsletter per week. Increase the frequency as your business grows.
  • Weak content. Does your newsletter include riveting questions? Do you tickle the clients’ senses by adding good images? These are some of the things you can do to make your newsletter ‘smart.’ Keep doing it, and you will soon catch the attention of your clients. Don’t settle for weak newsletter content.

Start speaking at seminars

Seminars are good ways to boost your niche value. Scheduling seminars can be costly, especially if you’ll pick commercial places. However, presenting your business ideals to people can help bring in more clients.

You can keep these things in mind before scheduling a seminar:

  • Your presentation materials. Prior to the actual seminar, you’ll have lots of time to prepare. You should spend time in making effective presentation materials. Are your materials reliable and backed up by official research? Do you have entertaining images or videos? These are just some of the useful questions that you need to answer about your materials.
  • Venue and scheduling process. A typical venue usually holds two or more seminars in any given day. If the venue is inexpensive, you should expect for a tighter schedule and shorter speaking time. It’s also important to research ahead of time.

As a business owner, you must understand that niche marketing is a continuous process. One strategy may no longer be effective in the coming years—so you must improvise. Just do your research, and always stay few steps ahead of the competition.


How To Find Profitable Products and Niches To Promote

$100 Per Day Niche Marketing Video Training

How To Promote Your Business Using Email Course

In this video, I will share with you some of basic how you can use email course to attract subscribers and then using the ecourse to promote either your own products or affiliate products.  Just make sure your recommendation is relevant to the content of the email course. Enjoy the video. Should you need ready made email course, don’t forget to check out Niche PLR Newsletter – Receive Niche Private Lable Right Newsletter Content for Your Newsletter and Ready Made Instant Niche PLR Newsletters Messages store

How to Create A Profitable Niche Website

There must be some differences between those who can create niche websites capable of making a large amount of cash and those who just deal with scraps. Now, the question arises as to what kind of special knowledge such people possess.  

It may sound interesting that such eggheads don’t know anything extraordinary because there is no such unknown secret to the world of niche marketing. The immensely important thing to know is the way in which such people trade in on these niche products.  

Such successful people have extreme knowledge as far as the art of niche marketing is concerned. Internet is enriched with immense knowledge in every aspect and can help such people. Usually, the marketers are unable to settle on a particular product amongst dozens of free products for marketing due to excess of information. As a result, the business becomes stagnant and money is not generated.  

For such complexity, it’s wise to settle on the popular niches calmly for selling products and to apply some efforts for generating a certain amount of cash. There is no doubt that once you act in this way, you will gain. 

There is also the issue of outsourcing as the niche marketing experts even contract out their work to several different groups like artists, writers, designers and many more. If this seems impossible for you due to its financial cost, you better learn to do it on your own. Don’t worry! Many e-books are awaiting you to aid. 

At the very outset, you need to accomplish things manually. Well, once you spend some time in this aspect, you better grip the know-how of transforming it to an automatic system. This will enrich your system. Then, you can have many niche websites that can operate automatically and can make cash for you. Isn’t it interesting? It’s so because many people are doing it everyday and niche marketing is endowing them with thousands of dollars. 

There is no shortcut to the fact that the flow of money increases with the increase in the number of niche sites you build. Once you can build 5 to 10 new niche sites per month, you will certainly receive your reward largely within 6 months. Click here to Learn How To Find Profitable Products and Niches To Promote


How To Make Money Online

Work from home and make money
3 ways to make money online

Do you want to work on your own terms? Do you want to be your own boss? Are you tired of making your boss rich? Do you want to work whenever you want? If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you probably understand why many people have decided to work online. Making money online gives many people a level of freedom they haven’t experienced before. Here is a rough overview of the different approaches to make money online you can consider.

Work for others versus work for yourself

If you want to make money online, you can either work for other site owners or promoters as a freelance graphics designer, site developer, or content creator. Alternatively, you can work for yourself by being a promoter or website publisher. The key advantage of working for others is that you make money faster. You get paid for work you complete. Compare this to waiting for your site to rank in search engines or waiting for people to find your site and spread the word about your site due to your quality content. The disadvantage of working for others is that you might get assignments you may not be too thrilled about but still take on because you need the money. Also, your income depends on others you can’t control. Finally, whatever money you make by freelancing will, generally speaking, be mere pennies on the dollar compared to the income of the person you work for.

The advantage of working for yourself is you are in control of your income. You aren’t dependent on clients. Instead, you control the amount of work and planning you put into generating traffic and converting that traffic. You also control how you promote. You can promote affiliate programs by publishing content, or you can simply share affiliate links on a large number of sites or social networks. Alternatively, you can simply buy traffic and make money when that traffic converts. You then plow back some of your profits to buy more traffic. The disadvantages of working for yourself is that you have to wait. It takes time for websites to generate income because it takes time for traffic, from SEO and otherwise, to build up. Even if you have enough capital to buy traffic to drive to your affiliate links, it takes time to tweak your campaigns to actually make money. Moreover, you need a lot of discipline to work for yourself. You have to be a self-starter. You have to work continuously daily. You have to be systematic as you continuously learn the ropes of making money online.


It is fairly easy to start making money online as a freelancer. Simply go to the Big Three freelance sites: Fiverr, Odesk, and Freelancer.Com. Create an eye-catching profile. Offer only services you are sure you can do very quickly. You probably will need to make your terms very attractive at first so you can build a portfolio. This means lowering your price or, in the case of Fiverr, offering more output or other bonuses.

The secret to making money online as a freelancer is to figure out a way to boost your productivity. You need to crank up your daily output so you can earn more money-especially if you are charging low rates initially to establish credibility. As your base of happy and loyal customers grow, increase your rates so you get a better return on investment (ROI) on your time and effort.

Affiliate Marketing

When you become an affiliate, you get paid a commission for sales or actions you generate with your affiliate referral link. Your job is to promote that link. The good news is that any website on the planet that allows you to build a clickable link that links to an outside site is a potential traffic source. With that said, you have to make sure you get an optimal return on investment (ROI) on your link sharing and link posting efforts. If you have started to make some money, you might want to buy traffic from proven sales-generating sites to boost your income. Click here to Learn How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing – The Right Way


A subset of the affiliate marketing method of making money online described above, web publishing involves promoting your affiliate referral link through the quality of the content you post on your blog or website. The big advantage of publishing as a means of making money online is that you build quite a bit of credibility with your blog or site. This makes getting people to trust your ads easier. Moreover, you can build quite a loyal following in social media and elsewhere if you maintain a highly credible and useful website. Finally, you can sell your site for quite a bit of money if it is a proven reliable money maker.

The discussion above should give you enough ideas regarding how to make money online as a freelancer/service provider or publisher/promoter works. Of course, there are lots of detailed information you need to read before you can start making money. Still, the information above should give you a firm grounding on how each general method works and their advantages and disadvantages.

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