Marketing Weekly Roundup for 16 September 2022

Welcome to Marketing Weekly Roundup, which comes with marketing insights, social media marketing, SEO tips, and actionable advice from around the world.

Here's the roundup of the top things to know in the digital marketing world this week, hand-picked just for you: 

1. How to Repurpose Old Content to Boost Marketing Results
Repurposing older content means taking valuable ideas and using them differently. Here are 4 ways to repurpose existing content to reach new audiences, boost your digital marketing ROI, and save time and money. 
1. Locate your best content
2. Tie the content to your audience
3. Choose a platform
4. Map out a plan

2. 10 Things Every SEO Strategy Needs To Succeed
With the right SEO strategy and resources, businesses of any size can see the growth they are looking for. Here are 10 things every SEO campaign needs to succeed. 
1.  Acknowledge The Importance Of SEO In Your Business
2.  Know Your Audience
3.  Define Your Business Goals
4.  Determine The Intent Of Your Website
5.  Research & Use Relevant Keywords
6.  Optimize Your Local Presence
7.  Fix Website Issues & Optimize For Mobile
8.  Know The Types Of Content That Rank Well
9.  Include A Backlink Strategy
10. Get More Reviews

3. How to Measure and Improve Your Marketing ROI
Measuring your marketing campaigns' ROI will show you what works and what doesn't so you can scale or optimize performance. Here are some ways to improve your marketing ROI.
1. Measure the effectiveness of core metrics
2. Experiment with different marketing channels
3. Implement A/B testing across all campaigns
4. Focus on your ad spend and income
5. Conduct market research to understand your target audience
6. Personalize your marketing to improve ROI
7. Utilize email marketing to improve your campaign’s ROI
8. Share data and offer seamless experiences across platforms
9. Reward customer loyalty to boost marketing ROI

4. 6 Ways to Generate Revenue for Your Online Coaching Service
Coaching has become astronomically popular over the past few years. You need a revenue model that is adaptable, scalable, and not too labor-intensive. Here are the six best ways to generate income as an online coach. 
1. One-on-one coaching
2. Group coaching
3. Online courses
4. Consulting services
5. Live events — virtual or in-person
6. Hybrid model 

5. The Secret To Great Blog Writing
Blogging is still one of the most prominent types of content marketing. With so many blogs available online, you need great writing to make yours stand out. Here are three blogging tips to take your writing to the next level. 
1. Know What Your Audience Wants
2. Develop Your Voice
3. Hire a Content Writing Service 

6. 4 Quick Tips for Writing High-Quality Content
Google rolling out updates to its search function to make it easier for people to find high-quality content. Here are 4 quick tips to ensure you’re producing high-quality, customer-centered content. 
1. Focus on what you know
2. Make it readable
3. Use keywords naturally
4. Keep content fresh

7. Landing Page Best Practices
Your landing page gives customers their first impression of your business. Here are 12 best practices for optimizing your landing page. 
1.  Do the “Squint Test”
2.  Center your content around SEO
3.  Use A/B testing
4.  Eliminate distractions
5.  Improve load time
6.  Get a third-party opinion
7.  Post short, relevant video content
8.  Consider placement
9.  Focus on the “three P’s”
10. Have a single call to action
11. Address your audience’s needs
12. Get the basics right

8. 14 Tools for Facebook, Social Analytics
Here is a list of free and paid analytics tools to measure results on Facebook. Some tools focus solely on Facebook, while others measure the impact across a spectrum of social networks. 
1.  Meta Business Suite
2.  Buffer
3.  Cyfe
4.  Agorapulse
5.  Rival IQ
6.  Sprout Social
7.  SocialPilot
8.  Keyhole
9.  Oktopost
10. Hootsuite
11. Mention
12. Unmetric
13. Brand24

9. 6 Entrepreneurial Skills To Embrace Before 2022 Ends
Entrepreneurial skills are the foundation for society's development. Efficient entrepreneurial skills can significantly alter the perspective of employees. The following are 6 essential entrepreneurial skills that will help you succeed in creating your business. 
1. Long-range Planning
2. Innovative Thinking
3. Successful Communication Skills
4. Continuous Learning
5. Smart Decision-making Skills
6. Creative skill 

10. 15 SEO-Friendly Content Writing Tips to Outrank Your Competition
Creating useful content, setting up an effective sales funnel, and following the best SEO practices at once are essential for both online promotion and sales growth. Here are 15 SEO-friendly writing tips for creating the best content to outrank your competition. 
1.  Conduct Research
2.  Recognize Your Target Market
3.  Add Appropriate Keywords
4.  Create Enticing Headlines
5.  Insert Eye-Catching Images and Visuals
6.  Ensure Best Quality Content
7.  Adhere to the Proper Outline and Format
8.  Execute Successful Social Media Promotions
9.  Monitor Your Results Analytics Use
10. Add Alt Text to Images
11. Make Use of Appropriate Tags and User-Friendly URLs
12. Update Your Content Frequently
13. Incorporate Short Paragraphs
14. Prepare Your Content for Mobile Use
15. Use Schema Markups

11. What is Brand Strategy? A 6-Step Framework
Digital brand strategies have taken center stage for marketing and communications professionals. A social-first brand strategy opens the door to increasing market share and customer loyalty. In this guide, you'll learn the basics of brand strategy, and step-by-step to develop your own framework with templates. 
Step 1: Assemble your team
Step 2: Host discovery sessions
Step 3: Document your findings
Step 4: Create a crisis plan
Step 5: Circulate for review
Step 6: Monitor your progress

12. 15 Key Priorities To Keep In Mind When Revamping A Marketing Funnel
A company's marketing funnel is the framework of buying stages it creates for its prospects to follow. Potential customers and clients may enter the funnel at any stage, and the paths they take may not move directly toward a sale. Every stage of the funnel must function correctly and effectively to tempt prospects further into it. Here are 15 important things to consider when revamping a marketing funnel. 
1.  Get Your Brand In Order First
2.  Ensure Seamlessness Between Marketing, Sales, And Product Functions
3.  Look At The Audience First
4.  Look At Targeting And Messaging In Unison
5.  Create A Customer Journey Roadmap Instead
6.  Focus On The Post-Purchase Part Of The Funnel
7.  Assess Your Company’s Web Presence
8.  Work Backward From An Audit Of Current Customers
9.  Look At Your Website First
10. Take A Hard Look At The ROI Of Past Investments
11. Evaluate Sales, Spend,ing And Performance Data
12. Use Intent Data To Identify Down-Funnel Prospects
13. Assess The Technology Stack’s Operational Connectivity
14. Revisit Your Buyer Personas
15. Get A Clear Understanding Of Business Goals

13. Top 18 Social Media Management Tools in 2022
Social media marketing has a lot of moving parts: creating, publishing, monitoring, engaging, and much more. It's important to have a social media management tool that will help you streamline all of your tasks in a single interface. Here are 18 recommended social media management tools to help you find the best ones.  
1.    Sprout Social
2.    Social Pilot
3.    Sendible
4.    KeyHole
5.    Zoho Social
6.    eClincher
7.    NapoleonCat
8.    Buffer
9.    Later
10.   Hootsuite
11.   CoSchedule
12.   MeetEdgar
13.   Preview
14.   Tailwind
15.   Tweetdeck
16.   Oktopost
17.   Pallyy
18.   PromoRepublic

14. 5 Creative Pr Tactics Your Business Should Explore
In an increasingly digital world, it can be difficult for brands to reach customers through traditional PR tactics. Nevertheless, public relations is crucial for enterprise technology companies and B2B brands. Here are some creative tactics to gain traction and create tangible results through your PR efforts. 
1. Develop a digital pr strategy 
2. Maximize the power of podcasts 
3. Create specific & targeted press releases for local markets 
4. Give back by embracing corporate social responsibility
5. Leverage influencer marketing to reach your target audience

15. How to Increase Email Open Rates: 13 Key Success Factors with Examples
Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel for you to build relationships with potential customers while promoting your business’s products or services. Thus it's important to track and increase your email open rate to ensure your email marketing campaign’s success. Here are 13 best practices that improve your email open rates. 
1.  Use a human sender name
2.  Use a sentence case subject line
3.  Keep the subject line short (7 – 9 words at most)
4.  Front load the subject line with the most impactful words
5.  Use numbers, odd or even
6.  Use the top-performing words
7.  Use words that indicate visuals
8.  Write meaningful preheader text
9.  Send every email twice
10. Clean up your email list
11. Use email authentication to improve deliverability (DKIM, DMARC, SPF)
12. Send welcome series of emails
13. Use social media to test email messaging

16. Facebook for Small Business: 15 Tips for Success for Any Business
For many businesses, Facebook is the first choice to use social media for marketing. If you're not taking advantage of all that Facebook has to offer, you're missing out on a lot of potential customers. Here are 15 tips for success when using Facebook for your small business. 
1.  Take a Peek at Your Competitors
2.  Fully Set Up and Optimize Your Facebook Business Page
3.  Use a Strong Cover Photo
4.  Customize Your CTA Button & Link Your Ecommerce Catalog
5.  Know Your Content Types
6.  Create a Content Calendar
7.  Post on Facebook Consistently with Intent
8.  Be Relatable, Not Salesy
9.  Interact with Your Fans
10. Go Live on Facebook
11. Consider Starting Facebook Group
12. Consider Investing in Facebook Ads
13. Structure Your Pixel Strategically 
14. Create Custom Audiences
15. Review Analytics

17. How To Create A Paid Newsletter
Paid newsletters are one of the best ways for creators and subject experts to monetize their knowledge. Here are how to do it steps by step: 
Step 1.  Choose a topic and an audience for your newsletter
Step 2.  Choose a name for your newsletter. 
Step 3.  Define the difference between your paid and free lists
Step 4.  Decide on the price of your paid newsletter
Step 5.  Create a free AWeber account
Step 6.  Create a list for your newsletter in your AWeber account
Step 7.  Create and connect your Stripe account with AWeber
Step 8.  Set up a landing page to charge for subscriptions
Step 9.  Connect the buy buttons to Stripe products and add the purchase automation tags
Step 10. Send a test newsletter to your free and paid lists

18. 3 Simple Steps to Help Startups Maximize Their Leads
Early-stage startups often work with limited resources and a small team of employees. This how-to guide offers three simple steps for businesses that are just starting to make the process of hiring, introducing lead quality metrics and optimizing your sales motivation system a simple process. 
1. Build your base
2. Empower your team
3. Make the rewards worth the effort 

19. Five Ways Ecommerce Retailers Can Sleep Well and Sell More This Black Friday
Global eCommerce sales are expected to top $5.5 trillion in 2022 and represent 21% of all retail sales. Here are five basic practices that ecommerce retailers can follow to enhance the shopper experience and survive the holiday rush. 
1.    Create context recommendations
2.    Set up merchandising boost rules
3.    Pin additional or higher-value products
4.    Draw attention with product badges
5.    Avoid the ‘zero results’ dead end

20. 11 Social Media Networks to Use for Personal Branding
Personal branding is crucial across all industries, helping to increase sales and build trust. Before launching a personal branding social media campaign, examine where your target audience spends time online. Consider which networks they'll see to maximize your visibility. Let's take look at 11 social channels to explore for personal branding. 
1.  Facebook
2.  Twitter
3.  LinkedIn
4.  Instagram
5.  Snapchat
6.  Quora
7.  Crunchbase
8.  Medium 
9.  Pinterest
10. YouTube 
11. TikTok

That’s it for this weekly marketing roundup. Feel free to share Weekly Roundup or any other of our roundups with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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