Marketing Weekly Roundup for 20 August 2021

Marketing Weekly Roundup for 20 August 2021

Happy Friday! I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. Welcome to another marketing weekly roundup. This is where I share the top marketing insights like SEO, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and news in the world of digital marketing so that you can stay up to date. I appreciate hearing from you. Let me know if you ever have any questions.

Here is the weekly roundup for today:

1. 10 Free Email Marketing Tools for Success and Time-Savings
There's a lot that goes into creating an amazing email marketing campaign. But thankfully, there are tons of awesome free tools to help you do it. Whether you want to easily create beautiful designs, hone your writing skills, analyze and optimize your subject lines or send surveys, there's a tool to help you achieve your goal.
  1.  AWeber
    2.  Jotform
    3.  Canva
    4.  Grammarly
    5.  Headline Analyzer
    6.  Pablo by Buffer
    7.  SurveyMonkey
    8.  Stripe
    9.  Calendly
    10. Campaign URL Builder & Google Analytics

2. What Is A B2B Sales Funnel? An Ultimate Introduction
In this guide, you will learn about what a sales funnel is and some of its benefits for your business. Furthermore, you will learn the differences between B2B and B2C sales funnels and how to build a B2B sales funnel.

3. 10 Top Community Management Tools for Engagement
Community management is just one piece of the puzzle of social media marketing. Your community managers need the right tools for success. Here are 10 great community management tools for you to consider.
1. Sprout Social
    2. NapoleonCat
    3. Brand24
    4. Keyhole
    5. Social Bakers
    6. Tweetdeck
    7. Grytics
    9. Taggbox

4. The 8 Step Method to Supercharge Your Local SEO with Local Search Grid
Local SEO has changed again in 2021 with the introduction of “Local Search Grid”. Here are 8 steps you can use to boost your Local SEO using the new “Local Search Grid”.

5. 6 Tips and Some Tricks to Grow Your Newsletter
Email marketing is a great way to share your brand’s message, promote existing content, establish and maintain brand awareness, and many other advantages, guaranteeing you will reach at least a segment of your target market. Use these six tips to grow your newsletter and some tricks to execute each one of them like a pro:
1. Set Your Goals
    2. Branding
    3. Design With Your Brain
    4. Use a Functional and Consistent Structure
    5. Send the Best Content
    6. Always Test How Your newsletter Works

6. What Is Social Commerce?
Social commerce features are emerging across many platforms, creating new opportunities for brands big and small. Here is a detailed breakdown of social commerce: what it is, how it works, and most importantly, how it could work for your business.

10 Ways to Use Live Streaming to Boost eCommerce Sales

7. 10 Ways to Use Live Streaming to Boost eCommerce Sales
Live streaming can boost your eCommerce sales in ways that text, images, and other static content cannot. Here are ten tips for making the most out of live-streamed shopping:
  1. Choose the Right Platform
    2. Plan Ahead
    3. Build up Excitement Before the Live Event
    4. Improve Influencer Marketing
    5. Involve the Audience
    6. Giveaways and Time-Sensitive Discounts
    7. Hold Webinars
    8. Incorporate Immersive Video
    9. Broadcast Your Live Events
    10. Track Your Metrics

8. How To Go Live On TikTok To Improve Engagement With Your Followers
Going live on TikTok gives creators and brands an excellent opportunity to connect with their audience in real-time. Here are some of the best tips to make winning TikTok live videos.

9. How to Use Social Listening for Lead Generation
One of the best ways to generate leads from social media (apart from investing in social media advertising) is to use social media listening. Discover how to turn your social media strategy into a lead generation powerhouse.

10. 6 Ways to Crack Your SaaS Marketing Strategy
Digital selling plays a huge part as prospects research and buy largely online. While having a good website, traffic from search engines, email campaigns and social media are essential, marketers need to focus on the following 6 areas from a content perspective that SaaS marketers need to focus upon to garner better marketing ROI.
    1. Tailor-Make Your Marketing Strategy For Your SaaS Product
    2. Optimize Your Website Conversion Rate Regularly
    3. Build Thought Leadership
    4. Focus On The Business Benefits
    5. Nurture Them Right
    6. Market To Your Existing Customers

11. 5 Highly Effective, B2B Digital Marketing Strategies of All-Time
Today, nearly all businesses across the globe have shifted their operations online. Because having an online footprint is one thing and leveraging its power, another. Let's explore five highly effective digital marketing strategies your business can use to boost your goals.
1. Get a Professional Website
    2. Make Cold Calls
    3. Use Influencer Marketing
    4. Create Content to Suit Your Buyer’s Journey
    5. Data AnalysisA Simple Pricing Strategy for Online Courses

12. What’s the simplest way to double your revenue?
    1.  Option 1: Get more clients.
     2.  Option 2: Raise your price.

Discover why raising your price is the smartest thing you can do to grow your course or coaching business.

Earning an 8X ROI With Home Improvement Google Shopping

13. Earning an 8X ROI With Home Improvement Google Shopping
One way for smaller businesses supposed to level the playing field is pay-per-click or PPC advertising. Discover how TheHoth helped an online home improvement store to reach more customers and increase their revenue with an 8x return on investment by utilizing Google Shopping! ​​​This was done through proper campaign structure, laser targeting, and optimization!

14. 14 Key Customer Engagement Tools Startups Need In Their Martech Stack
Every startup today needs to leverage marketing technology to be able to grow, scale, build strong customer relationships and keep up with competitors. Here is some guidance in selecting the right mix of tech tools to strengthen your startup’s marketing efforts.

15. How Not To Run Your Influencer Marketing Program
    1. Don’t treat influencers like contractors.
    2. Don’t be stingy
    3. Don’t use influencers as a way to communicate brand voice
    4. Don’t focus on purely transactional relationships
    5. Don’t be unreliable or unpredictable
    6. Don’t be part of systemic problems

16. How to Run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns: A Beginner's Guide
LinkedIn is a highly valuable tool to network with like-minded professionals and a useful inbound marketing platform. It also has a powerful ads platform. Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your first LinkedIn ad campaign.

17. 15 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Google Trends
Google Trends is a deceptively simple tool. But, if you know how to use it, you can actually get a ton of insights on how people search across time and geography. 
1. Data by date
    2. Trending versus top-searched
    3. Choose topics when you can
    4. Compare big places to small
    5. Today’s trends
    6. Find out what’s trending right now
    7. Always compare
    8. See how different places search for the same thing
    9. Trends can help us visualize common interests
    10. Trends are not polls
    11. …But they can tell you a lot
    12. Autocomplete is not the same as Trends data
    13. See what’s Trending near you
    14. Download your data
    15. And remember: Have fun with Google Trends

18. How to Optimize Your FAQ Schema to Maximize Positive Outcomes
A step-by-step walkthrough for strategically implementing FAQ Schema to maximize positive outcomes.

10 Marketing Trends to Watch in the Second Half of 2021

19. 10 Marketing Trends to Watch in the Second Half of 2021
You should integrate any of these trends into your strategy and reap good rewards. These trends are not just 2021 fads, but strategies and tactics that will endure for the coming years.
    1. Social Audio
    2. Marketing Automation
    3. Video Content and Live Streaming
    4. Influencer Marketing
    5. Micro-Moments
    6. Brand Differentiation
    7. Conversational Marketing
    8. Mobile Commerce and Mobile Marketing
    9. Community (-based) Marketing
    10. User-Generated Content

20. 5 Clever Ways to Repurpose Your Old Blog Content
Content repurposing, also known as content recycling, is taking old or outdated articles and giving them a new life. Here are five clever ways you can repurpose your old articles and secure more traffic, engagement, and sales.

That’s it for today marketing weekly roundup. Have a wonderful weekend.


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