Marketing Weekly Roundup for 14 October 2022

Goodday, everyone! As always, we have a brand new Marketing Weekly Roundup up and ready. So make yourself comfortable and let’s recap this week in marketing insights, SEO tips, email marketing tactics, social media marketing strategies, etc.

Here is your handpicked marketing roundup for this week:

1. How to Write a Sales Page
In this video, you'll learn 10 things your sales page must include to make sure your copy creates trust, builds authority, and converts like crazy. This tutorial is perfect for any coach or entrepreneur with a service-based or education business. 
1.  Headline
2.  Indoctrination
3.  Problem & Solution
4.  The Offer
5.  Juicy Benefits
6.  Social Proof & Authority
7.  Scarcity
8.  Risk Reversal
9.  Call-to-Action
10. Overall Feel & Flow 

2. Effective Social Media Tactics To Boost Your Marketing Strategy
Using social media giants to advertise your products or services is a no-brainer. Here are 7 simple tactics you can use to get the hang of the platforms and, ultimately, boost your marketing strategy. Try these tips today to see how social media tactics are boosted up. 
1. Establish Your Goals
2. Know Your Audience Inside Out
3. Choose The Right Platforms
4. Pay Attention To Security
5. Create A Content Calendar
6. Use The AI Tools
7. Engagement

3. How to Get More Views on TikTok
Tiktok can help you get more traffic and engagement with your content if you do it right with your content. Here are 5 tricks that can help you to get more views on TikTok. 
1. Engage with similar content creators
2. Take it out on hashtags; the algorithm loves them
3. Create short videos/content
4. Use trending sounds
5. Share your content across other social media

4. 5 Super Easy TikTok Ideas to Go Viral
Going viral on TikTok is one of the key factors if you want to grow as a course creator. The ultimate goal is interacting with your target customer and creating a stream of revenues. Here are five easy TikTok ideas to go viral, grow like, and followers. 
1. Take advantage of trends and hashtags
2. Be generous with tips and ideas
3. Feature your pet
4. Make A Dance video
5. Join Challenges 

5. Biggest SEO Mistakes That Might Be Ruining Your Site in 2022
One silly mistake in SEO can often cost you rankings, traffic, and conversions. Here are the 5 most common SEO mistakes that may happen in 2022 and tips on how to avoid these common mistakes. 
Mistake #1 No SEO content strategy
Mistake #2 Outdated SEO techniques
Mistake #3 Wrong or unclear SEO goals
Mistake #4 No regular site audits
Mistake #5 Not using SEO tools right

6. How Text Message Marketing Can Effectively Promote Your Small Business
Promoting your local business doesn't have to be costly, time-consuming, or overcomplicated. For small businesses, text message marketing can be as effective as other promotional methods. Discover how to use SMS marketing to promote your local business. 
1. Target and expand your local audience
2. Encourage client engagement using exclusivity
3. Keep it interactive
4. Sell more with geofencing
5. Increase customer loyalty
6. Encourage cross-selling

7. 10 Local Online Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business
Local online marketing is a set of marketing tactics that use the internet to target potential and existing customers within a business's physical location. Here are 10 ideas that can help you grow your local business through SEO, social media, advertising, and more. 
1.  Optimize your Google Business Profile
2.  Earn and manage customer reviews
3.  Expand service pages with solutions people look for 
4.  Blog with SEO in mind
5.  Build citations (and keep them consistent)
6.  Try localized online ads
7.  Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and fast 
8.  Use social media to give a taste of your service/product
9.  Get featured in relevant niche rankings and guides
10. Build awareness (and links) with free press 

8. How to Find Influencers & Creators for Your Next Social Media Campaign
The creator economy is estimated to be worth more than $100B, and it's changing how brands launch campaigns. The best partnerships will help you reach engaged (and relevant) audiences and build brand awareness. Here are 11 tips to help you find the right influencers and creators for your brand. 
1.      Define Your Goals
2.      Establish Your Influencer & Creator Personas
3.      Use an Influencer & Creator Database Tool
4.      Monitor Influencers & Creators Talking About Your Brand
5.      Look at Who Your Target Audience Engages With
6.      Consider Micro-Influencers & Creators
7.      Monitor Relevant Hashtags 
8.      Follow Industry Podcasts, Events, Newsletters, and Blogs
9.      Keep an Eye on Your Competitors
10.     Look at an Influencer & Creator’s Key Performance Metrics
11.     Ask Your Community for Recommendations

9. 5 Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies For Growing Your Startup
Inbound marketing involves creating engaging, informative content (e.g. blog posts, ebooks, infographics) to draw people to your website or business. They generate 3X more leads than outbound marketing techniques. Inbound marketing strategies are less expensive and generate a higher rate of return in the long term. Here are five effective strategies to start. 
1. Blogging or content marketing
2. Optimize your website to get more organic search results
3. Make a great effort in designing landing pages
4. Nurture your leads with email marketing
5. Use social media to reach potential customers 

10. How To Boost eCommerce Sales
In order to boost your eCommerce sales, you need to find smart and affordable ways of doing so. Here are some of the best tactics that eCommerce businesses can use to boost their sales, and how to get the most out of these tools and platforms.  
1.   Boost your Brand Awareness and Recognition
2.   Run A/B Tests to See which Campaigns Work Best
3.   Track User Behavior to Discover Engaging Areas
4.   List the “Best Sellers”
5.   Go Over your Checkout Process
6.   Provide Several Payment Options

11. 9 Tips for Creating Enticing Thumbnails for Your Social Media Videos
Video thumbnails are needed for video across all platforms including email, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. – and the right thumbnail can mean the difference between a viewer watching your video or moving on. Here are 9 tips for creating video thumbnails that actually entice viewers. 
1. Try a shot of someone’s face
2. Convey emotion
3. Include powerful text
4. Reflect the video content
5. Use a bright-colored background
6. Include your logo
7. Consult a color wheel
8. Have a consistent style
9. Keep screen sizes in mind

12. How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Email Marketing Campaigns
Email marketing has become one of the most popular and effective ways to reach out to potential and current customers. Here are the 7 best practices that should be followed in order to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns. 
1. Keep your subject lines short and sweet
2. Use engaging visuals
3. Personalize where possible
4. Segment your audience lists
5. Keep it clean and simple
6. Don’t forget the call to action
7. Make it Mobile-Friendly

13. How To Reach More Customers For Your eCommerce Business [Key Strategies]
As an eCommerce business, it is important to reach as many potential customers as possible. Here are 5 ways to reach more potential customers and grow your eCommerce business. 
1.   Make eCommerce search more user-friendly
2.   Make your home page more personal
3.   Leverage influencer marketing as an integral tactic
4.   Acquire Email Lists
5.   Obtain rave reviews and top-notch ratings

14. 8 Most-Effective Strategies To Sell Services Online
Selling services online is one of the most effective ways to grow a business and increase reach to potential customers. Most customers and potential customers are based on the sales proposition when choosing a service. Knowing how to sell digital services is essential to be successful as a freelancer. Here are 8 effective strategies to promote services and attract customers: 
1. Know who the target audience is
2. Choose your platform
3. Make sure the website is optimized and responsive
4. How to sell a service?
5. Give away a sample of your services
6. Sales funnel to convert leads
7. Testimonials to build trust in online services
8. Strategic alliances as part of digital marketing

15. How To Ask For Customer Feedback (And Why You Should)
As a tech business leader, customer feedback is like gold. Tap into what your audience wants and needs can change the trajectory of your company. Here are four ways you can gather better feedback and build rapport with your target audience  with your customers. 
1. Include feedback forms on your website
2. Reach out to email subscribers
3. Invite social media users to share their thoughts
4. Connect with new customers

16. 10 E-Commerce Website Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make—And How to Avoid Them
Here is some experts' advice that can help guide you as you build an effective online retailer's site and avoid some eCommerce website mistakes. 
1.  Not accounting for SEO in the URL structure
2.  Overdependence on ads and influencer marketing
3.  Not building my own team
4.  Building a site for a business that was too niche
5.  Not understanding online inventory management
6.  Not outsourcing early enough
7.  Not measuring lifetime value
8.  Focusing too heavily on one channel
9.  Fulfilling orders using suppliers abroad
10. Focusing on flashy design over user experience

17. How to Automate and Optimize Direct Mail Campaigns
Direct mail enables marketers to create seamless consumer experiences across physical and digital touchpoints. With the help of emerging technology, direct mail campaigns can be automated with hyper-personalization and ROI. ere is a breakdown of how to automate your direct mail campaigns:   
1. Plan in Advance
2. Set Triggers
3. Identify and Personalize
4. Tracking
5. Attribution Window

18. Revenue Optimization: 3 Ways To Get Your Advertising Efforts Right
Marketers exist in a new age where it's no longer satisfactory only to drive leads alone. Optimizing for leads or marketing qualified leads (MQLs) is great, but optimizing for what drives pipeline and revenue is better. Learn how to optimize for what drives pipeline and revenue in advertising. Below are three must-haves for revenue optimization. 
1. Tight-knit tracking 
2. Understand the customer base 
3. Understand the lifetime value of customers

19. How B2C Companies Can Use Technology To Leverage ABM Tactics
B2C companies can leverage account-based marketing (ABM) to create success with repeat customers. ABM can carry a significant creepiness factor if not done in a professional, respectful way. Here are 9 tips for using technology to target customers with personalized marketing.  
1. Use Intent Data To Identify In-Market Buyers
2. Invest In Finding Your Top Spenders
3. Fine-Tune Specific, Quality Content For Key Decision Makers
4. Gather Intent Data And Do Audience Research
5. Model ABM For B2B In Three Key Areas
6. Leverage Tech To Target Your ‘Best Consumer’
7. Set A Clear Schedule For Messaging With Your Team
8. Build Your Ideal Buyer’s Persona And Use It To Qualify Leads
9. Use ABM For Complex B2C Sales

20. Four Things to Consider and Focus on in your Pipeline
Sales pipelines show the sales expected to be closed by your salespeople. You can see this data for any given week, month or year. Through your sales pipeline, you should be able to document your leads and their progress and determine the processes and stages through your buyer's journey. Here are 4 things to focus in your pipeline. 
1. Clearly define your sales process
2. Planning Asset Creations
3. Delivering Your Assets and Messaging
4. Making Metric Based Decisions

That’s it for this week's marketing roundup. I hope you like it. If you’d like to suggest your favorite digital marketing content to be considered for an upcoming Weekly Roundup, please let me know.


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