Marketing Weekly RoundUp for 24 September 2021

Happy Friday everyone. Welcome to the Marketing Weekly Roundup! This is your weekly wrapped up of the top useful sales and marketing blog posts, SEO tips, and resources I’ve recently found online.

Here are this week marketing tips and insight to read:

1. How to Make the Most of Email Marketing for Small Business
Email marketing can help small businesses to reach their business goals on a budget. Here are some email marketing tips that can aid to build brand loyalty and even help you increase your sales.
    1.  Keep Your Emails Short and Simple
    2.  Use Customer Segmentation
    3.  Prioritize on Quality of the Emails Over Quantity
    4.  Send Mobile-friendly Emails
    5.  Personalize Your Messages
    6.  Make use of Automated Emails
    7.  Set Clear Expectations
    8.  Encourage Sign-ups
    9.  Include Information About your Social Media
    10. Track and See What Works

2. How to Run a Quality Social Media Sweepstakes

Running a quality social media sweepstakes is one of the best ways to amplify and boost your brand. Discover how to create social media sweepstakes that allow your brand to interact with fans, build a strong community, and turn leads into sales.

3. How Social Media Can Increase Your Conversion Rate
While it is certainly essential to focus on growing your social media audience, knowing how to use social media as a tool of creating conversion is a vital part of generating value from the audience you build. Discover how to leverage social media how to use social media in order to increase your conversion rate and turn more of your social media audience members into paying customers.
    1.  Social Media PPC Campaigns
    2.  Make Use of Video Content
    3.  Product Education Initiatives
    4.  Create Compelling Calls to Action
    2.  Leverage User-Generated Content to Create Social Proof

4. 10 Things to Know Before Building a B2C Marketplace Platform
Business to consumer eCommerce platforms are becoming extremely popular. Learn what you should know before building a B2C marketplace to avoid common mistakes.

5. 17 Trending Products to Sell in 2022 (And Ideas for How to Market Them)
To succeed in eCommerce you need three things: in-demand products to sell, the skills to market them, and the drive to succeed. To give you a head start, we’ve analyzed the sales data to share a list of 17 profitable, in-demand products that are trending now and into 2022—including ideas on how you can market them.
    1.    Toys
    2.    Shoes
    3.    Pens and pencils
    4.    Decorative bottles
    5.    Drills
    6.    Cutters
    7.    GPS navigation systems
    8.    Bras
    9.    Motor vehicle parts
    10.   Office chairs
    11.   Projectors
    12.   Kitchen towels
    13.   Digital artwork
    14.   Eyebrow enhancers
    15.   Neon signs
    16.   Tablet computers
    17.   Water bottles

6. How to Scale Your SaaS Business
Scaling is essential for success in the SaaS industry. If you can’t scale, you can’t reach new customers. Once your customer pool stays stagnant, your competitors will overtake you. Here is a list of 19 top tactics on how to scale your SaaS business for success.

7. 8 Strategies To Create A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business From An Expert Couple
Affiliate marketing is one of the more popular business models for making money online. It’s relatively easy to set up, can generate income quickly, and can be done with little to no startup capital. Here are some strategies and tips for success in affiliate marketing.
    1. Choose your niche wisely
    2. Shop around for the best commission rates
    3. Find innovative ways to reach new audiences
    4. Create quality content that provides value
    5. Use clear calls to action
    6. Create your own products
    7. Build connections with a community
    8. Find a mentor

8. What is Influencer Marketing? – A Guide
Influencer marketing is now a reliable method of online marketing. Discover how influencer marketing can help you to increase brand awareness, build authority in your industry, and effectively connect with prospective customers.

9. Top 12 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Is your content strategy struggling? Learn how to avoid these common content marketing mistakes that are easy to make.
    1.  Not Publishing Blog Content on a Regular Basis
    2.  Ignoring Email and SMS Marketing Opportunities
    3.  Failing on Social Media
    4.  Forgetting to Proofread
    5.  Not Utilizing SEO Best Practices
    6.  Pushing Quantity Over Quality
    7.  Publishing Irrelevant Content
    8.  Failing to Diversify Your Marketing Tactics
    9.  Not Having Content Goals
    10. Failing to Optimize for Mobile
    11. Ignoring Customer Outreach
    12. Not Tracking Analytical Data

10. Twitter Metrics: How & Why You Should Track Them
Do you know which Twitter metrics are the most important to track? Learn how to get more effective business insights from this guide.

11. 5 eCommerce Marketing Strategies That Will Drive Conversion in 2022
Once you have set up your B2B eCommerce store, you need to drive traffic to it because that’s the only way to increase the number of orders, traffic, and average order value. Here are five e-commerce marketing strategies you can use for your B2B company.
    1. Email Marketing
    2. Identify Buying Patterns
    3. Tackling Shopping Cart Abandonment
    4. B2B Mobile Commerce
    5. Invest in Search Engine Optimization

12. When is The Best Time To Post on TikTok (and Worst): The Ultimate rundown
TikTok has given a lot of aspiring creators an opportunity to make a living by creating content. However, to be able to reach the maximum number of people around the globe, it is necessary to know the best time to post on TikTok. Optimizing your posting times will not only improve the engagement of your content, but also help you in creating a viral content marketing strategy. Here are all the important aspects you need to know about finding the best time to post on TikTok.

13. How To Post Engaging Instagram Content For Your eCommerce Brands
eCommerce companies are using Instagram to connect up with audiences, enhance brand awareness and generate sales. Here are are some of the methods for eCommerce marketing on Instagram for beginners and how to improve your conversion rates.
    1. Design A Lifestyle Look By Your Collection Of Photos
    2. Repost Your Audience Post
    3. Display BTS For Your Company
    4. Motivate Followers Using Quotes & Images   

14. How to Create a MarTech Stack That Supports Your Growth Goals (+ Best Tools)
Marketing technology (MarTech) refers to any kind of technology that makes your marketing efforts more cohesive, efficient, and effective. Here are the benefits and some of the software tools that can help you optimize your marketing campaigns.

15. 14 Tips For Managing And Analyzing A Company’s Content
Today, sharing valuable content with their target market is a must-do for companies in many industries. Here are some tips to manage your content creation and curation, to make sure your content generates the best results and help achieve your business goals.
    1.  Craft A Strategy That Outlines The ‘Why’
    2.  Treat Content As You Would A Product
    3.  Have A Trusted Colleague Analyze It
    4.  See If It Adds Value To Your Brand Experienc
    5.  Always Consider Ways To Repurpose Content
    6.  Find Out What Different Kinds Of Content Achieve
    7.  Focus On Creating A Defined ‘Content Library’
    8.  Sync Your Content Up With The Audience’s Motivations
    9.  See What Audiences Find Educational Or Entertaining
    10. Integrate Your Marketing Plan And Content Strategy
    11. Don’t Rely Too Much On Technology
    12. Categorize Content Based On Audience Segments
    13. Maintain An Easy-To-Access Reference Point
    14. Create A Content Calendar

16. What Is Cross-Selling? An Interactive Guide
If you own an eCommerce website, you’ll want to know how to increase your average order value, improve customer retention, and basically generate more money online. In this interactive guide, you’ll learn the basics of cross-selling as an effective sales tactic and explain how it’s different from upselling. So, get ready to learn everything you need to know about cross-selling, customer retention, and boosting your online profits by recommending additional products for customers to add to their shopping cart.     

17. Use These 4 Video Editing Tools to Make Your Mobile Marketing Stand Out
Creating catchy videos for your brand marketing can help attract a larger audience on places like Instagram and YouTube. Businesses can take advantage of professional editing tools to encourage likes and comments. Here are four video editing mobile apps that help!
    1) Advanced video edits and filters – VSCO
    2) Make beautiful videos – Videohance
    3) Record, edit and share – Adobe Premiere Rush
    4) Professional visual stories – LumaFusion

18. 11 Types Of eCommerce Business Models That Work In 2021
There are plenty of different eCommerce business models that can be applied across most industries. Let’s find out different types of eCommerce business models and business model classifications that are effective in 2021. The goal of this post is to help you select an eCommerce business model for your business.

19. 8 PPC Best Practices That May Not Be Best for Your Business
PPC marketers are often tempted to follow whatever platforms recommend as best practices, but too often these approaches hurt more than help.
    1. Relying on Broad Match
    2. Fully Automated Bidding
    3. Auto-Accepting Recommendations
    4. Including a Specific Number of Keywords Per Ad Group
    5. Using SKAGs (Single Keyword Ad Group)
    6. Including Search Partners
    7. Combining Search and Display
    8. Diversifying Into Every Channel   

20. The Email Marketing Checklist: 30 Things For Every Successful Campaign
It is essential to have by your corner the proper email marketing checklist, so you can seamlessly reach your target audience and keep their interest. Here are the top 30 things to ensure your email marketing campaigns fetch you results.

That’s it for this week marketing roundup. Until the next one, have a wonderful weekend!

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