Weekly Roundup For 24 June 2018

1. How to Use Email Marketing to Grow Your Small Business Are you looking for ways to use email marketing to grow your business? Then you’ll want to take a look at these five email marketing tips to help boost your sales. https://toonchooi.com/t/read/how-to-use-email-marketing-to-grow-your-small-business/ 2. Google Maps for Small Business Google Maps for Small Business: Everything […]

Weekly Roundup For 10 June 2018

1. Scheduling and Automating Your Blog Posts, Social Media and Email Campaigns As a freelancer, I wouldn’t be able to save time and maintain quality blog content without scheduling and automating my blog posts, social media and emails. https://toonchooi.com/t/read/scheduling-and-automating-your-blog-posts/   2. 4 Online Video Trends (And When To Use Them In Your Marketing) Videos are […]

Weekly Roundup For 3 June 2018

1.Is Growth Hacking an Effective Marketing Method? Growth hacking allows the company to test, track, and scale their business. Tools that are used are emails, pay-per-click ads on Google or Facebook, blog articles, blog advertisements, and, most important of all, influencer marketing. Below are four steps that are used in growth hacking: 2. 10 Ways […]

Weekly Roundup For 27 May 2018

1. 11 Content Marketing Obstacles You May Face This Year Content marketing has a lot of moving parts. Here is a list of content marketing obstacles you may face this year and how to overcome them. https://toonchooi.com/t/read/11-content-marketing-obstacles-may-face-year/ 2. How to Make Your WordPress Site GDPR Compliant GDPR affects website owners who are tracking, collecting and […]

Weekly Roundup For 20 May 2018

1. How to Make Your WordPress Site GDPR Compliant GDPR affects website owners who are tracking, collecting and storing any kind of personal data of an EU citizen. Here’s how to get GDPR compliant. https://toonchooi.com/t/read/make-wordpress-site-gdpr-compliant/ 2. How to Advertise on Snapchat: A Detailed Guide to Snapchat Advertising In this guide to Snapchat advertising, you’ll learn […]

Weekly Roundup For 29 April 2018

1. 10 Social Media Usage Statistics You Should Know (and What They Mean for Your Marketing Strategy) We sifted through mountains of data on social media trends to bring you the social media usage statistics that mean the most for your marketing strategy. https://toonchooi.com/t/read/10-social-media-usage-statistics/ 2. Five Proven Hacks to Create Winning Marketing Campaigns Every Time […]

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