Marketing Weekly Roundup for 29 July 2022

Welcome to the marketing weekly roundup of noteworthy digital marketing insights, tips, and trends for this week. This weekly roundup features the latest marketing insights, SEO tips, tactics, and social media news in the industry.

Let’s hop into this week’s wrap-up:

1. The 20+ Best Paid and Free Content Creation Tools for Online Businesses
The brands that stand out today are the ones that produce captivating content. Digital content creation tools help you bring those videos, podcasts, social media posts, or blog articles to life. Explore the best paid and free versions of the best content-creation tools for online businesses.
        1.  HitFilm
        2.  BuzzSumo
        3.  Buffer
        4.  Canva
        5.  Burst
        6.  Grammarly
        7.  Otter
        8.  Anchor
        9.  Riddle
        10. Typeform
        12. GIPHY
        13. Descript
        14. Riverside
        15. Qzzr
        16. Riddle
        17. InShot
        18. Adobe Premiere Rush
        19. Lumen5
        20. Google Trends
        21. BuzzSumo
        22. Google Calendar and Google Sheets
        23. Trello
        24. Unsplash
        25. Make a Meme

2. Small Business Marketing on Facebook – 101
Small businesses can’t avoid Facebook these days. The social media platform has become an essential tool for marketing and customer engagement. But many small businesses are still unsure of how to use Facebook effectively. Here are some tips for marketing your small business on Facebook.
    1. Use Facebook Page Insights
    2. Use Facebook Advertising
    3. Use Facebook Groups
    4. Use Facebook Live
    5. Use Facebook Messenger
    6. Create FOMO with Stories
    7. Use Facebook Events

3. How To Find Blog Topic Ideas That Improve SEO
Blogging is a great way to connect with users – new and old. Creating topics that address the queries and concerns of your customers allows you to take advantage of Google’s algorithm. Here are some foolproof techniques for blogging in style.
    1. Use medium- and long-tail keywords for SEO
    2. Check Google Analytics
    3. Practice social listening

4. Seven Ways To Create A Content Experience
Most companies use content marketing to deliver value-added information that gets customers excited. You don’t just want people to buy your products and services, you want them to experience your company. Here are seven ways to create an experience that uses content beyond a sales pitch.
    1. Get Customers Excited
    2. Educate the Customer
    3. Highlight Success Stories
    4. Let Customers Showcase the Best Way to Use Your Products
    5. Create a Customer Support Forum Run by Customers
    6. Create Meaningful Conversations That Go Beyond What You Sell
    7. Stand for Something That Creates a Bond with Your People

5. 5 Ways To Grow Your Business With Technology
Growing your business is always an overarching goal for any organization. You need to develop a clear-cut growth strategy, and technology needs to play a huge part in that strategy. Here are 5 ways that you can leverage technology to grow your business’s footprint.
    1. Automate repetitive manual processes
    2. Strive to make customer first impressions stickier with tech tools
    3. Bring a virtual assistant to your team
    4. Investigate tech solutions to tap into your data
    5. Invest in a branded mobile app  

6. Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Website Traffic
Want to increase your website traffic? Here are some of the top tips that will help you drive more visitors to your site.  
    1.  Have a Business Blog
    2.  Create Engaging Visuals
    3.  Leverage the Power of Video
    4.  Target Long-Tail Keywords
    5.  Build Backlinks
    6.  Use Influencer Marketing
    7.  Build an Email List
    8.  Use Guest Blogging
    9.  Use Social Media
    10. Track, Analyze, and Repeat   

7. 12 Ways You Can Leverage Your First Book to Grow Your Business
There’s a story behind every business, and many entrepreneurs write books to share their own. An entrepreneur’s first book can be used to help them grow their business, say Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) members. Here are a few of their best ideas on how to leverage the book to help grow your business.  
    1.  Use Your Book as a Lead Magnet
    2.  Seek Endorsements
    3.  Generate Media Coverage
    4.  Feature Your Book on Social Media
    5.  Book Speaking Engagements
    6.  Create an Email Marketing Campaign
    7.  Establish Yourself as an Expert
    8.  Offer Review Copies to Industry Peers
    9.  Sell Your Book on Multiple Platforms
    10. Host an Event
    11. Get Involved in Relevant Communities
    12. Improve Your Web Presence   

8. 7 Lead Generation Strategies for Digital Marketing in 2022
Lead generation is collecting information about the individuals that have shown interest in your products or services. This includes dropping them into the sales funnel to turn them into paying customers. It’s not about spamming individuals with cold calls but luring them into your funnel by getting consensual information about them in the form of contact forms, offers, and trials. Here are some lead generation strategies that you can exploit to get ahead of your competitors.
    1. Opt-In Content
    2. Lead Capture App
    3. Paid Ads
    4. Content Testing
    5. Offer Discounted Products
    6. Leverage Chatbots
    7. Create Online Surveys

9. 5 Ways to Incorporate Digital Marketing into Your Tech Business
A well-executed marketing strategy can distinguish between success and failure in a highly competitive marketplace. Here are five of the most important ways you can incorporate it into your tech company’s business.
    1. Search engine optimization
    2. Content marketing
    3. Social media marketing
    4. Pay-per-click advertising
    5. Email marketing   

10. 6 Key Elements Of A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy
Creating the right digital marketing strategy is very important. Here are some of the key elements of a successful digital marketing plan. Discover how you can use this plan to your full advantage in order to get more customers and engagements.
    1. Fast and responsive website
    2. Campaigns on the right social platforms
    3. Optimization
    4. Good and high-quality content
    5. Email campaigns
    6. Analysis  

11. 6 Tips to Master All Business Digital Marketing Strategies
In the era of information, a contemporary company must find means to comply in order to maintain its presence in the competitive market. Here are some tips to master all business digital marketing strategies and make the most of your ventures.
    1. Structure Your Team
    2. Learn from Your Competition
    3. Use the Right Tools
    4. Merge Your Social Network Accounts
    5. Listen to the Voice of the People
    6. Website Optimization

12. Optimize These 4 Transactional Emails to Drive Sales and Improve the Purchase Experience
Transactional emails are crucial to building customer relationships and maintaining your brand image. With incredibly high open rates hovering between 40% and 50%, and click-through rates upward of 10%, transactional emails provide the perfect opportunity to make more sales and improve customer happiness. There are four common examples of transactional emails:
    1. Cart abandonment emails
    2. Order confirmation emails
    3. Shipping confirmation emails
    4. Customer feedback emails

13. How Can E-Commerce Design Help Generate Profits?
The very best e-stores will survive and profit. To sell more, attract customers and generate profits, you can’t get by without savvy e-commerce design. Good design is intuitive, and it’s immediately clear to a customer even if they’re visiting a homepage for the first time. Here are three main basic principles of successful design.
    1. Make it easy for the customer
    2. Don’t try too hard to be different
    3. Gain maximum benefit with minimum effort

14. The Top 15 Influencer Marketplaces for Your Next Influencer Campaign
There are many ways to find and activate influencers as part of a comprehensive influencer marketing program, influencer marketplaces are one of them. These influencer marketplaces can help with discovery and engagement, but there is still a lot of work to do. Using one of these sites is an easy way to get started.
    1.  ACTIVATE
    2.  afluencer
    3.  Brybe
    5.  Dealspotr
    6.  ExpertVoice
    7.  Fohr
    8.  #paid
    10. Influencity
    11. Intellifluence
    12. Izea
    13. Shoutcart
    14. Tomoson
    15. Tribe   

15. Effective Content Writing in 15 Steps
Great content creates brand awareness and brand visibility; plus, it grows a loyal audience that knows and likes your brand. B2B buyers consume, on average, 13 pieces of content before making a decision to reach out to a salesperson or buy a product. There are various metrics and goals to achieve with content, depending on the stage of your buyer’s journey. Here are 15 tips for approaching content writing.
    1.  Know your buyer persona
    2.  Generate content ideas
    3.  Choose a content type
    4.  Conduct keyword research
    5.  Create a content marketing plan
    6.  Write a compelling title
    7.  Structure your content appropriately
    8.  Include storytelling
    9.  Optimize your content for SEO
    10. Include CTAs
    11. Edit and proofread your content
    12. Make your writing visually appealing
    13. Serve your content to the right audience
    14. Package your content
    15. Measure and analyze the results of your content

16. 4 Ways to Optimize Your Ecommerce Site
An eCommerce site needs to be exciting, yet sleek. Engaging, yet simple. Efficient, yet browsable. After all, you have an incredibly short window of time to entice them to stay and shop. So you need to create a site that optimizes the shopper journey and here are 4 ways to do it.
    1. Personalize Your Ecommerce Site
    2. Keep Your Search Bar Visible
    3. Ensure Your Website is Responsive
    4. Enhance Your Merchandising Strategy   

17. 10 Tips on Using E-Commerce Financial Services Wisely
Digitalization is the name of the game for modern businesses, so more companies require financial services. As a forward-thinking business leader, you may already be using online financial services or “fintech”. Here are ten ways you can optimize and improve your e-commerce business.
    1.  Review your digitalization strategy
    2.  Check your eCommerce accounting methods
    3.  Improve the look of your website
    4.  Give your website a new look
    5.  Have an international bank account number for banking purposes
    6.  Use virtual credit cards for online sales
    7.  Assign roles for each team member
    8.  Maintain physical credit cards
    9.  Use a well-rounded e-commerce banking platform
    10. Boost your marketing campaign

18. Beginners Guide to SEO
SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of improving your website to make it more visible in online searches related to your business. Here are 6 things that anyone can implement to improve their SEO to rank higher in searches and generate more traffic to your website.
    1. Update your Google My Business listing
    2. Create Quality Content
    3. Optimize Web Pages
    4. Use a Site Optimization Tool
    5. Know Your Audience
    6. Acquire the Right Domain Name

19. Seven Lead Generation Strategies For Business Owners To Try In 2022
Leads and sales are the lifeblood of any business. Some lead generation methods are more effective than others. The type of leads you need may vary depending on the type of business. Plus, lead generation has changed significantly in the digital age. Here are seven lead-generation strategies to consider implementing in 2022.
    1. Collaborate with other businesses
    2. Provide valuable resources
    3. Educate your leads
    4. Follow the data
    5. Outsource lead generation
    6. Leverage automated tools
    7. Focus on continuous improvement

20. 20 Email Marketing Best Practices to Turn Campaigns Into Sales
A long-term email strategy that grows your business requires an intentional approach using email marketing best practices. By focusing on email best practices, you’ll connect with your customers and grow your business by turning subscribers into sales. Use these email marketing best practices to grow your mailing list, build trust in your brand, and turn subscribers into buyers.
    1.  Use double opt-in email sign-up
    2.  Send a welcome email
    3.  Avoid using a no-reply email address
    4.  Personalize your emails
    5.  Write casually and conversationally
    6.  Keep emails brief
    7.  Make emails easy to skim
    8.  Perfect the subject line
    9.  Consider your preview text
    10. Have a compelling CTA
    11. A/B test your content
    12. Use audience segmentation
    13. Make your emails accessible
    14. Optimize for mobile
    15. Set a consistent cadence
    16. Use analytics to drive your email marketing strategy
    17. Include share options for distribution
    18. Use lead magnets for more subscribers
    19. Regularly clean your email list
    20. Make it easy to unsubscribe

Until the next roundup, have a wonderful weekend!

If you’d like to suggest your favorite digital marketing content to be considered for an upcoming weekly roundup, please let me know.


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