13 Tactics to Build Inbound Links for Your Online Store

Google does not count the links to your website only. The algorithm focuses heavily on link quality rather than quantity. This means that earning high quality links from sites with high domain ratings in your niche vertical are much more effective in increasing your organic search results than near anything else. Earning link backs from a large number of low quality, low domain rating sites that have nothing to do with your industry can in fact hurt your SEO. You need a strategy to earn you those inbound links from high quality sites. In fact, to make this work, you’ll need a two things: High quality content An ever growing network of supporters How you create and build those two thing are up to you, but the following XY steps will help you get you started, give you ideas and begin earning you more traffic, more trust and ultimately more sales for less ad spend. Click here to read 13 Tactics to Build Inbound Links for Your Online Store


Google Analytics resources for business

Google Analytics Guide

Google Analytics, a free tool that we all have at our disposal, but are you using it to the best of its ability? Are you making full use of its features, such as setting conversion goals?

If you’re a small business, then you’ll want to check out this small business guide to Google Analytics. It goes into everything that is Google Analytics, where to look for your most important data, how to understand and interpret the metrics and much more.

You can check out the guide here.

But some of the most useful features that Google Analytics has to offer – conversion goals – deserve their own guide because there is much to get into. By creating goals, you can keep better track of your leads, of your conversions and your sales – and in this guide to creating Google Analytics Goals, you can learn exactly how.

You can read the guide here.

Best Kept SEO Secret: How to Get (Highly Targeted) Traffic with Long-Tail Keywords

how to find targeted long tail keywordsLong-tails are a mysterious concept in the SEO space. We assume they are just long phrases with hardly any search volume – and yet, somehow, they make up 70% of all search queries.

In today’s post on long-tail keywords, we’ll look at what long-tails really are, how you can easily spot them, and what makes them the single most beneficial keyword type for your SEO campaign.

In the guide, Masha’ll also share 4 steps to find and target long-tails – the simple framework that our SEO team used to double (!) our own organic traffic.

19 Actionable SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

seo tricks

Once you get started within an SEO campaign for the first time, you’ll very quickly realise that earning high-quality backlinks is one of the most difficult things to do. Fortunately, this is something that Matthew has had a lot of experience in doing across a wide range of industries.

Assuming like every SEO specialist, you already setup your analytics accounts and website visitors conversions tracking.

Within this huge post, Matthew shared some of his most secret tactics that will not only help you earn more links, but it will show you clever technical SEO tricks, tips on maximising the results of content creation and loads of advice for ensuring that you consistently grow organic traffic.

7 steps to grow from 8k to 48k organic traffic in 20 months

how to increase traffic

As a content marketer, one of the biggest issues the author faced was that they were creating 10x content and promoting it aggressively, but that growth was a one-time jump and they were back to the same old blog traffic every single month. They needed a scalable strategy for growing their blog traffic, so they started focusing heavily on organic traffic. Here is an actionable 7 step process that helped grow their organic traffic by 400% (highly converting traffic). This process was built on the back of the author’s experience promoting 500+ articles and working on his company’s search marketing strategy for ~2 years.

In this post show you his 7 step process for growing our traffic and converting viewers into customers.

The Most Viral Content of 2016: 30 Examples of Insanely Shareable Content

viral content examplesAre you struggling to come up with ideas for your next video or content piece?

We’ve all been there…you’ll sit there staring at a blank computer screen trying to come up with an amazing idea for your next content piece, only to get frustrated and move onto another task.

One of the best things you can do is set aside 30 minutes of your day, and look over some examples of other content pieces that have gained traction and popularity, and then try to and apply some of the ideas to your business or niche.

Check out these Thirty Examples of Insanely Shareable Content and see if you can write down 10 content ideas to create in 2017…which is fast approaching!

How We Scaled a Startup from 0 Organic Traffic to 100,000 Visitors per Month In A Year

huge traffic generation tips

This article explains the details of the content marketing strategy we call the “trifecta” strategy. The author used this approach to scale a startup from 0 to 100,000 organic sessions per month within about a year of launch. To do this, they broke down every single piece of content that they created into one of three distinct buckets–evergreen, social-viral, and link-building. Each piece of content served a purpose, and all three types worked together to create a huge library of search-focused content, raise their search rankings, and drive social traffic to boot.

How to Get 100,000 People to See Your Blog Post

 how to generate mass traffic to your blog
Wish you could get 100,000 views on your blog post? This isn’t a rhetorical question — it’s totally achievable, and Len Markidan of Groove has the step-by-step approach that will get you there. Because the first step to converting on-site visitors is getting them there in the first place.

Read more »

11 Experts’ Tips on Growing Your Content Shares

expert tips to increase your content social shareEver looked at a popular blog, seen how many hundreds of people have shared it, and thought to yourself: “Man, why isn’t that happening with my content?”

These 11 experts share their secrets for getting unbeatable exposure through increased social sharing.

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